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Posted 4/15/2012 10:54pm by Art Ozias.
  • I just checked and Green Pastures has the Coconut/Ghee in stock.  It is about $49/gal.  Several of you had wanted this and it was not available.  Please reconfirm your order, and I will place the order on this Tuesday.  If you want any of the cod liver oil products let me know that too.  Since this item is in such demand, I definitely need to know by Tuesday.
  • Anyone wanting a "dirt" hog  let me know.  It will be about another two weeks before they are ready.
  • Chickens.  We will be doing our first batch in about three weeks.  They are already spoken for.  The next batch will be three weeks later.  We hope to do several batchs every three weeks until the hot weather hits, and then we will resume in early fall.  They will weigh about 5 # and are $3.25/#.  They are a much better value than the 3# birds they sell at Nature's Pantry for $4.89/#.
  • We need more milk customers.  Sweetpea is something to behold.  We have made butter and it is golden, just like the yolks in our eggs.  It's the grass, folks.  We have made fromage blanc, cottage cheese both large and small curd and quark.  I even messed up a batch of cottage cheese and made the best cheddar curds.  Great snack food. 
  • How are we doing with the Salatin book?  You don't want to get stuck with it in December and have to pay for postage to return it.  It is sort of like the card game Old Maid.  Remember, you don't want to get stuck with the old maid.
  • Anyone  want a great set of golf clubs?  We have Debra's father's set and need to find a home for them.
  • Still more on GMO and Monsanto.  My neighbors have GMO wheat and are using aerial spraying.  They just about have completed the circle, 80% plus of the corn, same with soybeans, sugar beets, now wheat and there will be sweet corn this year.   Avoiding the GMO foods is becoming very problematic.  My two acres of wheat are looking mighty good.  I cancelled email notifications from Jung’s.  Jung’s is a garden seed company and is owned by Monsanto.


    Know anyone who is taking an antidepressant drug?  You may want to forward this to them.


    On the surface, having cheaper food may seem like an advantage, but in reality while Americans may be saving a few dollars on their meals, they’re paying big time in terms of their health, and the health of the planet.

    "Cheap food is an illusion. There is no such thing as cheap food. The real cost of the food is paid somewhere. And if it isn't paid at the cash register, it's charged to the environment or to the public purse in the form of subsidies. And it's charged to your health."  Here is the article.

    that's it from the hill for this week.  Art and Debra

Posted 4/8/2012 10:26pm by Art Ozias.
  • We are still adding new milk customers.  If anyone wants to learn how to make cottage cheese I can help you.   I have two yogurt makers, $24 each.  Sweetpea is really a great milk cow.  Remember, we have only A2 raw milk.  To learn about A2 go to and click on A1/A2.
  • There will be some more pork in about three weeks. 
  • We had a good time at the KC Food Circle Expo this past Saturday.  I don't think it was as well attended as when it was held in Independence.  It is in a larger venue and perhaps the people were more spread out and it did not seem as crowded.
  • I got my copy of Farmageddon.  If you get a chance to see the film be sure and do so.  I tried to get the KC Food Circle to host a screening, but they decided not to because they thought it too controversial.  They missed a great opportunity.
  • Our fruit trees are loaded this year.  This has been a truly different Winter and Spring.
  • This week will be a gardening week.  I don't think there is a chance for a freeze and getting started early will mean earlier produce.


Posted 4/1/2012 10:30pm by Art Ozias.
  • We had a great turn out at the KC Food Circle Expo this past Saturday.  Next Saturday it is being held at the Penn Valley site.  We have out grown the Independence site.  Go to for time and directions. 
  • Kris had her calf last week and Sweetpea had her first calf this past Friday.  She is going to be a great milk cow.  In order to better manage the milk enterprise I need for all those who received milk this past year to  email me with how much you want each week and which week day is best for you to pick up.  I will update my list and then I will know how many new customers can be added.  Also, with your email addresses I will be able to notify everybody if we are not going to be available on a certain day due to trip to KC or whatever.  If you want to become a new customer I need an email from you as well.  We will add new customers if possible.
  • I have one extra "dirt" hog if someone is interested.  I will be picking them up on Wednesday, so let me know by Tuesday.
  • I recently got prices at a Hy Vee in Overland Park for pork chops, $3.49, Ribs $4.29, Boston Butt $3.09, pork roast $4.79.  Beef prices were rump roast $6.99, round steak $7.99, porterhouse steak $13.99.  I noticed that Good Natured Family Farms no longer have grass finished beef.  It is now 100% vegetarian fed, i.e. corn etc.  That's what happens when you get big and get into the retail store market and are not dealing directly with your customer, you have to have your product in the meat case everyday regardless if grass is growing in the pasture.   Horizon ultra pasteurized milk was $5.19 per half gallon.
  • I was invited to be on a panel at Iowa State University, Ames Iowa this past Tuesday.  The panel was  in conjunction with a class in the Food Science department.  The course title was Dairy Foods: Current Issues and Controversies.  It addressed the Raw Milk debate.  Both sides have their "facts".  It makes one wonder what the definition of the word "fact" is.  As we drove home (our daughter, Marlies, went with me - she got a double Master's at Iowa State in Human Nutrition and Toxicology) I thought what other food is getting such scrutiny.  Peanuts, spinach, cookie dough, ground beef, cantalopes, romaine lettuce?  We should be having a discussion on how we can encourage more local production to insure a quality, safe product. 

