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Posted 3/6/2011 9:12pm by Art Ozias.
  • Mark your calendars for the upcoming EXPOs.  It is a good opportunity to meet suppliers of locally grown food.  Here is the link with the dates and locations.  We'll be there.
  • Marlies and Debra had a surprise birthday party for me last night at La Sous Terre.  We exceeded the occupancy limit for sure, but the city manager was there.  Had a great time and enjoyed visiting with all, and not to have to do the dishes and clean up was an additional treat.
  • I finally got another one of Goldie's teats healed.  Just two to go.  One of the guests last night was a former dairyman and he gave me some great help.  We have to take advantage of their expertise now.  In a few more years all the old timers will be gone and there are not very many new young farmers (other than tractor jockeys) learning the lessons of sustainability.
  • I have to get the purple martin houses ready this week.  The scouts will be coming.
  • I should be getting a call from my "dirt" hog man this week.  Those of you that have ordered a hog will be notified just as soon as I get them bought.

    I just finished a great book, The Sheer Ectasy of being a Lunatic Farmer, by Joel Salatin.  It's worth the read.

    My spring water from the windmill is looking better every day.  I would suggest a good filter system.  "Probable carcinogen' found in water supply" by Dr Douglass:

It's cancer in a cup: U.S. drinking water is contaminated with a toxic chemical that your own government calls a "probable carcinogen." 

So what's that same government doing about it? Same thing it always does: Nothing!

Drink up, everyone. 

The chemical is called hexavalent chromium, and if the name sounds a little familiar then you've probably seen the film "Erin Brokovich." It's the toxic compound that set off her battle with Pacific Gas & Electric after it was found in the groundwater of Hinkley, California.

Now, we all may as well be living in Hinkley -- because tests by the Environmental Working Group on water in 35 cities across the country found the chemical in 31 of them.

Twenty-five of those cities had hexavalent chromium levels in excess of limits being proposed by California. And if you're in Norman, Oklahoma, congratulations -- you're drinking 200 times that proposed limit.

We have to go by California's proposed limit because the EPA doesn't have one -- proposed or otherwise.

And that's where this gets really bizarre... because while the EPA doesn't set limits for hexavalent chromium, it does care about total chromium levels.

In other words, it lumps this toxic compound into the same category as the essential mineral trivalent chromium.

One is needed by the body to control blood glucose levels, the other might give you cancer, wreck your kidneys and liver, and maybe even kill you -- but it's all the same to Uncle Sam.

Why sweat the details?

But let's look on the bright side here: Hexavalent chromium probably isn't the worst thing in your water right now.

Heck, it's positively healthy next to the rocket fuel, cocaine, aspartame, hormone drugs, and more regularly found in U.S. drinking water -- and I'm not talking about isolated incidents here.

From coast to coast, our water is toast -- and if you want to know more about WHY these chemicals are turning up, read the September, 2009 issue of The Douglass Report.

I've been on the front lines of the battle for safe water for years -- so when do I get my movie? If Julia Roberts played Erin Brokovich, then I want Brad Pitt playing me.


I guess everyone heard about this recently, but now there is more to that story and I haven’t heard any follow-up to correct the story.  Well, here it is from the Health Ranger:


What I find amazing is the idea that Taco Bell customers are suddenly interested in the ingredients of the foods they're eating. After all, if your idea of cuisine is a 99-cent fast food burrito, there's probably a lot more to worry about than whether the meat is real:


Here is some good information on vaccines.


There’s more.


Here is an interesting article by  Shannon Hayes.  Hope you enjoy it.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra 

