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Posted 7/31/2011 10:03pm by Art Ozias.
  • We had our chicken day today and it went well.  We had a reduced number due to a fox, a dog and the heat.  Hopefully, we will do better on the next batch.  It will be about seven weeks to the next time.  We have decided that next year we will concentrate on late Spring and early Summer and Fall.  July and August will be vacation time for chickens.
  • Two more "Dirt" hogs are being delivered this week. 
  • The first two beeves were delivered this week and it went well.  The next two may be delayed due to the extreme hot weather.  It is too hot and they are not gaining like they usually do.  I'll have to make a decision next week.
  • I will be baling the second cutting of alfalfa tomorrow.  It is amazing how well alfalfa does in hot weather.  Too bad this administration (USDA) has okay'd that this plant can be genetically modified.  What a shame.  Monsanto wins, we lose.


A More Humane and Healthier Option

Grass-based feeding is a very efficient and ecologically sustainable method of farming. Instead of producing tons of grain for feed -- which requires extensive land, fertilizer, pest management, and large equipment for cultivating, harvesting, drying, storage and feeding -- pasture-based farming lets the cows do the work. They harvest, fertilize, and feed themselves, overseen by the farmer in a carefully managed system. The net result is significantly less fuel consumption, less erosion, less air and water pollution and greater soil fertility. The animals also get to live a natural life outdoors, grazing off the land as they were intended to.

Most importantly, this natural and harmonious way of raising animals also leads to a superior food product.  Grass-fed beef, for instance, is lower in fat than regular CAFO-raised beef. It also contains three to five times more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid. The milk from grass-fed cows is also higher in many nutrients, including CLA, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and omega-3 fats.

For health benefits of CLA, read the entire posting by Dr Mercola.  There are some interesting statistics regarding vegetarianism.

Here is a great recap of HFCS and saturated fats.  And this important fact:


"This is a VERY important point so let me repeat it. Most will need to read this seven times or more to fully realize the implications of this simple yet HIGHLY profound, and radically revolutionary important statement:

Fructose is "isocaloric but not isometabolic."

"This means you can have the same amount of calories from fructose or glucose, fructose and protein, or fructose and fat, but the metabolic effect will be entirely different despite the identical calorie count."

Here is the link.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra
Posted 7/24/2011 9:37pm by Art Ozias.
  • Our next chicken day will be next Sunday.  If you don't get an email, then hopefully you will get your chickens next time. 
  • Still taking orders for Thanksgiving turkeys.
  • Three lucky people are getting their "dirt" hog this next week.
  • I will be delivering beef tomorrow.  Blue Springs, Independence, Liberty, Stilwell and Lee's Summit.  The forecast is for somewhat cooler temperatures.
  • I will have two more "dirt" hogs in about two weeks.  If you want one, let me know.
  • We have plenty of Milk.  We could add some more customers, or existing customers may want to learn how to make yogurt, kefir and cheese. 

    Be sure to visit our web site, and read the new page under "Our Products".  The title is, Why Grass Finished Part II.   


Interesting graphic that drives home the lunacy in our USDA farm bill.


First Time Documentary Filmmaker Fights

for Small Farmers


Washington, D.C. --June 10, 2011--If the FDA wasn't defensive before about their raids against multiple small farms around the country, they soon will be when Kristin Canty's documentary film Farmageddon--the Unseen War on American Family Farms debuts this month in three major cities--DC, LA, NYC.


The epicenter of bureaucratic and regulatory power, Washington, DC, is the first stop for the film. It opens here on June 17 for a weeklong World Premiere at the West End Cinema on 23rd Street, NW (between M and N streets). The filmmaker will be in town for the multiple events being coordinated around the film by groups such as Slow Food DC, Keep Food Legal, Grassfed on the Hill, and the Weston A. Price Foundation.

 New documentary that includes the Raw Milk aspect.  What better place to screen the release of this film than in Washington, DC.  Maybe a lone staffer will go.  I’m sure “our” senators and representatives are far too busy.,1209614/critic-review.html#reviewNum1


Read this link and you’ll know why we use coconut oil.  It’s great.


How’s your local school lunch?  Some districts are making changes.