    We have had Dr. Blaylock interviews several times on our updates.  Here is a recent one on vaccines.


    Here is an interesting(short) video.  Family farm?  Not shown are the full time vets and the hoof trimmers.  And the cows eating grass?  When would they have time for that since they're being milked three times a day.  They probably meet the national average of 1.6 lactations during the cow's lifespan.  I'm guessing that the 25,000 acres are for raising replacements heifers and growing crops to be harvested and hauled in to the feed bunks.  It would also be interesting to see how much government payment they receive.

    Here is a look at a farm that is producing milk for the commodity trade.  You won’t see any grass and all the benefits will be missing - CLA, high Vit A and  E, Vit K and with mostly Holsteins, there will not be many A2 cows.

    that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra.

Posted 3/25/2012 10:02pm by Art Ozias.
  • I am sure everybody has now heard of "pink slime".  Those of you that have been receiving my updates were already aware of this.  We had the NY Times article several months ago.  Of course the USDA, The National Cattleman's Assoc and others hastily assured us their "science" proved that it is just fine.  We need another word for science.  It has been misused to the extent that many don't trust its results.  For example BPA, the scientists in Europe determined it to be bad and have banned it.  In the US, after much pressure from NGO's, it is now banned in baby bottles.   But what about green bean cans and cash register tapes?  My experience would suggest that anyone that makes a claim and uses "science" as their basis for their conclusion should ALWAYS END THE SENTENCE WITH THE WORDS "AS FAR AS WE NOW KNOW".
  • There will be more "dirt" hogs in about three weeks.  Let me know.
  • We are ordering more cod liver oil, but are waiting to make sure they have the Ghee in stock.
  • Have you ever wonder how come the beef in an open meat case at your grocery store looks so nice and red?  There is a trick involved.  Most buy dry ice and place it in the refrigeration unit below the meat display.  As the dry ice changes state from solid to gas, CO2 is slowly released into the display case.  CO2 is also used now in the other packaging of meat.  In fact, it can keep meat looking "red" even though the expiration date is past.
  • Kris had her calf on Thursday.  She had a nice heifer.  We should be able to ramp up our milk availabilty this coming week.  First, we will call each past customer and reestablish how much and which day of the week would be best.  As soon as we get caught up with our existing customers we will then add new ones as long as the supply allows.
  • The corporations are at it again.  Each year we fight the same battles.   What a waste.


    More news about raw milk.


    We reported on “Pink Slime” several months ago.  Now it’s in the news big time.


    "The "pink slime" does not have to appear on the label because, over objections of its own scientists, USDA officials with links to the beef industry labeled it meat." The under secretary said, "it's pink, therefore it's meat,'" Custer told ABC News.

    ABC News has learned the woman who made the decision to OK the mix is a former undersecretary of agriculture, Joann Smith. It was a call that led to hundred of millions of dollars for Beef Products Inc., the makers of pink slime. When Smith stepped down from the USDA in 1993, BPI's principal major supplier appointed her to its board of directors, where she made at least $1.2 million over 17 years."

    If you still buy your meat at your local supermarket, you should know that you are directly supporting a food system that not only promotes widespread contamination but also the production of cheap and potentially dangerous filler products like "pink slime." And you can bet that as long as there are people willing to buy cheap, "imitation" meat, the industry will continue to produce it.

    Healthy, humanely raised meat is out there, and you can find it by purchasing your meat and poultry directly from a trusted farmer whose farming practices you're familiar with. Supporting local farmers and ranchers can go a long way toward improving the entire food system, and more importantly, your personal health

    that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 3/18/2012 10:29pm by Art Ozias.
  • Maribell has a great new home.  Plenty of grass and good, caring owners. 
  • The beef cows are starting to calve. Four new   calves so  far.  I   had    one   that   was too big and had to assist.  Those of you that think this is an easy gig should have been here.  Most times it works and some times not.
  • I got all the fruit trees pruned and sprayed with dormant oil.  We did not lose a single tree this past winter.  But, did we have a winter?
  • Kris is still holding out.  I guess she will wait until tomorrow when they are forecasting a lot of rain. 
  • We will be ordering from Green Pastures again soon.  Hopefully, we will be able to get the Ghee on the next order.  Those of you that ordered cod liver oil, that order arrived.  Call 660-656-3409 and arrange a pick up time.
  • Keep Mar 31 free.  It is time for the KC Food Circle's yearly expo.  Go to their website for details.
  • That's it from the hill.  Art and Debra
Posted 3/12/2012 11:06pm by Art Ozias.
  • We ordered some Real Salt last week.  Should be in this week.
  • We will order the Cod Liver Oil tomorrow.  They were out of stock on one item.  We decided to wait to save on the shipping costs.  They are short on the Ghee.  Demand has been very strong.  They should have some by the end of the month.  I will keep watch and order when it comes in.
  • Dirt Hogs will be picked up tomorrow.  Those that have ordered a hog need to watch for an email with the weight, cost and processing instructions.
  • How about some agent orange in your corn flakes for breakfast?