Posted 2/28/2011 9:47pm by Art Ozias.
  • I'm a day late.  With this weather, rain, snow, then fog so thick, it has been just maintainance.  Goldie had three teat tips that were frozen and with the sores the calves are getting all her milk.  Just when you think you can add on new cusomers this happens and with the cold, rainy weather and reduced volume I have to notify customers they will be getting less until Goldie gets healed.  Maribell is due Mar 25.  Never have cows bred for calving when the weather can be so cold.  Both of these cows were recently purchased and we weren't sure when they were due.
  • Thanks to all that ordered coconut oil.  By  pooling our purchases we saved on shipping costs and got a volume discount.
  • We just found out the cost of feed for the fryers increased $100 per ton.  That is about 80 cents per bird, additionally the price for day old chicks increased.  That means for this first batch of chickens the price per pound will be $3.25/ pound.  That will be the price for the first batch.  We are not guaranteeing the price will not increase.  Feed costs are very volatile presently.  (They can't live on grass and bugs alone.)
  • I am reading a couple of new books.  One is Holy Shit by Gene Logsden.  Next time you are at your book store or library browse thru this book and be sure to read pages 148 and 149.  Oh, I forgot, you probably won't find this book.  I gave up long ago trying to find "my kind of reading".  I use Amazon and buy the "used, like new".  This book is a complete discussion on the handling and the benefits of manure. 


I have reported on this many times and here it is again.  Better read it.


And here is some more.


What can I do?  I hear that often. Well, here is something.



Here is a good primer on fats and many other things.  Read this and you will be smarter than 90% of the US population, even a “fifth grader”.


If you are not yet convinced that fluoride is a dangerous thing in your water and tooth paste, please read this.


We make our own hot dogs.  We cure our own pork and use only salt and sugar.  Do you?

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 2/20/2011 8:22pm by Art Ozias.
  • The first batch of chickens will come in mid March.  It takes 6-8 weeks, so if you are interested let me know so I can start a list.  Price this year will be increased to account for the increase in the price of feed.  The price of feed depends on many possible factors, be it the commodity speculators, ethanol, or emerging economies eating more meat.  Who really knows?  I guess the only thing that matters down on the farm, is what we have to pay at the local feed mill or our costs to raise our own feed.  We should have the price fixed by the next update.
  • The weather warmed.  The snow, all 20 some inches is history and the tank thawed and is working again.  There is actually some green grass showing.
  • A friend that fishes in our pond completed his green house this past weekend.  He is looking forward to starting some seeds.  He patterned his after my "cattle panel" green house.  Debra is in full "seed starting mode".  We have been eating fresh lettuce and spinach for the past several months.(Alot more lately) Sure is tasty.  It's amazing what you can raise in a 6 by 12 green house.


Dr Mercola made it on the Huffington Post.  Anybody still going to the “arches”?


You may find David Korten’s views interesting and may want to read some of his books.  I read Agenda and found it quite enlightening.



I’ll bet you didn’t know this!!


Here’s an interesting interview.  Listen to the part about saturated fats.



If you missed Dr. Mercola on Dr. Oz's show, here it is.  Enjoy.  .  Here is part II. .  Part III.  ,  There’s one more.



The FDA is on the loose again.  This is one agency that we could very easily do without.  I guess they do something good, but the bad and ridiculous is frightening.  Those of you that accepted my offer with the Brunetti lectures will know exactly how Vit C IV works.  The offer still is available.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 2/13/2011 10:25pm by Art Ozias.
  • The dairy cows'tank is still frozen.  Maybe this week it will thaw as the temperature is forecast to be in the 60's by Thursday.  That sure would make my life easier.
  • Those that have requested pork, I got word that my local source has fifteen for the next harvest and he has promised me six.  They should be ready beginning in March.
  • We have small and large containers of lard from the last bunch of "dirt" hogs.  The small ones (5#) are $8 and the large ones (10#) are $16.
  • Debra started a new milk customer with a SCOBY to make kombucha.  Remember, all you need is a gallon jar (with a wide mouth).
  • I'm still working out some of the bugs with the new (used) tractor.  Must replace the block heater so I can start it when it is below 20 degrees.  The part is due in the Thursday.  Hopefully, I get it installed and not need it.
  • We are still evaluating the transition to the new genetics in our beef herd.  We have included a questionaire on our web site.  We would appreciate it if any customers from this past summer would take the time to complete it.  This past fall, with the dry periods, made it problematic getting a consistent finish.  That, coupled with trying to stay within the 30 month age rule, was challenging.  It may be that I will have to forgo  the 30 month limitation and harvest when they are truly finished.  That will mean no T-bone steaks as the spinal bones must be removed.  The meat will be the same, just no bone.  But if means a properly finished piece of meat, then missing the bone will be worth it.  The questionaire is a first cut, so if you have suggestions to improve the questions, please send them to me.


