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Posted 4/10/2011 10:41pm by Art Ozias.
  • I finished topping off the raised beds for this year.  We have our beds started with several transplants we started from seed.  The main garden finally dried enough for me to get it tilled.  The potatoes and onions are planted.  Six rows of potatoes.  I hope to plant some sweet corn tomorrow.
  • I fed my last bale of hay this morning to the cows.  They are now on grass only.
  • We have had seven new Spring calves so far.
  • We are still taking orders for items from
  • We have lard for sale.  Don't buy it at the store; it is hydrogentated for shelf life.
  • We have sold all of our wheat from this past year.  This years crop is a bright green, so hopefully we will have a good crop.
  • Guess what one cup of cream, two cups of A2 milk, four egg yolks from our free range hens and some Nutella and some chocolate is, after it is frozen? It is the best ice cream recipe ever.


I have recommended this book sometime ago and I still think it is one of the best books for determining which foods are best and WHY. 


More than 2,000 vaccinated babies died: The cost of doing business

Thursday, March 24, 2011 by: Neil Z. Miller

Learn more:



Wouldn’t it be nice if this were to happen in your local community?  We need some common sense, when it comes to requirements to sell products made in the home at a local market.   Maybe it has started in Maine.  


Don’t buy cereal anymore.  Also, learn about other bad buys and then the good buys.  Here’s a  sample. 

Raw organic eggs from pastured chickens – Raw, free-range eggs are an inexpensive and amazing source of high-quality nutrients that many people are deficient in, especially high-quality protein and fat. To find free-range pasture farms, try your local health food store, or go to  or

Grass-fed beef or organ meats -- Grass-fed beef is very high in vitamins A, B12 and E, omega-3 fats, beta carotene, zinc and the potent immune system enhancer CLA (conjugated linoleic acid, a fatty acid). But don't confuse "organic" with grass-fed, since many organically raised cows are still fed organic corn, which you don't want. However, most grass-fed cows are raised organically.

Coconut oil -- Besides being excellent for your thyroid and your metabolism, coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which converts in your body to monolaurin – a compound also found in breast milk that strengthens a baby's immunity.

Its medium chain fatty acids, or triglycerides (MCT's) also impart a number of health benefits, including raising your body's metabolism and fighting off pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi. Make sure you choose an organic coconut oil that is unrefined, unbleached, made without heat processing or chemicals, and does not contain GM ingredients.

Here is the link for the entire article.


If you or someone you know is drinking soda, read this and forward to whomever.  READ ALL OF IT, DON’T RATIONALIZE IF YOU ARE DRINKING  SODAS.


Know someone suffering from cancer?  Want to reduce your risk of getting cancer?


Winning the War Against Cancer Begins with Your Personal Choices

You can do a lot, right now, to significantly decrease your cancer risk. Even the conservative American Cancer Society states that one-third of cancer deaths are linked to poor diet, physical inactivity, and carrying excess weight. So making the following healthy lifestyle changes can go a very long way toward ending the failure-streak and becoming one less statistic in this war against cancer:

  1. Normalize your vitamin D levels with safe amounts of sun exposure. This works primarily by optimizing your vitamin D level. Ideally, monitor your vitamin D levels throughout the year.
  2. Control your insulin levels by limiting your intake of processed foods and sugars/fructose as much as possible.
  3. Get appropriate amounts of animal-based omega-3 fats.
  4. Get appropriate exercise. One of the primary reasons exercise works is that it drives your insulin levels down. Controlling insulin levels is one of the most powerful ways to reduce your cancer risks.
  5. Eat according to your nutritional type. The potent anti-cancer effects of this principle are very much underappreciated. When we treat cancer patients in our clinic this is one of the most powerful anti-cancer strategies we have.
  6. Have a tool to permanently erase the neurological short-circuiting that can activate cancer genes. Even the CDC states that 85 percent of disease is caused by emotions. It is likely that this factor may be more important than all the other physical ones listed here, so make sure this is addressed. My particular favorite tool for this purpose, as you may know, is the Emotional Freedom Technique.
  7. Only 25 percent of people eat enough vegetables, so by all means eat as many vegetables as you are comfortable with. Ideally, they should be fresh and organic. Cruciferous vegetables in particular have been identified as having potent anti-cancer properties. Remember that carb nutritional types may need up to 300 percent more vegetables than protein nutritional types.
  8. Maintain an ideal body weight.
  9. Get enough high-quality sleep.
  10. Reduce your exposure to environmental toxins like pesticides, household chemical cleaners, synthetic air fresheners and air pollution.
  11. Reduce your use of cell phones and other wireless technologies, and implement as many safety strategies as possible if/when you cannot avoid their use.
  12. Boil, poach or steam your foods, rather than frying or charbroiling them.