We had our first tomato from our garden before July 4.  Hopefully, all of you have access to a good tasting locally grown tomatoes.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra 

Posted 7/22/2011 5:37pm by Art Ozias.
  • This is a quickie.  I have found a couple of "dirt" hogs that are ready for someone.  I have one sold.  If someone wants the other let me know ASAP. 
  • We can add two more milk customers.  We have an abundance, and since every week someone goes on a summer vacation there is chance for you to get some A2 milk.  Remember, milk is a food and it is in season with cows on grass.  Be sure to read the Mercola links and you will understand the value of raw, grass fed milk cows.  We have posted all the links on our web site under Our Products, Why Grass finished Beef.
  • Next chicken day will be a week from this coming Sunday.  As soon as I get a total available, I will email those next on the list. 
  • Here are the Mercola links.
  • After reading these articles you will know why you have decided to eat our beef, chickens, turkeys and drink our milk.
  • that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra
Posted 7/17/2011 11:18pm by Art Ozias.
  • We had our chicken day today and it went well.  We started early to avoid the extreme heat.  We finished and had the pick up at 1 pm.  The next chicken day will be two weeks from today.  I will be sending an email to those next on the list.  We will wait to set the pick up time when we know better what the weather will be.
  • This coming Wednesday I will be delivering five hogs to the processor.  If you have ordered a "dirt" hog, your wait is about over.  I will send an email on Thursday with the weights and directions on contacting the processor.
  • I baled over a thousand bales of straw this past week.  We have it advertised on Craigs List and Iland.  It is $2.50 picked up in the field.  It was $5-6 per bale last year if you could find it.  If you want some for next year, now is the time to get it.
  • We are still taking orders for turkeys for Thanksgiving.  Don't wait too long.  We only have 60 to sell.


UK Scraps Pneumonia Vaccines Because They 'Don't Work'  


A new study published in the journal Headache has found that a homeopathic preparation of ginger and the medicinal herb feverfew is effective at treating migraine headaches.


I have a great little heifer calf, but I doubt we will have such a parade here for many years.


If you think e-coli is not serious, then read the following.



Anyone ever get a cell phone wet?  Try this.

Be sure to read the part about yogurt and kefir in this link.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 7/10/2011 10:41pm by Art Ozias.
  • We are having a chicken day this next Sunday.  I have sent a separate email to those that are next on the list.  We lost 25 to a predator this past week. 
  • Daisy had a heifer calf two weeks ago.  I still have her on a bottle.   I hope to get her transitioned to her mother.  Guernseys are a challenge.  My Brown Swiss are so easy and dependable.
  • We took two beeves to the processor this past week.  Should be getting two more "Dirt" hogs this week.  I will be emailing those next on the list.


After visiting with some of Ryan’s friends from New York, I am amazed at how many people don’t know the GMO story.  Well, there has been a lot of recent information and I have tried to keep all of you informed.  Be sure to watch the Dr Huber interview and also read it in ACRES, usa magazine.  Both of these were linked in recent Updates.  Here is more.


Anyone that still believes in fluoridated water and thermisol in vaccines needs to watch this video in its entirety.


Sure makes sense to me.  We have wasted a lot of time and money and the “war” on drugs is a loser.



Think the German E. coli outbreak couldn’t happen here? Think again


 The latest warning coming from British intelligence that al-Qaeda and other political organizations could contaminate the food supply is part of a continuing plot line that hides the obvious: our food already has been poisoned under the auspices of oversight agencies who have been complicit in the very real threats to the public food supply

Aspartame, bpa, fluoride, GMO, mercury, pesticides, poisoned food and toxic food.


Here’s your chance to vote for your right to buy food of your choice.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra 

Posted 6/27/2011 11:33am by Art Ozias.
  • This is late.  I decided to update the maps on my Garmin and it took over ten hours.  Glad that only happens twice a year.
  • We added two new milk customers this past week and can add at least two more.  Remember, this is A2 milk.  We also sold a yogurt maker and that person is now adding great yogurt to their diet.
  • The first beef harvest is due in July.  Those who ordered early will be notified when I deliver the beef to the processor.  I sold my first whole beef this past week.


Have you seen the flood pictures?  You hear reports on the news, but seeing the pictures has a greater impact.  Thanks Marlies.


Hi Tina,

 Just a note. Art's turkeys are out of this world good!  Last year I bought a 33 pounder and had 15 guests. We all ate ourselves silly! The meat was sweet, fresh, tender, juicy!

Any other questions, I'll be happy to help.




Dear NaturalNews readers,

You may have already noticed, but NaturalNews is now publishing over 14 stories a day, with 2-3 hard-hitting feature stories each weekday. We now have a team of researchers, investigators, writers and reporters working around the clock to bring you breaking news and analysis that you just won't get anywhere else.

Plus, we've opened up a reader tips system where you can send us anonymous tips that we will review for possible investigations. Submit your tips at:

Today we bring you an investigative story on the dangers of artificial food colors and why so many of these chemicals have already been outlawed. Check it out:

And rememeber all the faked blueberries we revealed in cereals and breads? Now a law firm has opened an investigation into the misleading marketing of these "fake blueberry" products, and you have a chance to take part in what might potentially become a class action lawsuit against several large food companies:


In another fascinating (but horrifying) bit of food-related news, research now shows that 93% of unborn babies are already contaminated with GMOs. From the day they're born, in other words, they're already victims of genetically modified foods!

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra





Posted 6/19/2011 10:44pm by Art Ozias.
  • We have added some new milk customers this past week.  We have enough for one maybe two more.  If you are interested, I need to know how much you will want each week and a phone number.
  • I have two yogurt makers for sale.  They are $24 each.  Making your own yogurt is a great way to make your own probiotics.  If you only have store milk it will increase its value.
  • We have three more "dirt" hogs available in about three weeks.  Let me know.  I took three this week to the processor.  Those who order these will soon be enjoying what real pork should taste like.
  • It's time to start planning for Thanksgiving.  If you want a turkey you need to get on the list.  We only have sixty and when they are gone, they are gone.  They are $3/# this year.  We are holding the price, even though the poults cost $2 more.  We have a better shelter arrangement and should be able to keep predators out.
  •  Our web site has been updated.  A couple of errors have been identified and fixed.  Visit  our site and see the changes, and if you see something that is confusing or missing, let me know.


Full-Fat Raw Milk Used as "Medicine" by Mayo Clinic Founder

Read it here.


Top Ten Reasons to Eat Grassfed

As promised, continuing from our last newsletter, here is a more in depth explanation of number four of the top ten health reasons to eat grassfed beef.

According to a 2009 study that was a joint effort between the USDA and researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina, grassfed beef is better for human health than grainfed beef in these top ten* ways:

  1. Lower in total fat
  2. Higher in beta-carotene
  3. Higher in vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol)

4.   Higher in the B-vitamins thiamin and riboflavin

Thiamine, also known as Vitamin B1, helps to maintain your energy supplies, coordinates the activity of your nerves and muscles and supports proper heart function. Riboflavin, Vitamin B2, helps protect cells from oxygen damage, supports cellular energy production and helps to maintain your supply of other B vitamins


Know your Food, Know your Farmer.  Now know what is on your food.  START YOUR OWN GARDEN AND THEN YOU WILL KNOW.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 6/12/2011 10:11pm by Art Ozias.
  • Milk should be flowing again.  Princess had a heifer calf on Friday.  Her milk should be ready to go by Tuesday.  We may be able to add one or two new customers. 
  • We have a couple of yogurt makers for sale.  If you don't have access to raw milk, what a great way to add value to store milk.  Buy a plain yogurt and grow your own forever and enjoy the health benefits of your own yogurt.
  • We are taking orders for "Dirt" hogs.  My source will have three more in about three weeks.
  • We are still adding names for chickens.  Some are wanting more after getting theirs from the first harvest.
  • Our web site is finished.  Jessica did a great job.  Hopefully, it is a little easier to navigate and will be easier to keep updated.  When you visit our site, if there is something confusing, please send me an email.  We want it to be the best web site for not only our existing customers, but be informative for web browsers looking for grass finished beef and related food items.


More breaking news: The U.S. government admits that vaccines cause autism in its payouts of hundreds of millions of dollars to parents whose children collapsed into autism after receiving vaccine shots. This is yet more evidence that even the government cannot deny the link between vaccines and autism:



I’m sure most of you know about the hazards of HFCS, but there may be some new members to our Updates.


Our  wonderful government , USDA, is at it again.  When will this nonsense ever stop?


Anyone with a newborn or expecting one should read this.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra 


Posted 6/5/2011 10:10pm by Art Ozias.
  • Milk supply will be short for a while.  Rosebud was turned dry this week.  Daisy is due this week, but it takes a week for the colostrum to clear.  And she has only two quarters.
  • We finally got our sweet potato plants in this week.  And our third planting of sweet corn is coming up.  I soaked the seed overnight.  I think I will make that  a rule. It swells the seed and there is not the need to keep the planted area wet for such a long time.
  • Our updated web site will be completed this week.  The words are done, so now we just have to arrange and select the photos.  It should be much easier to navigate.  Any suggestions will be  considered.  If there is anything confusing or missing, please send me an email, .
  • We are enjoying our own strawberries.  Most of you know that store strawberries are high on the list of "most contaminated", so it is nice to know that no fumigants, sprays, etc were used. It's also nice to have a strawberry taste like a strawberry.  Having A2 milk is an additional treat.  The store berries are huge and red with a mediorce taste,  but they travel well.
  • Yesterday was a cow day - sorted out the young heifers, the steers that will be harvested this year, and turned in the herd bull.  I was not paying close attention and some that I had cut out apparently were butting each other and they bumped against a gate.  I was standing with my back to it, and the next thing I knew, I was on my way to the ground head first.  I still have a neck ache.  I guess Dr. John will fix that tomorrow. 


The Illegal Herb that Fights Cancer.  Very interesting video.  When I started watching I thought of Ron Paul’s efforts to legalize the use of marijuana.  This past week an international report came out and guess what?  They came to the conclusion that the war on drugs is hopeless.


This is the latest attempt to hide is happening “down on the farm”.


Comment from a loyal milk customer:


Thanks!  Also, Mollie (our 10 year old) did a taste test between grocery store whole milk and your milk tonight.  She made a face and said the grocery store milk doesn't taste right.  Your milk brought a smile back to her face.



Had enough of federal tyranny over raw milk and food freedom? Rep. Ron Paul has introduced HR 1830 which would legalize the buying and selling of raw milk across the United States. Gee, we should make this guy President or something... (he seems to understand the concept of freedom).

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra
Posted 5/29/2011 10:22pm by Art Ozias.
  • Our baby chicks are going outside tomorrow into the chicken tractors.  Warmer weather is forecast.  Our recent chicken day went well.  Some people have already ordered more when they are available.
  • For those of you picking up items here at the farm, we have Real Salt, Redmond Clay and Redmond Bath Salts.  If you need minerals, why not take a hot bath and add the Redmond Bath Salts?
  • The corn and milo are up.  The wheat and rye have headed out and hopefully we will have a good harvest. 
  • We had two visitors from New York City this past week, and after discussing various farm economic issues, we brought up GMOs.  It amazes me how many people know so little about GMOs.  I have had many articles in my updates, and I am reasonably sure most of you know way more than most of your friends about GMOs.  There has been a lot of recent information lately after several months of nothing.  I am including more in this update.  If you didn't watch the Dr. Huber video interview or read the interview in ACRES magazine, be sure and review them.  They were in  the last recent updates.  The last ten undates are always posted on our main page under "What's New".
  • Our web site is getting a much needed update.  We will be making several changes this week.  We probably won't finish this week, but hopefully by next Sunday I will be able to invite all to review the changes.  I will be asking for your feedback as we will invaribly overlook something.  (Sometimes one doesn't see the forest for the trees)
  • For new members to the site, here is a good explanation  of how GMO plants are created.


Some of the new members to our web site may not know about BPA.  Well, read this article and be aware of how easy it is to be exposed.  BPA has been outlawed in Europe, but as we know, their “science” is quite different than ours.


Important news for your eye health.  I recently had my annual eye exam and Dr. Lake mentioned the importance of carotenoids.  My macular pigmentation last year measured 62, this year it is 77.  Be sure to get your pigmentation density measured.  The higher the number the less likely you are to have macular degeneration and other eye issues.  Our new green house with winter lettuce and spinach provides us with great greens all winter.  Now the garden and raised beds are providing our greens.  Here’s the link.


If you're still buying meat from your local grocery store, you have a 50/50 chance of choosing meat that's tainted with drug-resistant bacteria every time you shop. This staggering and quite disgusting finding comes from a study by the Translational Genomics Research Institute, which revealed 47 percent of the meat and poultry samples they tested contained antibiotic-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteria.

These were samples from 80 brands of beef, chicken, pork and turkey from more than two dozen grocery stores scattered across the United States, in large cities from Los Angeles to Washington D.C. So it likely applies to a grocery store near you.

Read the complete article here and order your beef, pork and chickens from Breezy Hill Farm or another local provider.


Every 30 minutes a farmer in India commits suicide due to crop devastation caused by genetically modified seeds. Find out why GMOs are threatening an entire generation of Indian farmers:



that's it from the hill.   Art and Debra