Dr Hyman is associated with Dr Liponis.  Liponis has a great book, Ultra Prevention.  All should read this book.



Today we bring you an amazing interview with former "economic hit man" and author John Perkins.

He once served as an economic hit man, arranging for the corruption of leaders of developing nations in order to financially benefit the powerful global corporations that really run our world.



I’m sure most of you are aware of this, but why not send it to a friend.   They may not be aware of how many die each year due to the lack of adequate antibiotics.


One would think that Koster (he is our state Attorneys General)  has better things to do.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 2/6/2011 9:22pm by Art Ozias.
  • What a week!  Over 20 inches of snow and a blizzard on Tuesday.  Thanks to our neighbor and his modified Bobcat he plowed us out.  Feeding, milking and taking care of animals max'd us out.  We spent all our time just doing the necessities.
  • I had been negoiating for a tractor replacement and it was finalized on Friday.  Would have been nice to have had it on Wednesday after the snow, but couldn't get to Clinton to negotiate the trade.  I now have a bale unroller and it's hard to believe how I have struggled with that chore for the last twenty years.  I can also carry two bales at a time.  Believe me when it is near zero and the wind is blowing it will be nice to make just one trip.
  • Goldie and Kris are coming along.  We have added several new customers for "A2" milk.  If you have not heard of A2 milk go to  and click on A2/A1.
  • We have had a couple of issues with the tenderness of our beef.  I have had cooking tips in previous Updates and have information on our website.  Since we have a lot of split halves, it is apparently a cooking technique issue.  I am sure that the processor is not mixing up orders.  When you have four split halves from the same animal, and only one person has a problem with tenderness, it is either over expectation or a difference in cooking technique.  Again, when I do a steak on the (Traegor) grill I start with a temperature of 400-450 and after 5-10 minutes, I turn the steak and reduce the temperature to 180 and just wait 40-45 minutes.   I know this is different than what many do with store purchased steaks, but they have more fat in them.  Check out the recent customer comments below to find other techniques.
  • A new milk customer bought a yogurt maker.  We still have a several for sale.  Also, if anyone wants a SCOBY for kombucha bring a gallon jar.  They are free to our customers.  We have Kefir grains as well.


Here is a good interview with Jeffery Smith concerning GMO’s.  You will have to watch a sales pitch for Democracy Now.  The interview is worth the wait.  .  To learn all about GMO’s go to Smith’s web site home page.  



Some of you have had issues with tenderness when cooking our beef.  I have had in my updates how I cook a steak and ours are great.  I am inclosing some customer comments that may help.


This from Jason.


“Well lets just say if you had not found the pigs, we would already have eaten all of the beef.  As it stands we have eaten about 80% of the ground beef and about half of the other cuts.  It truly is amazing the flavor that the beef has.  It is very difficult for us to eat beef away from home.  Not just because it is not as healthy for us, but because it is just bland.  I need to make sure we are on a list for beef as soon as you are ready as we will be out by early summer, and that is if we are conservative with it.


I thought it was funny that I got this email the same night I cooked the first package of KC Strips.  I thawed them Monday, and put them on a rack in the fridge with paper towels under them until Friday and then I cooked them.  I did 2 minutes per side on the hot Weber and then moved them to the oven at 200 degrees until they hit about 130 and then I moved them back to the grill to finish.  They were outstanding.  They were the rarest steak my wife has ever eaten, but she loved it as it didn’t “bleed” all over her plate.


So I need to be put down for a ¼ of beef.

5 chickens (as often as you produce them)

And we will probably need a pig by May or so.  We really eat a lot of the pork, it is so wonderful. 

Think that is it for now, I keep given out your info and people seem more and more interested.  This spring if you need help around the farm that a guy with a pregnant wife, 7yo daughter and 3yo son can help with, just let us know we would be glad to help however we can.”


From Sarah.

  Thanks for the beef again Art.  We enjoyed the new Red Devon-style sirloins last night.  The cast-iron pan in the oven is perfect for those steaks, they were incredibly tasty.  I don't mind having less beef from this breed as long as we get a few T-bones. 