Read the entire report here:


that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra


Posted 4/3/2011 10:09pm by Art Ozias.
  • Finally got the garden tilled.  Still had some wet spots.  Hopefully, we won't get too much rain tonight and I can get the potatoes planted.  We have our raised beds started -  bunching onions, broccoli and cabbage.  Anyone wanting info on how to get started, let me know.  We have some rice hulls and have finally found a source.
  • Six more big bales of hay to feed -  just in time as the grass has grown a lot this past week.
  • We were at the KC Farmers Expo this past Saturday in Mission, Kansas.  They had a great turn out.  Five years ago there were only two on us crazy grass finished beef producers at the Expo.  This year in the KC Food Circle  directory there must be a dozen. 
  • Just watched the award winning documentary, Inside Job.  All should watch and you will get an inside look at who and how the financial meltdown occurred.

    We will be making another order for Coconut Oil and Cod Liver Oil.  If interested email me.


This will never happen in the US.  Remember, if we don’t invent it  with our “science” then it just won’t work here.


We have included information on Gardasil in our Updates and since it was in the “news” this past week, I thought it would be good to refresh memories.  The latest news is they are making a case that boys also need the vaccine.  


Billings, Mont. – In a news article circulated by the U.S. Animal Health Association today, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) purportedly announced on March 3, 2011, that Canada had confirmed on Feb. 18, 2011, that it had detected yet another Canadian cow with bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), also known as mad cow disease. The CCA reported the cow was a 77-month-old Alberta dairy cow, making it the 19th case of BSE in Canada’s cattle herd.


At just over six years of age, this cow would have been born in 2004 and infected with BSE either in 2004 or 2005, which provides absolute evidence that the BSE agent was circulating in Canada’s feed system long after the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) declared that Canada had its BSE problem under control. USDA has confirmed to R-CALF USA the Canadian government had indeed notified USDA officials about this latest case back in February, but did not plan on publicizing the fact until March 10 when the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) posts its next monthly animal disease report.


“In fact, this case is the 12th BSE-positive animal to meet USDA’s age-eligibility requirement for export to the United States under the November 2007 OTM (over-30-month) rule that allows the U.S. to import cattle from Canada that are over 30 months of age, as long as such cattle were born after March 1, 1999,” said R-CALF USA CEO Bill Bullard


“Canada already has exported 681,135 of their higher-risk, older cows and bulls to the United States since USDA’s OTM rule went into effect in 2007, and these cows and bulls are not required to be tested for BSE before they are slaughtered and introduced into the U.S. food chain,” he pointed out. 


“Why is the United States – which annually imports hundreds of thousands of Canada’s high-risk cattle – the last to know when BSE is detected in Canada’s cattle herd,” Bullard asked. “Like this case, the BSE-positive animal detected in 2010 was kept a secret by USDA, and the public was not informed until R-CALF USA issued a news release almost two weeks after the disease’s confirmation.”   


“Consumers – now more than ever – should be telling their grocers they want the products in the meat counter labeled with country-of-origin information so they can decide on their own whether to avoid products from countries with ongoing disease problems, particularly now that USDA chooses not to disclose such important disease information,” said R-CALF USA Region VI Director Max Thornsberry, a Missouri veterinarian who also chairs the group’s animal health committee.


Scientists Under Attack For Speaking Out About Genetic Engineering



If you think E-Coli, H7 is not a big deal, then read this and know that  ground beef can be Russian Roulette.   


Many over-the-counter and prescription drugs can cause memory loss and cognitive impairment.  Numerous drugs have been shown to cause mild cognitive impairment, or MCI, a common condition that is often an early sign of Alzheimer's disease.



Is DHEA the "fountain of youth" it was touted to be in the 1990's?

