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Posted 2/17/2013 8:20pm by Art Ozias.
  • Suzie has a new name and a new home.  The new family wanted to name her Abigail.  We raised her and she will be three years old this May.   I delivered her to her new home today.  It's nice to see families getting a milk cow.  She is due to have her first calf on March 15.  As always, hope it is a heifer.
  • The next time you are driving "off the interstates" notice that most of the fences are disappearing.  If our government doesn't change the Ag policies there will be no fences.  One seldom sees any livestock in the pastures.  Pastures have to have fences.  You will notice most of the acreage that was pasture with livestock is now plowed, terraced (with a good portion paid for by our tax dollars) and will be planted to either corn or soybeans.  Last year with the drought most of the "hilly" formerly pastured land yielded nothing but insurance money, which the taxpayers also subsidized.  This is another factor in why meat prices are increasing.  It used to be that a farmer was judged by how well he kept his fences and barns.  Now there are no fences to maintain and the barns are all falling in.  No need for a barn if there is no livestock.  We now judge our "farmers"  by how many farms they either own or rent and how big their tractors are.
  • I have four orders for beef that should be filled this month.  I have a list of several people that have indicated they want to order beef, but I have not committed, as I didn't know how much I would have. Therefore, I have not sent any invoices requiring a deposit.  I am sending a separate email to those on that list.  If you do not get such an email, and you want to be added to the list for this coming year (Jul-Dec), let me know and be sure to indicate split half, half or whole.
  •  The hens are laying much better with the longer days, so we have eggs.  Be sure to ask.  Milk is still short with milking only one cow.  Supply will be better in about three to four weeks.
  • I got a call from my "Dirt" hog man this past week and he has four more that are ready.  Three are already spoken for, so if you are wanting some great tasting pork let me know by Monday evening.  This will probably be the last for awhile.
  • We are including the recipe for the Kombucha.  This is a great drink and with summer fast approaching it will make a very refreshing drink. Go to our web site and under MORE at the bottom you will find RECIPES.

Here is the worm info.  Rabbits, Etc./ Best BuyWorms
Our Farm CSA
Mike & Dee Blaha
16362 Wilson Blvd.



How many of you know about “smart” electric meters?  I haven’t heard much for over a year.  


Here is some up to date information on infant vaccinations. .  If you have small children you may want to do your own research

that's it from the hill for this week.  Art and Debra

Posted 2/10/2013 9:22pm by Art Ozias.
  • Thanks for all who picked up ground beef yesterday.  I appreciate your patience.  It has been a long time since I started that list.  I have not mentioned ground beef in my Updates, as I am never sure how much I will have, and I don't want to get hopes up and then not have enough.   Since we only do the ground beef once a year it is nice to see families getting enough to hopefully last until next year.  We may consider doing this more than once a year, we'll see.  It is a lot work to coordinate the entire process.  I have a few extra pounds. There were a couple of people that did not respond to my email, so if you are interested let me know.  As always it is first come, first served.  
  • The hog list is going to be reduced to zero this coming Tuesday.  I am able to get enough for all that have requested a "dirt" hog.  Tom, the processor, was taking some smoked bacon out of his smoker this past Saturday and it was beautiful.  He cut me a slice and boy was it good.  It reminded me of my time in Germany.  We used to eat Speck, and ate it uncooked.  It was just cold smoked, dry cured.
  • Just sampled some Kombucha from Jason M.  We had given him a SCOBY some time ago.  He has perfected this drink.  It is a great drink.  Jason, send me your process.  I was too busy getting ground beef distributed Saturday.  It sure is neat to have customers take something and make it better.  We give anyone a free SCOBY, just bring a wide mouth gallon jar.  No need to buy one for $10-15.  Let's get everyone drinking Kombucha.
  • We have our garden seeds started and some are already sprouted.  Onions, shallots, broccoli, and cabbages.  We have given several green house tours.
  • Milk is now down to just one cow.  It will be tight until Novelty has her calf next month.
  • We have a couple of yogurt makers.  They are $24.  Abels made their first and could not believe how easy it was to make.  No more store bought yogurt for them.
  • Over 700 Bacteria Identified in Breast Milk

    If there were any ever doubt about the importance of microbes to living creatures, one need look no further than human breast milk, which researchers recently revealed contains more than 700 species of bacteria (more than previously thought).5 Just as soil microflora is easily influenced by environmental and other factors, the study also found that the composition of breast milk microflora is influenced by the mother’s weight, as well as her method of delivery.