Here is a summary of 2010 by Natural News.  It’s hard to believe that so much happened in just one year.  Most of you that follow my Updates will recognize most of these.


Thanks Erica for the link.


On the lighter side.  Take a little time and have a laugh.  



I had this information in a past Update.  It is getting more prevalent and it is becoming much more dangerous.

 that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra


Posted 1/30/2011 11:08pm by Art Ozias.
  • Both Guernsey cows had their calves Tuesday.  Kris had hers at 3 am and Goldie had hers at 10 pm.  I got there just in time with Goldie.  She decided to give birth standing up, and I was able to give it a quick tug and kept the calf from  hitting the ground  head first.   Both calves were bulls.
  • This week has been a real challenge with the two calves on the same day and the frozen water tank.  It is still frozen.  It will take a week of warm weather.  Not going to happen this coming week.  Sounds like we will have a blizzard.
  • Have seven people on the list for pork.  If interested send me an email.  We had grilled pork chops from our Traeger grill with apple wood.  They were outstanding.  Why go out to eat when you have far better food at home.  Remember, that restaurant food comes out of the back of a food service truck.  Thanks to the consolidation of everything, there are not many choices remaining.


Have you read the EGG Scorecard? 



Here’s a video by Mark Kastel, co-founder of cornucopia.   The video is about the egg investigation.


Dear Cornucopia member-farmer or urban-ally,

After extensive research into agribusiness misrepresenting "natural" soyfoods we released the recent white paper, Toxic Chemicals: Banned in Organics but Common in "Natural" Food Production

The prohibition of hexane (a byproduct of gasoline refining) in the processing of organic foods, contrasting with its widespread use in non-organic veggie burgers, meat alternatives, nutrition bars and other “natural” foods, is a perfect example of the importance of the organic label.

A "natural" nutrition bar, or meat alternative, and a certified organic product may look nearly identical to a consumer, other than price, but a behind-the-scenes examination of how they were manufactured, focusing on the soy protein ingredients, reveals the importance of purchasing certified organic food.

If you've ever been tempted to pick up a Clif Bar, labeled "made with organic soy," or a leading veggie burger, like Boca (manufactured by Kraft) you better take the three minutes to view the video below. Even if you have a 100% organic diet this video will be something you'd want to share with your friends and family.  

Organic food is the true alternative. Not just to protect your family from toxic agrichemicals and growing crops, or for the superior nutritional value, but also to avoid toxic processing agents that aren't even required to be listed on the label!

Please take a few minutes to view this video. Between two websites, it has been viewed by over 40,000 people so far! We have invested in social media and other alternative communications vehicles to reach a generally younger audience that is getting most of their information, today, from the Internet. Your membership has helped make this education work possible—together, we are moving market share and rewarding the heroes.

At this time of the year we would like to ask you, respectfully, to consider funding this important work that supports ethical organic, local and sustainable farmers and processors and your family’s access to safe and nutritionally superior food.


Here is some timely information.    The U.S. Surgeon General recently warned that smoking one cigarette can kill you. This is, of course, a lie by omission that tries to shift our focus to a convenient target -- cigarettes -- while denying Americans accurate information about the health risks of CT scans, mammograms, perfumes, cosmetics, processed foods, chemotherapy and diet sodas (among other things).


We watched “60 minutes” and would recommend watching this on memory.  It is fascinating.;cbsCarousel


Very interesting.  Do you want to maintain your height as you age?


If you are pregnant go to this link.  If not, go anyway since you may know someone that is.  It also has information regarding young children.


Anyone expecting a baby should read this.



Thanks, Jack, this is a great article.  Thanks to Mark we have some Red Waddles.  They are so good.  The Durocs and Hamps are good too.  If this hog in the article is a ten, then the Durocs and Waddles we have are a 7 or eight.  Being a “dirt hog” makes a difference.  YOU are what YOU eat and so it is with not only grass finished beef but also with pigs.  The Serrano hams from Spain are from pigs finished on acorns.  I need to find someone locally that would finish hogs under some oak trees.  I always maintain a list for the next “dirt hog” harvest.  Just email me and I’ll put you on the list. 





that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 1/23/2011 9:54pm by Art Ozias.
  • This week has been just surviving the cold and snow.  The two cows, Goldie and Kris, are still holding out.  I check every three to four hours: 10 pm, 3 am and 6am.  The water tank at the pond froze, and so now I have the added effort to keep them watered in the barn.  This Friday it is supposed to get to 45 degrees so I will get it working again.  Boy, putting your arms in cold water is not any fun.   Any volunteers?
  • The last beef was delivered to the processor this week. 
  • I have started a list for pork.  If you are interested let me know.  The farm newspapers are forecasting much higher prices for hogs this coming year. 
  • The next beef harvest will be in Jun. 