Perhaps it is, but with an asterisk.  Learn more here.

that's it from the hill for this week.  Art and Debra 

Posted 3/27/2011 9:54pm by Art Ozias.
  • KC Foodcircle EXPO yesterday was a great chance to meet other like minded people.  All were looking for sources of locally produced food and some took home a basil and tomato plant.
  • Next Saturday it will be Shawnee Mission on the Kansas side.  Go to for directions and time.  Be sure to get the recipe booklet.  We have our liver recipe in it.  Several of the recipes look good.  There is a good one using scapes. 
  • Milk production is in the pits.  All three Guernseys have various levels of mastitis.  Hopefully, they will recover in a week.  If not, they will be nurse cows or dryed off.  Thank goodness I have some trusty Brown Swiss.  They are durable and have not been messed with genetically.
  • This should be the week for all who ordered a "dirt" hog.  I have had a couple of cancellations, so I guess I will have to institute a  requirement for a deposit.  Anyone wanting a half or a whole needs to send me an email as soon as possible.
  • Beef calving has started and hopefully we are done with snow.  At least it is not very cold.


I often wonder  whose “good science” is based on facts and which is dictated by money?  One hears from the government in their rebuttals, “one can’t refute good science”.  Well, a lot of their “good science” has become questionable.  Read this!!

Genetically engineered crops may be linked to a dangerous new pathogen! 


Tell President Obama to stop the planting of genetically engineered alfalfa and sugar beets.

One of the nation’s senior scientists has alerted the federal government to a newly discovered organism that may have the potential to cause infertility and spontaneous abortion in farm animals, raising significant concerns about human health.  Dr. Don Huber, professor emeritus at Purdue University, believes the appearance and prevalence of the unnamed organism may be related to the nation’s over reliance on the weed killer known as Roundup and/or to something about the genetically engineered Roundup Ready crops.


In a letter to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack, the professor called on the federal government to immediately stop deregulation of Roundup Ready crops.  Here are some excerpts from the letter that was sent to Secretary Vilsack in January:

"A team of senior plant and animal scientists have recently brought to my attention the discovery of an electron microscopic pathogen that appears to significantly impact the health of plants, animals, and probably human beings. Based on a review of the data, it is widespread, very serious, and is in much higher concentrations in Roundup Ready (RR) soybeans and corn—suggesting a link with the RR gene or more likely the presence of Roundup.  This organism appears NEW to science!

... For the past 40 years, I have been a scientist in the professional and military agencies that evaluate and prepare for natural and manmade biological threats, including germ warfare and disease outbreaks. Based on this experience, I believe the threat we are facing from this pathogen is unique and of a high risk status. In layman’s terms, it should be treated as an emergency."


The full letter is available at


Despite this and many other arguments against the release of GMOs, the USDA has approved Monsanto's genetically engineered alfalfa and sugar beets.  Unless President Obama stops it, GE alfalfa and sugar beets will be widely planted this spring and begin contaminating our soils and crop.


The following is from the movie producer of Fresh.


Dyes are everywhere, and it's impossible for even the most vigilant of us to avoid them. They are hidden in everything from cereals to cough medicines. That's why we're calling on all of you to protect American children.


After years of pressure by activists, the FDA is finally holding a meeting to review this issue on March 30. Sign now to tell the FDA: we don't need bright food, we need healthy food. Ban artificial food dyes now. 

Food safety officials in Europe have moved much more quickly to protect children from artificial dyes. As a consequence, Kellogg, Kraft, McDonald's, and other American companies that do business in Europe use safe, natural colorings there-but harmful, synthetic petrochemicals here.





Did you  know about the wonderful program that Kellogg’s is providing to the schools?


From Dr Mercola, “Millions of Americans depend on anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve pain from arthritis, headaches, injuries and countless other conditions that cause chronic pain, but the drugs are among the most dangerous on the market”

that's it from the hill.   Art and Debra

Posted 3/20/2011 10:03pm by Art Ozias.
  • Finally, the snow is gone and the temperature is much warmer.  Now if we could get a week of no rain.  It is time to start the garden.  Debra has the green house filling up with plants.  We need to top off the raised beds with more "dirt" and start transplanting. 
  • With food prices on the rise everyone needs to plant a garden.  You can raise a lot of food in a raised bed (4 x 16). 
  • Beef prices are climbing.  Feedlot input costs (corn and soybeans) are changing daily.
  • The laying hens are going out this week to fresh grass.  Grass makes a huge difference in the yolk.  The hens have been roaming the lawn area for the past two weeks and the yolks are getting darker.
  • The Poulet Rouge hens and our champion rooster will be segregated and, hopefully, we will get 25-30 eggs for the incubator.  We are also going to raise some  Cornish cross.  Anyone wanting to copy my chicken tractor is welcome.  They work great at only 6 x 12 feet.


Kraft Admits It Uses Genetically Engineered Bovine Growth Hormone

(Thank you to the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) activist).  They shared a recent e-mail they received from Kraft Foods which admits "We are not rejecting milk from BGH/BST supplemented herds." BGH/BST is the genetically modified Bovine Growth Hormone developed by Monsanto and now marketed by Eli Lilly. It was the first genetically modified organism to become part of the food supply. It is well-known by federal regulators that GMO bovine growth hormone produces milk that is less nutritious, contaminated with pus, and has elevated levels of IGF-1. Elevated levels of IGF-1 are correlated with increased rates of cancer.

Producers of GMO foods would prefer that their customers didn't know anything about genetically modified organisms and most people, about three quarters of US consumers, have no idea that their food has been genetically modified. Kraft is one of the few companies to admit to using GMOs - not that you'll find anything on Kraft Web sites or food packaging about it. Another famous food manufacturer that admits it uses GMOs is Kellogg's.

Let Kraft & Kellogg's know you're joining a boycott of their brands because you want to  avoid GMOs!

Some of our readers have decided to take matters into their own hands. Since the Obama administration won't label GMOs, they've decided to do it ourselves. When they come across Kraft or Kellogg's products, they are sticking an "Oh No! Is It GMO?" label on it. 


In a letter to USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack, made public by the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, Dr. Don Huber, one of the nation's senior soil scientists, alerted the federal government to an organism that appears NEW to science: a microscopic pathogen that appears to significantly impact the health of plants, animals, and probably human beings.


Local and chemical, or local using GMO seeds and feed, is nothing more than greenwashing. Organic and local is the new gold standard!"

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 3/13/2011 10:49pm by Art Ozias.
  • Not very much happening on the Hill.  It is supposed to snow 2-4 inches tonight.  I have been sowing grass/legume seeds and hopefully will finish tomorrow with the snow on the ground. 
  • The Purple Martin scouts haven't arrived yet.  I guess they knew about the snow coming.
  • I got a call from the "dirt" hog farmer.  It will be soon for those that ordered pork.
  • A couple of bills in the Senate in Jefferson City concerning CAFO's are being pushed and the fight is on.  It is a struggle each year.  Debra's comment tonight was, "Why do they always seen to do the opposite of what the voters want?".   My guess is that they are strongly influenced by corporate interests and  most have a very limited knowledge of farming (most are city boys/girls).   There has been no mention of these bills in the print media.  If you are interested, check out Missouri Rural Crisis Center (
    Here is a summary:

    UPDATE:  Since the last action alert, SB 187 has not moved.  It has been assigned to the House Agri-Business Committee (Rep. Casey Guernsey is the Chairman and sponsor of HB 209).  We are continuing to keep our eyes on HB 209 (the House version of SB 187).
    UPDATE: SB 278 can be heard on the Senate floor anytime.  SB 278 (sponsored by Senator Munzlinger) would abolish rights of farmers and landowners from protecting their property through the court system.  This bill not only protects factory farms but also any industrial/corporate entity.  Similar to SB 187, but broader in scope, SB 278 is simply another layer of deceit with the intent to hand our rights over to out-of-state, multi-national corporations.  
    UPDATE: House Joint Resolution 17 (HJR 17), the so-called "Freedom in Agriculture Act" (sponsored by Rep. Jason Smith) is currently in the Rules Committee and can go to the House Floor anytime.  HJR 17 would radically and dramatically impact Local Control and the rights of local elected officials and the state legislature to protect Missouri's family farmers from the negative impacts of factory farms.  This bill is especially dangerous because it is a proposed constitutional amendment

It may be time to buy a different brand of butter. 

Hey Now — It’s Boycott Time: Land O’Lakes, This Means You!

Posted: 20 Feb 2011 03:42 PM PST

To produce its Round-Up Ready Alfalfa seeds, Monsanto partnered with a company called Forage Genetics International, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Land O'Lakes dairy co-op. That's right, Land O'Lakes stands to make a fortune from polluting our food supply with untested and unlabeled GMOs.


Learn how to peel a potato with ease.



Know your labels when buying beef.


Grassroots support is making a difference.  We can do it.