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 3/4/2012 10:35pm by Art Ozias.
  • Rosebud has a new home.  She is sharing it with a La Mancha dairy goat.  I'm sure she has adjusted by now.  It's nice for her to have a good home. 
  • Maribell also will have a new home.  I am to deliver her Mar 17.  I have one more to sell, Abigail.  I had someone stop by this afternoon.   Perhaps next Sunday I'll be able to report on her new home.  Sweetpea and Kris are "hanging" in there.  They are due this month.  We should be back up to full production and be able to add new customers by the end of the month.
  • Chickens orders are still coming in.  The chicks are two weeks old.  Should be ready in 5-6 weeks.
  • We have started collecting eggs from our Dominiques.  Hope to get a couple of hatches.
  • I plan to work the beef cattle tomorrow.  Need to decide which heifers have proved themselves and will get to enter the cow herd.  I have a new squeeze chute with scales and will weigh all the ones destined for the freezer.  My eyes are still pretty good, but numbers don't lie.
  • Acres, USA magazine had an interview with John Jeavons.  I bought his book and have started reading it,  How to Grow More Vegetables.  It is a level above the raised beds that we have promoted.  Looking forward to learning this approach.  Jeavons has been working on this for over forty years.  Wow, forty years ago I was 30ish and not at all concerned about the quality of what I ate.  I applaud all the young people who are learning about their food today.
  • We will be making another order from Green Pastures.  If interested, email me with your order by Wednesday .  If you are not familiar with their products, go to their website.
  • Hogs will be next week.  Those on the list will get an email.

    Here is some more recent “pink” news.


    Root canals are “cash cows” for dentists?  You decide.


    From Goldie’s new owner- 

    Thank you so much for Goldie. I'm now her best friend. Enjoying fresh milk and butter. I have turned my kids around. Still workin on my daughter's mother-in-law. Can't wait for Daisey.Thanks again.


    You may want to go to this site and sign up for a free documentary.  It will be available Mar 21. 


    Here is an interesting article by Dr Shiva.  She was featured in the movie, Dirt.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra

Posted 2/26/2012 10:53pm by Art Ozias.
Posted 2/26/2012 10:35pm by Art Ozias.
Posted 2/26/2012 10:13pm by Art Ozias.
  • Goldie has a new home.  Kathy now has an A2 Guernsey.  Several others are planning to start with their first milk cow.  How exciting to have people realize the value of providing their own food.  I had a call from a lady 20 miles south of the Canadian border near Glazier Nat. Park who is moving to MO and is looking for a milk cow.
  • We are going to make another order to Green Pastures for cod liver oil and Ghee.  Let me know and I will put you on the list.
  • I already have orders for over 100 chickens.  Some will be on the second batch.  I think we will be doing about 100 each time.
  • If you want a "Dirt Hog" I need to know this week. 
  • Seedlings are up.  Soon the plant table will be full of plants.  Start your own.  Don't rely on Lowe's and Westlake.  There are so many interesting varities in the catalogs.  Stores only carry the standard, whatever varities.
  • This may be important information for women.  Be careful when your doctor is concerned about your cholesterol. 


    Just for fun.  Thanks Marlies. 


    Nice comment. Thanks.

    Hello, Mr Ozias,

    I would like to put an order in for 10 chickens.  We have enjoyed our last order.  I make stock from the carcasses so the great flavor extends to homemade soups.


    The beef has been wonderful, as well.  I have friends in various parts of the country and I have been surprised regarding their experiences with grass fed beef; I have encouraged them to find other farmers.  One has to marinate the steaks to eat them because of a "gamey" flavor; she even had to throw out a roast.  Another complained about steaks not being tender enough.  This has definitely not been our experience.  The t-bones we had a couple of weeks ago were fantastic!  Simple seasoning, a good sear on each side & then low & slow until medium.  I have great success with roasts & stew meat in the crockpot. 

    Greatly appreciate what you do.




    Another comment-

      BTW, the coconut ghee is amazing, my wife kind of made fun of me for buying such a large tub of it, but we have used about 1/3 of it already.  She loves using it in just about everything she makes, but it truly makes the best popcorn ever.   Jason


    Looks like a good book.  Thanks, Marlies, for sending the link.

    that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra