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Posted 9/20/2011 10:43pm by Art Ozias.

Here is even more on cancer and Dr Burzynski.  Take the time and watch this film.  This film is dated, it will  be taken down on Sep 24.  I will include more about Burzynski on Sundays update.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 9/20/2011 9:11pm by Art Ozias.
  • We have an extra half of a "dirt" hog.  Anyone interested, let me know.

Do You Want to Eat Foods With "Flavors" Created by a Biotech Company?

This is the same thing they have been doing in feed lots to get cattle to want to eat industrial waste.  Now it is happening to humans.


It's estimated that 75 percent of Americans are ignorant about that fact that amalgam fillings are actually 50 percent mercury, and this is no accident. The American Dental Association (ADA) popularized the deceptive term "silver fillings" so consumers would think amalgam is made mainly of silver when actually it has twice as much mercury as silver.  Debra has had ALL, and she had several, of her amalgams replaced.  If you want a good dental reference ask Debra.

If you don’t take the time to read and do your own research then read this from the article. 

"The American Dental Association is basically a gigantic fraud agent when it comes to amalgam because for years they promoted amalgam as silver fillings and they're not. It's a gigantic consumer fraud perpetuated by thousands of dentists in the United States who use the word silver fillings when by far the most prevalent material is mercury.

The FDA defends amalgam and says the word silver is because they are silver colored. The FDA knows better. They know they are perpetuating a lie. The Food and Drug Administration has basically been the agent of the American Dental Association in protecting the use of mercury fillings.

That protection continues even though two scientific panels in a row – these are scientists handpicked by FDA itself – the scientists have come in and to the surprise of the FDA staff have told the FDA staff, you're wrong. You've got to stop amalgam use for pregnant women. You've got to stop amalgam use for children. You've got to do both of them now and you've got to make sure that every consumer knows and every parent knows that amalgam is not silver, that it's mercury."

that's it from the hill.  Debra and Art

Posted 9/18/2011 9:56pm by Art Ozias.
  • We will be planting our wheat this week.   Also, weather permitting we will bale our final crop of alfalfa hay.  I have two students from the local university that help  me occasionally on major projects.  We cleaned up three fence rows this past week.  Sure is nice to have young, twenty year olds for the heavy lifting.   They both like to hunt and fish so this should be a win-win for all.  One caught three bass in our lake and they were huge five pounders. 
  • We have an excellent French honeydew melon in our garden.  There must be $200 worth of seeds in each.  Anyone wanting ten seeds to grow their own great melons, just send us a self-addressed stamped envelope.  Can't buy this at the store.
  • If you want a "Dirt" hog I need to know by Monday evening. 
  • Debra and I moved 16 pullets into the newly remodeled chicken house this evening.  They have just started to lay.


I just finished Burzynski, a documentary.  My sister subscribes to Dr. Whitaker’s newsletter, and I remember reading about Burzynski’s challenges several years ago.  I had totally forgotten about him.  What a valuable documentary film.  If  you know of anyone that has had  cancer, you need to send them this link:   Watch this film and then decide if the FDA is worthy of your tax dollars.  I think this would be a great start at deficit reduction, but we will need a couple of shoe factories to return to this country for the former FDA’ers to have a job.  At a minimum, read the customer reviews.


Carbohydrates, Not Fat, is the Root of Obesity and Heart Disease

Heart disease is so common today, it's hard for people to remember that a mere 100 years ago, this disease was really uncommon.  As Dr. Donald Miller writes in the featured article:

"There were 500 cardiologists practicing in the U.S. in 1950. There are 30,000 of them now – a 60-fold increase for a population that has only doubled since 1950."

Such an explosion of heart disease indicates that something has changed that is contributing to this epidemic.

What is that "something"?

Our diet!

Read the entire article here. 

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 9/11/2011 10:03pm by Art Ozias.
  • Last call for a "dirt" hog.  I convinced Gilbert's to make me some breakfast links.  They are great.  I have a very good recipe for sausage.  Now that I have him trying new things, I am going to get him to make me some bratwursts.  If you're having a hog processed and would like part of it made into breakfast links,  tell Carrie you want them to use "Art's recipe."
  • Bob will be harvesting honey soon.  We will have some jars here at the farm.  If you want larger quantites let me know.
  • Debra was at a recent meeting of retired teachers for our county and a presenter stated that retired teachers would be getting a COLA (finally).   One reason was that their actuaries had determined that members' life expectancy had decreased.  I thought we were living longer??
  • At that same meeting Debra learned that a friend had been diagnosed with cancer.  When she told another friend that news, that lady said, "Oh just about everybody gets cancer".  It may seem that way these days, but  last I heard it was 40%. 
  • Debra made 23 pints of elderberry jelly or syrup.  I met a school friend at the local farm store this week.  I said, "I drove by your place and noticed a nice group of elderberries nearby."  She said "What are elderberries?   "hat do they look like?".  I guess I take too much for granted.


After reading this link, you may want to investigate thermal mammography  , 

Joel Salatin's new book is This Ain’t Normal.


Looks like each state needs its own bank .    


The incredible, edible wonderful EGG.  They are selling for $5/dozen at farmers'markets in KC.  That’s  about 42 cents per egg.  A candy bar is about a dollar.  Which is the better option?



Take time out for a video.  Thanks, Marlies.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 9/5/2011 11:20pm by Art Ozias.
  • Three steers will be going to Remer's tomorrow.  Those getting beef from them will be getting an email tomorrow.  Sorry, for the wait, but the weather didn't cooperate.  With the cooler weather the beeves are finishing nicely.
  • We finished with the elderberries today.  I still know where some are if you are interested.
  • A lot of corn was damaged by the wind.  The wind wasn't that strong, but I suspect the reason is due to the seed companies re-engineering the plant.  They removed part of the lignin (gives the stalk strength) and converted it to starch (sugar) in the kernel.  As you know we don't use the stalk, but the more sugar, the more HFCS.  My open pollinated corn has a great stalk.  After we harvest the corn, the earthworms will have a feast.
  • Those that have not seen the film, The World According to Monsanto, can see it this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Link TV is showing various documentaries this week.


I included a reference to this information about a year ago.  Here is a link for a TV presentation that is scheduled this week.  I watched it on Sunday and am including the link so you can watch and get most of the info without reading his book.



Insufficient enzyme production is at the root of much "tummy trouble" in our country. Digestive problems cost Americans $50 billion each year in both direct costs and absence from work.

It is a sad fact that 90 percent of the food Americans buy is processed food. Diets heavy in cooked, processed, and sugary foods, combined with overuse of pharmaceutical drugs such as antibiotics, deplete your body's ability to make enzymes.

Learn everything about enzymes at this link.


Jason and Susan, you will  appreciate this link.  Eye health is very important.  Be sure to get your macular density checked.


It’s lengthy, but reveals the other side of the vaccine story.  I just read in the KC Star a short blurb on this and it sounded so good.  Read the Health Ranger’s take on this.  _Medicine_vaccines.html

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra
Posted 8/28/2011 10:48pm by Art Ozias.
  • Tuesday is "dirt" hog day.  If you are on my list, you will be getting an email with the weight and cost on Wednesday.  Be sure to check your emails that day.  We are still taking orders for pork.  There will be four more in about four weeks.
  • Now is the time to harvest elderberries.   Hopefully, your local commodity "farmers" are not as ignorant as some of my neighbors.  A neighbor sprayed the State's road rightaway and killed all the Elderberries.  I had harvested a lot of berries there last year.  About six weeks ago I had spotted a lot of Elderberries in bloom and was planning on revisiting that gravel road when they would be ripe.  Well, last evening on the way to Kansas City I deciding to leave a little early to check out that road.  I had my clippers and several plastic grocery bags.  Guess what?  Some ignorant "farmer" had sprayed them and they were all dead with full heads of berries. We have planted several plants  and will be adding more for the future.  With such "we feed the world" farmers using their sprayers to kill everything except corn and soybeans, we may have difficulty just feeding ourselves.
  • We have a couple of yogurt makers.  They are $25 each.


Do you really know if a GMO is in the food that you are consuming?


Informants have given NaturalNews inside information on the FDA's obscene war on raw milk dairy farmers.  They revealed that the FDA has recruited and unleashed raw dairy spies and "infiltrators" who are trained using KGB-style secret police tactics to entrap dairy farmers.

We have also learned that most of the raw dairy infiltrators are women who are being taught techniques of social engineering, while the FDA's male agents are being used to run intimidation campaigns to silence raw dairy farmers out of fear.

The FDA has become the Stasi secret police of the USA! Read the full details in our exclusive report:

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra.

Posted 8/21/2011 10:41pm by Art Ozias.
  • The chicken house remodeling is finished.  Now I need to get the fence finished. 
  • Need a turkey for Thanksgiving?  Email me.
  • The next beef harvest is Sept 6.  I will be taking in three beeves.  This cooler and wet weather has sure made a difference.  They are gaining fast.  There is a lot of lespedeza in our pastures.
  • I went to Emporia, KS to meet a farmer that raises hard, white Winter wheat.  He gave me a five pound bag of the Dandy wheat, stone ground and we had a loaf of bread today made with it.  It was very good.  We will be planting that seed this fall after we harvest the corn.  Our corn has faired pretty well during the hot weather.  It is open pollinated and is an old variety. 
  • I will be getting five "dirt" hogs for those on the list this coming week.  My source has four more, so if you are interested let me know.

This guy has nailed the problem.  It is our elected representatives.



After reading this you may want to filter your water.  While the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) would have us all believe that fluoride is perfectly innocuous and safe, scientists from the EPA's National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory have classified fluoride as a "chemical having substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity".2 Consistent with the EPA's conclusion, a continually growing body of human and animal research strongly suggests that fluoride can damage the developing brain.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 8/14/2011 10:04pm by Art Ozias.
  • Rosebud had a bull calf.  It was a week early according to the gestation calendar.
  • I was able to get two yogurt makers this past week, so now is a great time to learn how to make your own yogurt.  I had some with blueberries and it is so good.
  • We went to the Missouri State Fair today.  There were a lot of people and  the weather was perfect.  Sure is a change from a week ago with the hot temperatures.
  • We had a ham cured by Gilbert's, and I smoked it for about four hours.  It is great to have good food.  Food at the fair is, well, just fair.  I'm sure it all comes out the back of a food service truck.  If you want a "Dirt" hog, email me and I will put you on the list.  I got a call this past week from Gilberts wanting to know if I was intested in a hog.  Someone had had one processed and wanted to sell it.  I asked a few questions and very soon decided that this hog would not meet my standards.  It was a show pig and I have seen those genetics.  They yield the same as what you would get in a grocery store (too dry and tasteless).  I politely declined.
  • Remember, if you want a Thanksgiving turkey let me know


Still unsure about vaccines?  Again, do your own research.  Get informed.


I’d wager that most of you have not heard of this one.  Be informed. 


I am not a Twitter, so I am not sure what they are talking about.  If you are into Twitting, have at it.



This has been around before but I'm thinking maybe we should print it out and send it to our Congressman "leaders". 

> > This is bipartisan in nature and refers to Democrat, Republican, and Independent Americans! We should all seriously consider helping with the change suggested below. This is something I will fight for and I hope you will too. This is short so please read it all the way through and then forward. You will be glad you did.


> > The 26th amendment (granting the right to vote for 18 year-olds) took only 3 months & 8 days to be ratified! Why? Simple! The people demanded it.  That was in 1971 (Viet Nam war draft)...but before computers, before e-mail, before cell phones, etc.


> > Of the 27 amendments to the Constitution, seven (7) took 1 year or less to become the law of the land...all because of public pressure.


> > I'm asking each addressee to forward this email to a minimum of twenty people on their address list; in turn ask each of those to do likewise.
> > In three days, most people in The United States of America will have this message. This is one idea that really should be passed around.


> > Congressional Reform Act of 2011


> > 1. No Tenure / No Pension.

> > A Congressman collects a salary while in office and receives no pay when s/he is out of office.


> > 2. Congress (past, present & future) participates in Social Security. All funds in the Congressional retirement fund move to the Social Security system immediately. All future funds flow into the Social Security system and Congress participates side-by-side with the American people. It may not be used for any other purpose.


> > 3. Congress can purchase their own retirement plan, just as all Americans do.


> > 4. Congress will no longer vote themselves a pay raise. Congressional pay will rise by the lower of CPI or 3%.


> > 5. Congress loses their current health care system and participates in the same health care system as the American people.


> > 6. Congress must equally abide by all laws they impose on the American people.


> > 7. All contracts with past and present Congressmen are void effective 1/1/12. The American people did not make this contract with Congressmen.  Congressmen made all these contracts for themselves. Serving in Congress is an honor, not a career. The Founding Fathers envisioned citizen legislators, so ours should serve their term(s), then go home and back to work.


> > If each person contacts a minimum of twenty people then it will only take three days for most people (in the U.S.) to receive the message. Maybe it is time.


> > If you agree with the above, pass it on. If not, just delete.


> > You are one of my 20+. Please keep it going.


Just for fun and for your enlightenment.  Milk is in the news.

 New evidence emerged today that proves the USDA knew that ground turkey produced by Cargill was widely contaminated with salmonella, but it remained silent and waited for someone to die before taking action and forcing a recall. This is an incredible betrayal of food safety (and an inexcusable double standard in light of recent raw milk raids.)

What we're witnessing here is evidence that the USDA wanted to see a food safety fatality because in the aftermath of such an event, it can beat the drum for more food safety funding and authority (just like the FDA). Read the details on this breaking story, which was originally covered by the Wall Street Journal:

 that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 8/7/2011 10:05pm by Art Ozias.
  • Anyone wanting a "Dirt" hog needs to let me know soon.  They will be ready in four weeks and then there will not be any for several months.
  • If you want a turkey, now is the time to get on our list.  We only have 60 to sell.
  • Anyone wanting a yogurt maker, let me know.  I have a couple and it is a great way to add value to your milk.  It is so easy.  I made  some cheese this past week and a batch of butter.  It's nice to see the golden color in butter made from cows on grass.
  • Anyone wanting a SCOBY, just bring a gallon jar.  Kombucha at the store is expensive.
  • We've added several new milk customers.  I was surprised that our cows did not drop in production during the hot weather and short grass.  Cows are amazing.


If you  missed these links that I added to our website, I am including them in the update so you can forward them to a friend   (This link was the number 1 most shared link on the Mercola site) 


Read this link and learn about your MILK.  I wish I had enough for everyone.  I don’t, but the more educated you become hopefully you will demand better food.  Do your own research. 

A better option is grass-fed RAW milk, which is nearly always better than organic milk, if it is purchased from a reliable farmer. In that case, it may not be certified organic, but it will essentially be organic anyway, and drinking your milk raw is the superior choice. Milk from grass-fed cows, unlike grain-fed cows, will be high in CLA that is loaded with many health benefits including helping you lose weight.


If you read the previous link, you will read this:  “Pasteurization also destroys part of the vitamin C in raw milk, encourages the growth of harmful bacteria, and turns milk's naturally occurring sugar (lactose) into beta-lactose. Beta-lactose is rapidly absorbed in the human body, with the result that hunger can return quickly after a glass of milk -- especially in children. The pasteurization process also makes insoluble most of the calcium found in raw milk. This can lead to a host of health problems in children, among them rickets and bad teeth. And then there's the destruction of about 20 percent of the iodine available in raw milk, which can cause constipation.”

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 7/31/2011 10:03pm by Art Ozias.
  • We had our chicken day today and it went well.  We had a reduced number due to a fox, a dog and the heat.  Hopefully, we will do better on the next batch.  It will be about seven weeks to the next time.  We have decided that next year we will concentrate on late Spring and early Summer and Fall.  July and August will be vacation time for chickens.
  • Two more "Dirt" hogs are being delivered this week. 
  • The first two beeves were delivered this week and it went well.  The next two may be delayed due to the extreme hot weather.  It is too hot and they are not gaining like they usually do.  I'll have to make a decision next week.
  • I will be baling the second cutting of alfalfa tomorrow.  It is amazing how well alfalfa does in hot weather.  Too bad this administration (USDA) has okay'd that this plant can be genetically modified.  What a shame.  Monsanto wins, we lose.


A More Humane and Healthier Option

Grass-based feeding is a very efficient and ecologically sustainable method of farming. Instead of producing tons of grain for feed -- which requires extensive land, fertilizer, pest management, and large equipment for cultivating, harvesting, drying, storage and feeding -- pasture-based farming lets the cows do the work. They harvest, fertilize, and feed themselves, overseen by the farmer in a carefully managed system. The net result is significantly less fuel consumption, less erosion, less air and water pollution and greater soil fertility. The animals also get to live a natural life outdoors, grazing off the land as they were intended to.

Most importantly, this natural and harmonious way of raising animals also leads to a superior food product.  Grass-fed beef, for instance, is lower in fat than regular CAFO-raised beef. It also contains three to five times more conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid. The milk from grass-fed cows is also higher in many nutrients, including CLA, vitamin E, beta-carotene, and omega-3 fats.

For health benefits of CLA, read the entire posting by Dr Mercola.  There are some interesting statistics regarding vegetarianism.

Here is a great recap of HFCS and saturated fats.  And this important fact:


"This is a VERY important point so let me repeat it. Most will need to read this seven times or more to fully realize the implications of this simple yet HIGHLY profound, and radically revolutionary important statement:

Fructose is "isocaloric but not isometabolic."

"This means you can have the same amount of calories from fructose or glucose, fructose and protein, or fructose and fat, but the metabolic effect will be entirely different despite the identical calorie count."

Here is the link.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra