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Current Products

Current Products


We offer freezer beef only. You can order a split half (half of the front quarter and half of the hind quarter), a half or a whole. The cost will vary depending on the size of the beef. A split half will weigh (hanging weight) approximately 150 pounds. There is shrinkage, bones and trim that will reduce this by about 15 percent. You can expect to pay about 500 dollars for a split half. We are using Gilbert's in Holden, Mo. for processing. Processing costs for a split half would be approximately $100. For a half multiply two.

You decide, based on your family size which amount you want, then send an email to

Scheduling the harvesting of grass finished beef is very unpredictable. If you want freezer beef, quarter, half or whole, send me your request and a deposit of $100, and I will create a list. When I see that I have an animal that is nearing the harvest point, I will send emails to whomever is at the top of the list. I will give those persons exactly one week to respond. Your deposit is our contract for the sale of, and your purchase of that live animal. This means you will have to watch for that email, and react in a timely manner.

As soon as I receive your deposit, your beef is reserved. When I take your beef to the processor, I will send you their phone number. You will give the processor the specifics how you want it cut, size, number per package etc. You can review the various cuts by reviewing the Meat Order Form on the left.  This will give you an idea of what's possible.

When it is finished and frozen, I will deliver it to you (within 100 miles). 


Occasionally, we have an animal that exceeds the 30 month USDA rule, and we process it into only ground beef. We include the notification in our weekly, BREEZY HILL UPDATES. If you have signed up to be included on our mailing list, you will get these weekly. We require a ten pound minimum, and ground beef must be picked up at the farm. No deliveries.


I have several sources for buying “dirt” hogs. You can buy a whole hog, or a half a hog. The price is determined based on the daily market price. To reserve a "dirt" hog send me an email,

When the hog to the processor, I will notify you, you must call to provide the directions on how you want it processed. You will pay for the processing when you pick up the meat and, pay me for the hog. Make check payable to, Art Ozias and send to: 62 SW State Route 58, Centerview, Mo. 64019