Make sure you get plenty of Omega-3’s in your diet.  Remember, grassfed beef  has Omega-3 fatty acid in it’s fat.


Here is more evidence that GMO’s  are extremely dangerous.



Those of you who know about Joel Salatin will enjoy this presentation he gave in Austrailia.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 3/6/2011 9:12pm by Art Ozias.
  • Mark your calendars for the upcoming EXPOs.  It is a good opportunity to meet suppliers of locally grown food.  Here is the link with the dates and locations.  We'll be there.
  • Marlies and Debra had a surprise birthday party for me last night at La Sous Terre.  We exceeded the occupancy limit for sure, but the city manager was there.  Had a great time and enjoyed visiting with all, and not to have to do the dishes and clean up was an additional treat.
  • I finally got another one of Goldie's teats healed.  Just two to go.  One of the guests last night was a former dairyman and he gave me some great help.  We have to take advantage of their expertise now.  In a few more years all the old timers will be gone and there are not very many new young farmers (other than tractor jockeys) learning the lessons of sustainability.
  • I have to get the purple martin houses ready this week.  The scouts will be coming.
  • I should be getting a call from my "dirt" hog man this week.  Those of you that have ordered a hog will be notified just as soon as I get them bought.

    I just finished a great book, The Sheer Ectasy of being a Lunatic Farmer, by Joel Salatin.  It's worth the read.

    My spring water from the windmill is looking better every day.  I would suggest a good filter system.  "Probable carcinogen' found in water supply" by Dr Douglass:

It's cancer in a cup: U.S. drinking water is contaminated with a toxic chemical that your own government calls a "probable carcinogen." 

So what's that same government doing about it? Same thing it always does: Nothing!

Drink up, everyone. 

The chemical is called hexavalent chromium, and if the name sounds a little familiar then you've probably seen the film "Erin Brokovich." It's the toxic compound that set off her battle with Pacific Gas & Electric after it was found in the groundwater of Hinkley, California.

Now, we all may as well be living in Hinkley -- because tests by the Environmental Working Group on water in 35 cities across the country found the chemical in 31 of them.

Twenty-five of those cities had hexavalent chromium levels in excess of limits being proposed by California. And if you're in Norman, Oklahoma, congratulations -- you're drinking 200 times that proposed limit.

We have to go by California's proposed limit because the EPA doesn't have one -- proposed or otherwise.

And that's where this gets really bizarre... because while the EPA doesn't set limits for hexavalent chromium, it does care about total chromium levels.

In other words, it lumps this toxic compound into the same category as the essential mineral trivalent chromium.

One is needed by the body to control blood glucose levels, the other might give you cancer, wreck your kidneys and liver, and maybe even kill you -- but it's all the same to Uncle Sam.

Why sweat the details?

But let's look on the bright side here: Hexavalent chromium probably isn't the worst thing in your water right now.

Heck, it's positively healthy next to the rocket fuel, cocaine, aspartame, hormone drugs, and more regularly found in U.S. drinking water -- and I'm not talking about isolated incidents here.

From coast to coast, our water is toast -- and if you want to know more about WHY these chemicals are turning up, read the September, 2009 issue of The Douglass Report.

I've been on the front lines of the battle for safe water for years -- so when do I get my movie? If Julia Roberts played Erin Brokovich, then I want Brad Pitt playing me.


I guess everyone heard about this recently, but now there is more to that story and I haven’t heard any follow-up to correct the story.  Well, here it is from the Health Ranger:


What I find amazing is the idea that Taco Bell customers are suddenly interested in the ingredients of the foods they're eating. After all, if your idea of cuisine is a 99-cent fast food burrito, there's probably a lot more to worry about than whether the meat is real:


Here is some good information on vaccines.


There’s more.


Here is an interesting article by  Shannon Hayes.  Hope you enjoy it.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra 

Posted 2/28/2011 9:47pm by Art Ozias.
  • I'm a day late.  With this weather, rain, snow, then fog so thick, it has been just maintainance.  Goldie had three teat tips that were frozen and with the sores the calves are getting all her milk.  Just when you think you can add on new cusomers this happens and with the cold, rainy weather and reduced volume I have to notify customers they will be getting less until Goldie gets healed.  Maribell is due Mar 25.  Never have cows bred for calving when the weather can be so cold.  Both of these cows were recently purchased and we weren't sure when they were due.
  • Thanks to all that ordered coconut oil.  By  pooling our purchases we saved on shipping costs and got a volume discount.
  • We just found out the cost of feed for the fryers increased $100 per ton.  That is about 80 cents per bird, additionally the price for day old chicks increased.  That means for this first batch of chickens the price per pound will be $3.25/ pound.  That will be the price for the first batch.  We are not guaranteeing the price will not increase.  Feed costs are very volatile presently.  (They can't live on grass and bugs alone.)
  • I am reading a couple of new books.  One is Holy Shit by Gene Logsden.  Next time you are at your book store or library browse thru this book and be sure to read pages 148 and 149.  Oh, I forgot, you probably won't find this book.  I gave up long ago trying to find "my kind of reading".  I use Amazon and buy the "used, like new".  This book is a complete discussion on the handling and the benefits of manure. 


I have reported on this many times and here it is again.  Better read it.


And here is some more.


What can I do?  I hear that often. Well, here is something.



Here is a good primer on fats and many other things.  Read this and you will be smarter than 90% of the US population, even a “fifth grader”.


If you are not yet convinced that fluoride is a dangerous thing in your water and tooth paste, please read this.


We make our own hot dogs.  We cure our own pork and use only salt and sugar.  Do you?

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 2/20/2011 8:22pm by Art Ozias.
  • The first batch of chickens will come in mid March.  It takes 6-8 weeks, so if you are interested let me know so I can start a list.  Price this year will be increased to account for the increase in the price of feed.  The price of feed depends on many possible factors, be it the commodity speculators, ethanol, or emerging economies eating more meat.  Who really knows?  I guess the only thing that matters down on the farm, is what we have to pay at the local feed mill or our costs to raise our own feed.  We should have the price fixed by the next update.
  • The weather warmed.  The snow, all 20 some inches is history and the tank thawed and is working again.  There is actually some green grass showing.
  • A friend that fishes in our pond completed his green house this past weekend.  He is looking forward to starting some seeds.  He patterned his after my "cattle panel" green house.  Debra is in full "seed starting mode".  We have been eating fresh lettuce and spinach for the past several months.(Alot more lately) Sure is tasty.  It's amazing what you can raise in a 6 by 12 green house.


Dr Mercola made it on the Huffington Post.  Anybody still going to the “arches”?


You may find David Korten’s views interesting and may want to read some of his books.  I read Agenda and found it quite enlightening.



I’ll bet you didn’t know this!!


Here’s an interesting interview.  Listen to the part about saturated fats.



If you missed Dr. Mercola on Dr. Oz's show, here it is.  Enjoy.  .  Here is part II. .  Part III.  ,  There’s one more.



The FDA is on the loose again.  This is one agency that we could very easily do without.  I guess they do something good, but the bad and ridiculous is frightening.  Those of you that accepted my offer with the Brunetti lectures will know exactly how Vit C IV works.  The offer still is available.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 2/13/2011 10:25pm by Art Ozias.
  • The dairy cows'tank is still frozen.  Maybe this week it will thaw as the temperature is forecast to be in the 60's by Thursday.  That sure would make my life easier.
  • Those that have requested pork, I got word that my local source has fifteen for the next harvest and he has promised me six.  They should be ready beginning in March.
  • We have small and large containers of lard from the last bunch of "dirt" hogs.  The small ones (5#) are $8 and the large ones (10#) are $16.
  • Debra started a new milk customer with a SCOBY to make kombucha.  Remember, all you need is a gallon jar (with a wide mouth).
  • I'm still working out some of the bugs with the new (used) tractor.  Must replace the block heater so I can start it when it is below 20 degrees.  The part is due in the Thursday.  Hopefully, I get it installed and not need it.
  • We are still evaluating the transition to the new genetics in our beef herd.  We have included a questionaire on our web site.  We would appreciate it if any customers from this past summer would take the time to complete it.  This past fall, with the dry periods, made it problematic getting a consistent finish.  That, coupled with trying to stay within the 30 month age rule, was challenging.  It may be that I will have to forgo  the 30 month limitation and harvest when they are truly finished.  That will mean no T-bone steaks as the spinal bones must be removed.  The meat will be the same, just no bone.  But if means a properly finished piece of meat, then missing the bone will be worth it.  The questionaire is a first cut, so if you have suggestions to improve the questions, please send them to me.