From Dr. Douglass


Opioid drugs lead to fractures


Docs have been dishing out prescription dope -- opioid painkillers -- to help patients fight osteoarthritis pain, and a new study finds that it's led to a wave of drug-induced falls and fractures.


But what did they think would happen when they sent seniors home to get high?


Researchers looked at the records of 11,000 osteoarthritis patients 65 years and older who were in a major health system database, and found that 8 percent of them were stoned on narcotics in 2001. That number climbed up to 20 percent in 2005.


That's already far too many patients on these addictive, risky meds -- but it gets worse from there, because 2005 was also right around the time docs lost their other go-to drug for pain, Vioxx.


Vioxx, as I'm sure you recall, was so deadly it killed more Americans than the Vietnam War by the time it was pulled in late 2004.


You'd think docs would've wised up at that point and replaced it with something that's actually safe.


NOPE! More dope! More dope for everyone!


By 2009, 40 percent of osteoarthritis patients were taking the narcotics -- and the number of falls and fractures shot right up, from less than 1 percent of the patients in 2001 to 4 percent of them in 2009.


And all of those new fall victims were opioid users, according to the study presented at a recent American College of Rheumatology meeting.


The researchers urged docs to back off the dope... but their solution is nearly as bad: Stomach-wrecking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory meds, followed by proton pump inhibitors to help undo some of that stomach damage.


But since PPIs have been linked to osteoporosis and fractures of their own, it's just a recipe for more broken-bone misery, with a stomach problem on the side.


I've got a better answer, and it's a heck of a lot simpler than trying to figure out which drugs won't break your bones as quickly.


It's fish oil -- a powerful, natural anti-inflammatory that can stop and even reverse the damage of osteoarthritis. Work in some glucosamine, and you're in business.


It won't make you high, but it will beat the pain.


  • Wulzen Factor ...

A hormone-like substance that prevents arthritis and joint stiffness, ensuring that calcium in your body is put into your bones rather than your joints and other tissues. The Wulzen factor is present only in raw butter and cream; it is destroyed by pasteurization. 


*************************** *************** 

Wow, one in ten will have Alzheimer’s disease.   Here are some of the causes.  May want to make sure these bases are covered while we all await the “cure”.


Anyone gone to the airport lately?   Maybe the “pat down” is the healthier option.  Read and you decide.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra 

Posted 1/16/2011 7:34pm by Art Ozias.
  • I may have a split half of beef available.  I have not received a deposit.  If someone is interested let me know.  I have emailed the person, and if I don't hear from them this week, then you will get it.  There is no more beef until late June of July.  ,
  • We have 5 pound tubs of lard from the last batch of "dirt" hogs.  It is $8.
  • Kris and Goldie still have not had their calves.  They are huge.  I go to the barn every couple of hours and check them.  It will happen this next week.  I have sent a separate email to those that responded to last weeks Update.  I still haven't received all the phone numbers. 
  • We witnessed a sad sight at a local grocery store last week.  A father and his son were in the check out line trying to limit their items to the credit amount they had on their food stamps. Unfortunately only the junk food made it to the counter (no fruit or vegetables).  The boy, about 10 yrs old, asked his dad if they could have the eggs. No, they stayed in the basket.  When that transaction was finished, the boy put a four pack of Monster Drink on the counter and paid for it with some money he pulled out of a little tin which he had in his pocket.  It made us so sad to see this youngster missing important nutrients and instead consuming not only empty but dangerous calories.
  • We have a couple yogurt makers, $24.  It is a great way to improve store milk. 
  • I finished the book, Steak by MarkSchatzker.  What I learned from reading that book is that finding the perfect steak is impossible.  He traveled to all the well known countries in search of the "perfect" steak.  His best was a grass finished steak and his worst was a grass finished steak.  If you want a consistent steak with no flavor (use rubs) and with the associated health issues of the animal and yours, then go the the store and get your steak.   He called it McBeef.  The breed  and how it is cooked were the consistent variables, as well as what the animal ate.


Here is some great information on cooking grass finished beef.  I think I’ll include it on my web site.
You ready for next year’s strawberry crop?  After reading this you may want to buy some plants and start a small bed. 

The toxins in methyl iodide are so potent that the chemical is used to grow cancer cells in laboratory settings. It can cause severe brain damage, miscarriages, and thyroid diseases.

Thanks to a decision last week by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), this substance could soon be used on the strawberries in your supermarket. The agency approved methyl iodide as a pesticide for the state’s strawberry fields, and farmers could start spraying it as early as this spring. 

The scientific community has spoken loudly against the toxin. Six Nobel laureate recommended banning the use of methyl iodide completely back in 2007, and earlier this year all eight independent researchers on DPR’s scientific advisory panel expressed serious concerns about using the chemical as a pesticide.

But scientific warnings were no match for an intense lobbying effort by a Japanese chemical firm that produces methyl iodide, Arysta LifeScience, and a full-court press by the state’s powerful $2 billion per year strawberry-growing industry. In response to this pressure, the DPR approved use of the chemical at 100 times the level scientists consider safe


Know anyone battling cancer?  Know anyone that would like to avoid the possibility of suffering from cancer?  This is a must read.


More on the Company of the Year in 2009.   Turns out Forbes admitted it did not do their homework. If you need more reasons to despise Monsanto, you will want to read an article in the recent issue of Wise Traditions from the Weston A. Price foundation, The Battle to Save the Polish Countryside by Sir Julian Rose.  I doubt your local library will have the magazine.  Visit and subscribe.  It has enough information in a year's time to earn a lot of college credits.


Dr Arden Anderson spoke about this in his presentation at the ACRES conference.  Remember, you can get that lecture on a CD at the

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 1/9/2011 9:34pm by Art Ozias.


  • MILK  This past year we have struggled with the supply of milk.  Cows that were supposed to be bred were not, had to sell one that was not A2 etc.  As a result, when people have called we have told them that "we are not taking any new customers at this time".  Our primary focus was trying to meet the existing needs of our weekly customers.  We have added two cows to fill in the gap until our other cows start calving in late Spring, early Summer.  When Kris calves this week, we will have more than enough to meet our current needs.  Therefore, in order to update our lists and to add new customers we need to hear from you.    We need to know how much milk you want to and what day you will want to schedule for pick up.  All existing customers will get their requests honored before any new customer.  I will need Name, Amount and Preferred Day.  If you go on vacation or for whatever reason you don't pick up that week a credit will be applied to the next month. 
  • I will establish an email list for ALL milk customers.   If I need to communicate, e.g. that we will not be home on your pick day, or if something has occured that the supply is down,  you will ALL get that information.  Our pricing structure will remain the same for this coming year.  The local grocery store has their "organic" milk for $4.39/half gallon.  That is $8.78/gal.  Our prices are $8/gallon, $7.50 for those picking up at the farm.    Store milk is ultra pasteurized and homogenized.  It is not A2 milk.  After you research the difference between A1 and A2 you will appreciate that we are developing an A2 only herd.   
  • We have a couple of yogurt makers for sale, my cost $24.  It is a great way to add value to store milk, if you don't have access to raw milk.
  • We now have lard from the latest harvest of "dirt" hogs in 5# tubs.  They are $8.  We still have two larger sizes (10#), they are $16.
  • The beef harvest is done until late Spring.  The last one will go in this Tuesday.

    I just finished a book about STEAK.  You probably won't find it at your local library, so I am including a link,  You can get a good used one for $5.  It is very interesting.  It has a lot of information.

Please share these important articles with your closest friends and family so they can have a Healthy 2011


Dr. Mercola’s picked these as the ten best reports from 2010.



Dr Douglass on the latest Vit D recommendations. 

Dangerous new recommendations on D


Anyone who thinks Americans get enough vitamin D is really in the dark -- and yes, I'm talking to you, Institute of Medicine.


The Institute -- part of the National Academy of Sciences -- claims we don't really need much vitamin D, and that Americans already get the amount they need.


That's it -- toss your supplements, put the sunscreen back on, end of story... right?


Not on your life! 

These screwy new recommendations aren't just wrong -- they're potentially deadly. And that's not just my opinion, that's scientific fact.


The recommendations are so baffling that even many in the mainstream were caught off guard by them.


But not me -- I expected this.


After all, this is the same cast of characters behind the laughably low recommendations for every other key nutrient, from folate to vitamin C -- so of course they were bound to get it wrong on D.


The simple fact is, this is an organization that HATES alternative medicine, and especially HATES supplements. They've even urged the feds to regulate vitamins like meds, a position that even the FDA considers too radical -- and you know they're not exactly pals with the supplement industry.


But let's get back to this D report. It's so badly flawed I could write a book on it -- and in fact, I'm working on one -- but for now, I'll just break it down to what I call the Four Great Lies:

They raised the recommended levels of D to 600 IU per person, then claimed most people won't need a supplement to reach it -- despite the fact that few people spend enough time outdoors and fewer still can get that amount of D from food.

 They claim nearly everyone between the ages of 1 and 70 should get the exact same amount of D -- despite strong evidence that the amount of D you need varies based on everything from age to size to skin color.

 They claim that 10,000 IU of vitamin D is deadly -- despite the fact that anyone who's ever spent 30 minutes at the beach with no sunscreen has generated that much vitamin D on his own. Last I checked, no normal person has keeled over from 30 minutes of sun exposure.

 They claim vitamin D is for bone health only, and there's no evidence it can reduce the risk of anything else -- despite repeated studies that show it can fight depression, flu, heart disease, cancer and more.

If there's any good news here, it's that now even most mainstream docs realize that the Institute of Medicine is completely bonkers -- and many are telling their patients to keep taking their D supplements anyway.


Rebellion. I love it!


And maybe -- just maybe -- this will cause those docs to take a closer look at the rest of the Institute's inadequate recommendations, too.


that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 1/2/2011 9:36pm by Art Ozias.
  • Happy New Year.  Not much to report this week.  Had .4 inch of much needed rain and some cold weather.  I got my bacons and hams and they are curing.  I redid the salt/sugar this morning.  The bacons will be done on Wednesday and I will smoke them.  Must decide what kind of wood to use.  The hams will take another two weeks.
  • We are awaiting Abagail's calf.  She is getting huge.
  • The green house is providing some greens.  Debra transplanted a lot of lettuce this past week.

I told you about the, here is information concerning soy.  I’m sure most of you know most of this.  You may have a friend that still believes that soy is ok. 


Here is some WikiLeaks info that you will want to know about.  I haven’t heard any on this on the news or in the print media.  Thanks internet.  Thanks Natural News.


Those suffering from cancer have probably heard of the Gerson Institute.   If not you need to research this.


Most of you know this, but there are some new readers that may just be starting their own research to improve their health.  Remember, we can get coconut oil by the gallon and we feel it is so important for good health that we provide it at our cost to include the shipping.  We will treat this just as we do “dirt hogs”, i.e. I will put you on our list and when we order, we will fill your order.  Make sure you read all of this article.


Sure am glad my ancestors left Ohio in the 1800’s.  I received this 12-31-10 from Shelly.


I have purchased from you in the past but since have moved to Ohio. Thank you for the weekly updates.

My question: When is your next beef butcher? Even though we have moved to Ohio because of government regulations here I can't seem to find beef for less then $6.50-8/pd. We have figured that even with the drive to Missouri we would come out ahead to purchase from you:-) Yea, the gov't intrusion so bad that they have had to resort to herd sharing to sell any of their milk products... contracts that say we own part of the herd so we have a right to the milk or cheese. UGGHH!bureaucracy. One amish farmer had a secret agent come in several years ago and beg to just purchase one gallon. He gave in and did. That man lost his whole livelihood within a month. This past election really changed the state govn't for the better. Hopefully their will be changes.

Thanks for the wonderful meat in the past. We look forward to enjoying some more :-)

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra