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Posted 9/6/2010 9:47am by Art Ozias.
  • I just got a phone call from one of my "dirt" hog sources.  He has some that are ready.  I have six people that have indicated they want some pork.  I will be sending a separate e-mail to them.  If you want/wanted pork and don't get a separate e-mail then let me know soon.

I hope everyone is starting to realize the importance of Vit D.


There is a good recap on statins in this link.  


A lone voice in the wilderness has finally been found.  Hopefully, this will as they say “gain traction” and his suggestions will be implemented.


Here’s the New York Times with an article on the Vit D deficiency.  We’ve been following this on many of our “health” web sites.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra 

Posted 9/5/2010 10:34pm by Art Ozias.
  • The state is broke and so is the county.  I have had a great fall harvesting elderberries since the state and county can't mow the right-aways.  There were alot of berries.  There are still alot of them.  I only harvested in the local area.  They are great insurance against colds this winter.  Who needs a flu shot?  Just some elderberries and the sun.  A small jar of elderberry concentrate at Tony's market (produced in Kansas) sells for $16.  We must have a thousand dollars worth of juice.
  • The lard is sold.  Will have to wait until we have some "dirt" hogs to process to get more.
  • We have plently of hard, white winter wheat.  I will be sowing wheat and RYE for next  year soon.
  • The white corn is looking great.  Makes plans to get some for grits and hominy.  With the cooler weather some grits with some farm eggs and a slice of "dirt" hog bacon would make a great breakfast.  If you want the ultimate, add biscuits made with white whole wheat and lard and cover it with homemade butter from an A2 cow and some local honey.  That would cost $15 if you could find it.  You can't, so make your own.
  • This information about A2 is somewhat complex, but it is something we need to learn more about.

A2 Milk?

April 6th, 2009 by Kristen


There is so much information about milk! Raw, pasteurized, homogenized, un-homogenized, and now….. A2.
I recently read an article about a certain type of milk that is easier to digest:

A2 Milk

During a visit to Japan, Donna was drinking some milk and was amazed at how exceptionally good it was. It wasn’t like the milk she was used to. When she discovered it was in fact not the same milk she had been accustomed to and is known as A2 milk she began to research to learn more. She found out that a woman’s breast milk is A2; that goats, sheep and other mammals produce this – but not all cows. She found out the countries known to produce it were Japan, India, France, Australia, and New Zealand. Learning and seeing this phenomenon of what A2 milk was over and over again, Donna began to seek out people who had cows that were producing A2 milk and nobody had a clue of what she was talking about.

In May of 2006, she went to Australia and in a grocery store something caught her eye. There it was in the dairy section, cartons of milk with A2 on the labels. She took some back to her hotel room and tasted it. It had the same light, fluffy, delicate texture like the milk she had in Japan. She decided to make kefir with it and was amazed at the beautiful kefir it made.

Approximately 30% of the protein component in cow’s milk is beta-casein. Evidence does indicate that originally all cows produced milk containing only the beta-casein known today as A2. At some point in history, due to a genetic mutation a variant of this protein appeared giving rise to A1 milk.

The difference between ß-caseins A1 and A2 is a single amino acid. A2 has the amino acid Proline at position 67 in the strand of 209 amino acids linked together that form the protein, whereas A1 has the amino acid Histidine at position 67. A protein must be broken down into fragments in order for the body to process and digest it. These fragments otherwise known as peptides, and sometimes residues, are merely smaller chains of amino acids. During digestion of the A1 milk, a bioactive peptide, beta casomorphine 7 (BCM-7) is created.

Beta caseins are important in the assimilation of essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, zinc and copper. As they are digested they yield a multitude of bioactive protein fragments. Any variation in fragment structure changes how the body can digest it. The beta casein in human breast milk by virtue of the Proline amino acid at position 67 can be classified as A2, thus the formation of BCM-7 when A1 is digested is actually treated as foreign substance in the body triggering unfavorable reactions.

A wide range of studies suggest that milk that does yield BCM-7 (A2) is associated with reduced risk of heart disease, reduced risk of type 1 diabetes, no antagonistic effects on certain neurological conditions, and improved immune response which is critical for newborn infants.

The BCM-7 protein fragment resulting from A1 beta casein digestion is known to have strong opioid (sedative, causing lethargy) properties. Numerous international studies have shown other effects of BCM-7 including the oxidation of LDL cholesterol leading to heart disease, the aggravation of neurological disorders such as autism and schizophrenia, and the disruption of the regulation of insulin formation leading to type 1 diabetes. Research has implicated BCM-7 to be transported across the blood-brain barrier; reaching the central nervous system in babies resulting in the apnea associated with sudden infant death syndrome.

Milk as originally produced by all cows was a very nutritious, health sustaining food for humans including children. Somewhere along the way, something changed and the milk that protected us from diseases and numerous other maladies now causes them. I have my suspicions of why this has happened. I can think of no other species of animal that has been so tampered with through single-trait selection as to create an animal that is more freak than natural in nature.

Eighty percent of the children who are autistic have blood type A. People with blood type A are known to be low in stomach acid which is needed to effectively start the digestion process. Those with type A blood typically do not to digest protein very well therefore they tend to be protein malnourished.

Japan has more than 60 years worth of research on blood types. Most Japanese, about 79% are blood type A. So there is this population of people, who by our knowledge should have problems digesting protein (milk), but they don’t and then there are these children who are not digesting their milk at all. Is this A2 milk a factor? There just isn’t enough information about A2 milk in this country.

There is a genetic test to determine if a cow will produce A2 milk. Bulls can be tested as well to see if they carry the A2 gene. Knowing that milk affects people differently we need to find out the full story behind A1 and A2 milk and put it to the test. People in this country drink cows’ milk without even realizing that two different forms exist. We have hundreds of thousands of children moving away from milk because their parents and doctors think it’s bad for them.

Donna Gates would like to see her children have access to this milk – after their inner ecosystem is established (they all have severe gut disbiosis). “Once we get that healed”, she says “I believe that the many people who think they can’t tolerate milk would be able to drink this milk.” She is very interested in finding producers who are willing to test their cattle, start deliberately producing A2 milk and work with her so that she can incorporate this food into her patients’ diets.

Most Holsteins are A1.  What are most of the dairy cows in the US?  Holsteins. 

We have two cows that are A2/A2.  One was A1/A2.  We sold her.   The test results are not back on the rest.  We have our fingers crossed. 


Grassfed Beef Was Featured At Clinton Wedding



Friday, 23 July 2010

Entertainment Tonight said on July 22 that grassfed beef will serve as the main course at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding rehearsal dinner

I guess we made the big time with Bill.  I learned it was short ribs.  Debra made that for dinner recently and they were outstanding.  You need a pressure cooker.

Is Monsanto the most evil corporation in the world? Jeffrey Smith authors a revealing article about the evils of this genetically modified corporation and its desire to dominate the world:


Here is more of  FDA’s failure to do its job of protecting the citizens of this country.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 8/29/2010 9:53pm by Art Ozias.
  • I found someone that raises "dirt" hogs.   We should have some by November.  I am still looking to hopefully find some to satisfy the existing orders.  Stay tuned.
  • The last beef delivery went very smoothly.  Thanks to all involved.
  • The recent egg recall has resulted in several people stopping by and asking for eggs.  We all know the current industrial food system is broken.  We have these periodical hiccups and they bandage it back, and on we go.  I read that the solution is to vaccinate the hens.  That was  in the local news since one of the maufacturers of the vaccine is located in KC area.  Well, the Iowa operation spent $570,000 last year for vaccines.  So there must be another solution?  We all know the solution, fewer hens in more space, preferrally outdoors.  Or the government is pushing pasteurization.  I saw that video and if you want your eggs to swim in a blue green liquid and be pre-cook, then look for the red dot(ink) on the top of your eggs.  I told that to someone and they did not know that eggs are permeable.  That is why a store bought egg has a chemical taste.  They all get a  chlorine bath before being packaged.  When the system breaks where do people go?  Well, there are fewer and fewer  sustainable farmers remaining.  In the past every farm had a flock of hens.  Now you have to drive for a long time to see a flock of hens.  Don't see any hogs anymore either, do you?

What a way to start the flu season. I can't wait to see the official spin on this one. Read this revealing story about the dangers of this year's flu vaccines right here:  Be sure to read the paragraph about Vit D. 


Where and when will this insanity stop?  Consumers need to find EVERYTHING local and start voting with their forks and dollars to get this stopped.

Know anyone taking the “purple” pill?  Read this and weep.  Big pharma is at it big time.


This may be of interest for those that normally seek alternative medical support.   


Please keep eating good food and keep yourself healthy.  It’s even dangerous to visit a hospital.  Read this and learn how many thousands die each year from infections they got from a hospital stay. 

  The Jones’ just returned from a vacation in Italy and were impressed that the food was so fresh and  good..  Here’s why. 

 Hi Art

I brought my beef home tonight, and pan broiled myself a huge (half a pkg)  burger.  It was so delicious!!



that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 8/24/2010 10:10pm by Art Ozias.
  • I just learned of this last night and I want to send it out so you will be informed regarding Milk Protein Concentrate.  I had heard about this a year ago from Glover Springer.  He and his family have had a dairy since 1958.  I just bought Goldie from him.  He is throwing in the towel in March, quitting.  I didn't fully understand the impact Milk Protein Concentrate was having on the small dairies.  Now after listening to the Himmelgarn show and going to the familyfarmdefenders web site, I will not buy anything made or sold by Kraft Foods.
  • Here is the information on Milk Protein Concentrates and an excellent interview with David Kirby           

The guest speaker at the Missouri Rural Crisis Center, Melinda Himmelgarn, has her own talk show on KOPN in Columbia,  Mo.  For a sample of her program go to  Her program is Food Sleuth and click on 7-29-10 with guest David Kirby.  Her program is on daily at 5 pm on Thursdays.


I just listened to a pod cast on the show Food Sleuth and she had a guest, Joel Greeno.  The date is 6-3-10.  I learned about Milk Protein Concentrate, which is about half way through the interview.  Make sure you know about this. I will be reading the labels on products more closely.  Let’s make a difference.  The more we learn, the better informed we are about our food.  Shame on Kraft Foods.  I know how to cast my vote (dollars) when it comes to cheese.  I hope this doesn’t count regarding the food liability laws.


The familyfarmdefenders web site has much more on Milk Protein Concentrate.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra
Posted 8/22/2010 10:10pm by Art Ozias.
  • I finally got the tractor repaired and have started clipping the pastures. 
  • Debra and I attended the annual Missouri Rural Crisis Center's meeting in Columbia, Mo.  It is their 25th anniversary.  They  had two excellent speakers,  Bill Bullard, CEO of R-Calf, USA and a dietician.  It's a shame  only the 80-100 people got to hear them.  As usual, there was no media in attendance.  I guess they were out covering the latest homicide.  Oh well, the struggle continues.
  • Our chicken day went well.  It will be about four weeks for the next one. 
  • Our guinea hen hatched out ten chicks.  Those plus the ones we hatched in the incubator makes thirty new guineas.



Take the time and read this one.  You will realize exactly WHY there is such extreme efforts being expended to curtail the sale of raw milk.  This effort can be expanded to other local foods.



Here is a great site for a lot of good information regarding grass finished meats.  Be sure to check out the one for chickens  “Chickens, Inside Out” on Jul 23, 2009.


I like to include some statin info periodically lest we forget how they are over prescribed.


Here is something you may want to help stop.  Did you know about this?



Most of you know this, but there is an important paragraph deep in this article concerning cancer.  Be sure to read it as you may know someone challenged with cancer.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra
Posted 8/15/2010 10:02pm by Art Ozias.
  • Chicken day is this coming Friday.  I have notified those on the list that are getting chickens.  We will be doing more next week, so hang in there. We are doing our best to fill the orders.
  • I am still beating the bushes trying to find some "dirt" hogs.  I have followed three leads, only to find out they are "commodity" type hogs raised on concrete. 
  • Some have had difficulty making yogurt.  Maybe it would be best to "practice" using store milk. Then once you have your technique down, use raw milk.  We have been doing it for so long that maybe we have omitted something.
  • Two steers are going to the processor tomorrow morning.  Those getting beef in August will get their invoice soon.  I have Staab, Rice, Winchester, O'Connell, Hann, Foster, and Carter.  If there is a problem let me know as soon as possible. 


 Watch this video at your discretion.  If you choose, just read the article.  It is pretty graphic.


Stay out of the hospital.  It’s dangerous.


Anyone who drinks a diet soda with aspartame is playing Russian Roulette.  



Do any of you trust the FDA?  This Avandia coverup has again exposed their soft bellies.


I think I sent a similar article.  But we have several new subscribers.


I don’t think you will read this in your local paper/media.  Thank goodness for the internet.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra
Posted 8/9/2010 1:23pm by Art Ozias.
  • The next chicken day is scheduled for Aug 20, a Friday.  I will be sending out a separate email to those getting chickens.  I don't know for sure how many we will have available.  Stay tuned.
  • Goldie the new cow is working out pretty well, so far. 
  • Wheat prices have skyrocketed due to the drought in Russia.  Our crop is in the freezer and is still $.80/#.  Makes awesome pancakes and bread.  Check out the Easy Bread Recipe on our web site.
  • We have two tubs of lard.  Twenty dollars each.
  • We have a couple of yogurt makers.  Twenty-four dollars each.
  • We still have the freezer, but someone may be interested.  Will know this week.

Please help get control away from the large corporations.  Some have asked, “What can I do?”.  Here’s your chance. 

Here’s another link with info about Vit K and grass “finished” beef.  

Here are the important markers for heart health.  I got a “Cardio-Vascular Profile -2” test and it had most of these.  A good resource is a book by Dr Mark Liponis, Ultra-Prevention.  This is an informative site.

Read this one and email me and I will put you on the list for a “Dirt Hog”.  I’m still looking to find some that meet (meat) my requirements.

Here is some statin news from Dr Douglass. 

A new analysis finds major problems with the Big Pharma-funded study used to push statins on millions of healthy people -- including glaring financial conflicts, inconsistent data and a too-quick move to end the trial once they got the result they were looking for.

And that adds up to a trial that could have been seriously biased, according to the new analysis.

A company-funded trial... biased??? You don't say! 

Of course, I wasn't at all surprised to read in the Archives of Internal Medicine that nine of the 14 main researchers behind the infamous JUPITER trial had financial ties to AstraZeneca. That's the company that makes Crestor, the statin used in the study, and its money paid for this piece of... well, let's call it a piece of research.

What's more, the lead JUPITER researcher had a conflict so glaring he shouldn't have been allowed within a mile of this thing. The analysts say Harvard Medical School's Dr. Paul Ridker holds a patent that could earn him huge piles of cash once Crestor is put into wider use.

And guess what? As a result of his study, Crestor is being put into wider use -- because the FDA has approved a dangerous scheme to give this cholesterol med to millions of healthy people with no hint of a cholesterol problem.

But while the study found that Crestor might lower heart disease risk in these people, the researchers conveniently left out data showing that the drug didn't actually lower the rates of death by heart attack and stroke, according to the new analysis.

Another new analysis in the same journal looked at 11 studies -- including JUPITER -- and found that statins didn't help "high-risk" patients with no signs of heart disease to live even a second longer. 

And of course, we don't know the long-term effects of Crestor in healthy patients -- because the researchers pulled the plug on JUPITER more than two years ahead of schedule. 

With so many obvious problems, this trial wasn't a piece of research.

It was a piece of something else entirely.

Tearing bad research into pieces,

 William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 8/1/2010 10:52pm by Art Ozias.
  • Lila has been replaced with Goldie.  Hopefully, this will solve the milk situation.  I will know by Thursday.  Her production will dip somewhat with grass only.  She is a Guernsey and hopefully she is A2.  I will send some tail hairs in for the test.
  • Here are some prices from Nature's Pantry.  Wheat is $.99/#; ours is $.80.   White whole wheat flour is $8.99 for 5 lbs.  I am sure glad we have a stone grinder.  I also know exactly where my wheat came from.
  • A whole fryer is $5.90/# for a 3.25# bird.  We are selling ours for $3.00
  • Now for the beef prices.  Ground beef is $7.19/#; ours is $3.75.  A rib-eye steak is , get this, $18.39/#.   Makes our beef at $3.10/# hangin weght sound pretty good.  They have sides by Harmony Farms for $5.99/# hanging weight.
  • Fi-Di Bus or Wolfgang is a good stone mill for grinding your wheat.
  • We have an upright freezer for sale for $175.00.  Here's your chance for a good freezer for your split half of beef.
  • We hatched out 16 guineas about a week ago.  They are doing well.
  • The garden is producing big time.  Debra is making pickles tonight.  She canned peach jam and pickled peaches and froze green beans yesterday. Tomatoes, squash, egg plant, potatoes, cucumbers, peppers, blackberries and garlic are ready.  It is a busy time getting food put by for this winter.

If you still believe in “science based evidence” , then read this and make sure to read Dr. Mercola’s comments.


It may be time for all to see the movie DIRT.  It is an excellent movie.  Perhaps your library has it.  We got it when it was released.  It should be mandatory viewing in our “education” system.



Minnesota is in a fight against raw milk.  Here is a rebuttal to an editorial.  Dr. Winter did an excellent job.  Read it for yourself.


Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying the meat.  Had burgers the other night, and my kids wanted more.  Tonight we grilled some sirloin and they were tender and tasty.  Thank you so much, we really appreciate hard work and dedication.





What a waste of our tax dollars.


Sure is nice to know that raw milk is high in Vit K and Vit D.  Eat some good cheese.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 7/25/2010 10:14pm by Art Ozias.
  • I try to send a Breezy Hill Update each week.  If you do not receive it, that means you have possibly changed your email address.  I am notified by my server if it is not transmitted.  I have no choice but to delete the email address.  If you want to remain on our web site and have changed your address, you need to sign in again on our main page, lower left hand corner.
  • Lila is still not in milk production.  We have had a real challenge with her.
  • I got my first set of lab tests for the A2 beta protein.  Both Rosebud and Daisy tested as A2/A2.  That's great.  Lila is A1/A2.   That's not as good.  I have sent information regarding the A2 vs A1 milk.
  • Ground beef pick up is tomorrow.  All have been notified.  We will have another ground beef event later this fall.  The July harvest will be delivered this Monday and Tuesday.


 Do you think drug companies have your best interests in mind?  Before you answer,  read "Live with Dr. Ray Strand" to uncovering facts about the drug industry and your health.


Dr. Strand is a classically trained physician with more than 30 years of experience in health care, and in this interview he reveals why he

believes many consumers are being harmed and even killed by commonly prescribed medicines. He is a respected author of several widely published books, including "Death By Prescription" and "What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You."


Many of the insights he shares in his recent books are also discussed in this interview. The full interview is available now as a download:



Everything  you will need to know about the “incredible, eatable egg”.


Even if it is organic, and apparently that’s a big IF, how much oil does it take to ship a garlic bulb from China? 


Here’s Dr Weil on saturated fats.  There is a lot of good information here.


More info on cell phone usage from another source.  You decide.


Pharma can’t patent hot water and papaya seeds, so don’t expect to read about this in your local paper.



Is this Popular Natural Sweetener Worse than High Fructose Corn Syrup?

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra
Posted 7/18/2010 10:45pm by Art Ozias.
  • Had our chicken day this past Saturday.  It was limited as we had some weather challenges.  The next one hopefully will fill most or your orders.
  • Several people have stopped by and got a SCOBY.  Also, we have several people now making their own yogurt.  Still have yogurt makers for sale.
  • Hamburger day is next Monday.  All have indicated they can be here for pick up.


If you’ve not heard about the dangers associated with GMO’s then by all means watch the video.  It is somewhat lengthy, but Mercola’s comments should compel you to watch the video.



I think you’ll enjoy Shannon Hayes.  Several of you have her book on Grassfed Cooking.


David Korten has some excellent ideas in his book.  Here is a short interview with him.


Here’s a little Monsanto news.  I haven’t  sent much  lately.  We need to keep them in our sights periodically.

That's it from the hill.  Art and Debra 

How much do you know about GMO foods?  Here is an interview with Jeffrey Smith.