Dr Hyman is associated with Dr Liponis.  Liponis has a great book, Ultra Prevention.  All should read this book.



Today we bring you an amazing interview with former "economic hit man" and author John Perkins.

He once served as an economic hit man, arranging for the corruption of leaders of developing nations in order to financially benefit the powerful global corporations that really run our world.



I’m sure most of you are aware of this, but why not send it to a friend.   They may not be aware of how many die each year due to the lack of adequate antibiotics.


One would think that Koster (he is our state Attorneys General)  has better things to do.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 2/6/2011 9:22pm by Art Ozias.
  • What a week!  Over 20 inches of snow and a blizzard on Tuesday.  Thanks to our neighbor and his modified Bobcat he plowed us out.  Feeding, milking and taking care of animals max'd us out.  We spent all our time just doing the necessities.
  • I had been negoiating for a tractor replacement and it was finalized on Friday.  Would have been nice to have had it on Wednesday after the snow, but couldn't get to Clinton to negotiate the trade.  I now have a bale unroller and it's hard to believe how I have struggled with that chore for the last twenty years.  I can also carry two bales at a time.  Believe me when it is near zero and the wind is blowing it will be nice to make just one trip.
  • Goldie and Kris are coming along.  We have added several new customers for "A2" milk.  If you have not heard of A2 milk go to  and click on A2/A1.
  • We have had a couple of issues with the tenderness of our beef.  I have had cooking tips in previous Updates and have information on our website.  Since we have a lot of split halves, it is apparently a cooking technique issue.  I am sure that the processor is not mixing up orders.  When you have four split halves from the same animal, and only one person has a problem with tenderness, it is either over expectation or a difference in cooking technique.  Again, when I do a steak on the (Traegor) grill I start with a temperature of 400-450 and after 5-10 minutes, I turn the steak and reduce the temperature to 180 and just wait 40-45 minutes.   I know this is different than what many do with store purchased steaks, but they have more fat in them.  Check out the recent customer comments below to find other techniques.
  • A new milk customer bought a yogurt maker.  We still have a several for sale.  Also, if anyone wants a SCOBY for kombucha bring a gallon jar.  They are free to our customers.  We have Kefir grains as well.


Here is a good interview with Jeffery Smith concerning GMO’s.  You will have to watch a sales pitch for Democracy Now.  The interview is worth the wait.  .  To learn all about GMO’s go to Smith’s web site home page.  



Some of you have had issues with tenderness when cooking our beef.  I have had in my updates how I cook a steak and ours are great.  I am inclosing some customer comments that may help.


This from Jason.


“Well lets just say if you had not found the pigs, we would already have eaten all of the beef.  As it stands we have eaten about 80% of the ground beef and about half of the other cuts.  It truly is amazing the flavor that the beef has.  It is very difficult for us to eat beef away from home.  Not just because it is not as healthy for us, but because it is just bland.  I need to make sure we are on a list for beef as soon as you are ready as we will be out by early summer, and that is if we are conservative with it.


I thought it was funny that I got this email the same night I cooked the first package of KC Strips.  I thawed them Monday, and put them on a rack in the fridge with paper towels under them until Friday and then I cooked them.  I did 2 minutes per side on the hot Weber and then moved them to the oven at 200 degrees until they hit about 130 and then I moved them back to the grill to finish.  They were outstanding.  They were the rarest steak my wife has ever eaten, but she loved it as it didn’t “bleed” all over her plate.


So I need to be put down for a ¼ of beef.

5 chickens (as often as you produce them)

And we will probably need a pig by May or so.  We really eat a lot of the pork, it is so wonderful. 

Think that is it for now, I keep given out your info and people seem more and more interested.  This spring if you need help around the farm that a guy with a pregnant wife, 7yo daughter and 3yo son can help with, just let us know we would be glad to help however we can.”


From Sarah.

  Thanks for the beef again Art.  We enjoyed the new Red Devon-style sirloins last night.  The cast-iron pan in the oven is perfect for those steaks, they were incredibly tasty.  I don't mind having less beef from this breed as long as we get a few T-bones. 

Here is a summary of 2010 by Natural News.  It’s hard to believe that so much happened in just one year.  Most of you that follow my Updates will recognize most of these.


Thanks Erica for the link.


On the lighter side.  Take a little time and have a laugh.  



I had this information in a past Update.  It is getting more prevalent and it is becoming much more dangerous.

 that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra