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  • Here are some important links we have used for several years.  Some are for nutrition, importance of grassfed meat and dairy, and our internetlistings for our products
  • There is a recent link for raised gardening.  This may be of interest to you.  It is a simple method to have a food source and only have a small area to maintain. 
  •  Here is an important site that is doing an excellent job of monitoring theorganic situation as it is developing.  Here is another great site that provides a wealth of organic information. 
  • We are now listed on a new site.  Be sure to check it out.  
  •  For those of you interested in keeping a close eye on food and water issues will appreciate this site.  
  •  I just found an excellent site 'Healthy Food Politics'. Take time and do your own research. Don't rely on your health care provider, your TV or a neighbor. 
  • Here is a video that will show you how easy it is to cut a whole chicken
  • As new links are found we will post them.