    Here is Joel Salatin at Berkley.  Take the time and watch this.

    that's it from the hill for this week.  Art and Debra

Posted 2/3/2013 9:28pm by Art Ozias.
  • How many of you have started your worm farm?  It sure is easy and you will need the worm tea and castings for your garden.  A recent Mother Earth News has an article about the compost you buy may be contaminated with persistent weed herbicides.  The chemical, aminopyralid by Dupont Agro Systems, is so toxic.  Get this, the herbicide is sprayed on a pasture to kill the "weeds", the cow or horse eats the grass, and the manure, even after composting, is toxic.  My cows eat the weeds in my pastures and they do just fine.  Problem is our modern "farmers" love chemicals and want a monoculture even with their pastures.
  • Our green house is open for tours.  If you see it you will decide to build one.  We are eating greens fertilized by our worms - sure is great.  Gave a tour to the Staabs yesterday and we noticed one of their boys was "grazing" on the spinach.  It sure tastes better than the stuff from Mexico or wherever.
  • We had over 2 inches of rain and the ponds actually came up enough to start the water flowing into the tanks.  Sure will help not having to buy water for the dairy cows.
  • The kraut needs two more weeks.  We tried some this week.  It was pretty good, but needs a little more "bite".

    And in England, Sir Julian is protesting GMO,


    Another lecture with Alice Waters.   The second part is all about your front lawn.  Paige, you will love this.






     Did you know we in Missouri now have an AG Gag law?  Looks like our corporate controlled legislatures are looking out for their masters.



                       that's it for this week.  Art and Debra
Posted 1/27/2013 10:44pm by Art Ozias.
Posted 1/20/2013 9:45pm by Art Ozias.
  • I received a call this week from a friend of the family that raises the chickens.  He has several fryers that will be ready in about a week.  I still have the list of those wanting chickens, but since I did not get any from the December harvest I had told those who asked that it would now be late spring early summer before chickens would be available.  So, if you want chickens let me know.  They will be 4-5 lbs and the same price as last year $3.25/#.  As always first to respond will go to the top of the list.
  • Beeves are going in tomorrow.  Be watching for an email with information.
  • We attended a wedding reception this weekend in St Louis.  The had a cartered buffet dinner.  I was going to choose one of their rolls. They looked as if artisan baked and then I spotted what I thought would be butter in a attractive package.  I picked it up and discovered it was European Style Whipped Butter Blend.  And in small print below it said margarine.  Oh yes, the label had a barn and a silo.  The barn roof even looked like it was thatched (remember this is European Style).  I brought the label home to see what the ingredients were.  With a magnifying glass and spending several minutes trying to get the light just right I was able to read most of the stuff.  It was soybean oil and some skim milk and butter with the usual other stuff.
  • There looks like there will be plently of ground beef, so if you are new members or have missed the recent notifications in our weekly update let me know how much you would like.
  • Milk is going down to just one cow for about two months. 

Here is another interview with Dr. Don Huber


Here is the overview for the Berkley lectures.

that's it from the hill for this week.  Art and Debra

Posted 1/13/2013 10:02pm by Art Ozias.
  • When it gets cold things slow way down.  It takes so much more time to do chores, feed, etc. 
  • Milk should hold up until the end of the month.  I will be down to one cow until end of Mar.  I have had two requests for an A2 cow or heifer.  Both were from Wyoming.  I declined even though price was not an issue.  I have refused in the past not to subject my animals to such a stressful trip.
  • I have a processing date for four beeves next Tuesday.  The next people on the list will get emails next week.  The ground beef will be part of it.

  • ************************************************* 

    We had many articles touting the benefits of Vit D.  Here is more.  If there is a better reason to get 20 minutes of sunshine I don’t know it.  Also, check your waist measurements.  


    Our local library has maintained the ACRES magazine, so you can read the article I mentioned two weeks ago in the Update.  Here is some more gall bladder info, .



    Some of you may want to learn more about labeling.  Here is a good explanation and what to look out for and not be deceived.


    Here is a very good “Science Friday” interview.  Ira interviews the author of Fat Chance.  Please send it to a friend.  You will have to scroll down to the segment on sugar. .  Look for the donuts.


    Nice video with Joel and Joe.  I haven’t received any of Joel’s books recently.


    The World is Running Out of Topsoil

    The world may be running out of usable topsoil, the layer that allows plants to grow. According to an article in Time World5, soil erosion and degradation rates suggest we have only about 60 remaining years of topsoil. Forty percent of the world's agricultural soil is now classified as either degraded or seriously degraded; the latter means that 70 percent of the topsoil is gone. Our soil is being lost at 10 to 40 times the rate it can be replenished, and our food production systems are to blame, which epitomizes the term "unsustainable." It takes decades or even centuries to regenerate significant levels of soil.  Read the entire article at


    Be sure to watch Michael Pollan’s lecture.  It is in the above article.  Learn about a “civil society space”.  We have one on our farm.  We need more farms to create a like space.

     that's it from the hill for this week.  Art and Debra

Posted 1/6/2013 9:03pm by Art Ozias.
  • I think I have the "dirt hog" list up to date.  If I sent you an email notifying you that I have a hog for you, please respond promptly.  That allows me to go to the next person on the list if you have decided not to get a hog or have found one sooner.  With hogs I don't have very much time to match up customers.  With beef, due to the dry aging of two weeks, I have more time to react.
  • I requested an update to the ground beef customers about two Updates ago.  I have heard from many, but there are still several that I have not received your update.  This will be the last call for that update.  Those who have responded within the last two weeks, or have just recently ordered, need not reply.  All others will be moved to the bottom of the list.  Thanks.
  • We processed two hogs last week and one person has not responded. Those of you wanting a hog need to check your emails daily as I may have to drop that person and will be requesting someone else to claim a half of a "dirt" hog.

  • Here is an interesting link for those of you wanting to learn more about your food. You will find several videos on various topics.


    We use Real Salt and have it available for our customers that pick up here at the farm.


    Learn why cholesterol is important. Be informed.

    that's it from the hill for this week.  Happy New Year!  Art and Debra

Posted 12/30/2012 10:22pm by Art Ozias.
  • I have a new source for "Dirt Hogs".  Looks like I've hit paydirt.  They have been raising the same genetics for more than 50 years.  They are Durocs.  He finishs them when they get to about 350 #.  Wow, I can hardly wait to get a half and see the bacon.  I have two scheduled for Jan 15.  Billy, you wanted 2 of my previous type, but you may be very satisfied with just one.  The two I'm getting couldn't get processed due to deer season and a back log at Gilbert's, so they may be near 400#.
  • Our green house is very much green.  It is full of lettuce and spinach.  Debra keeps us in fresh greens year 'round.  The greens, along with our recent find of oils and vinegars from The Olive Tree, is exceptional.  We highly recommend The Olive Tree.
  • We are just about caught up on beef orders.  I hope to have all existing orders filled by the end of Jan.  There are a couple of preliminary invoices for which I have not received a deposit.  I will be returning those.  I guess they have found another source or have moved out of the area.  It is the normal year end clean up of stuff.
  • Milk is now down to just two cows and Sweetpea will be dryed up at the end of this month, Jan.  She is due to calve end of Mar.  We are expecting another cow to calf in Apr, so amount should be back up by the end of Apr.
  • I subscribe to ACRES, USA magazine and this past issue had an excellent article on the Gall Bladder.  I had hoped to provide a link to the article (reprinted by permission), but one has to either subscribe to their magazine or purchase prior issues.  Botton line is make sure you have fat in your diet, reduce the carbs and make sure you have adequate magnesium.  If not, you may be in the operating room having someone removing your gall bladder and its stones.  The web site is .  If you have someone with a health issue you may want to investigate some of their prior issues.  The article in ACRES is worth getting at your local book store or news counter.  I gave a subscription for the magazine to our local Library several years ago, but I doubt that they have continued it.  Next time I have some spare time I will check.  Your library may be better than ours.
    We have over 500 people getting this Update.  If I could get half of you to watch this link and start making your own yogurt if would be a great accomplishment.  Your health would improve and if you are already buying yogurt at the grocery store you will be saving a bunch of money.  Remember, just because you can’t get our raw milk doesn’t mean you can’t make a great yogurt.  Store milk is surely lacking in value, but you can “turn that lemon into lemonade” by adding good bacteria and creating yogurt.  There is also a good video at the end on probiotics.


    Vandana Shiva can be seen on on Jan 31 at 7:30 pm.  Her lecture is “Seeds of Change”.  If you are interested/following the GMO debate, you will like her lecture.


    “Thank you!  We do well with 1 inch steaks on the grill; cooking method is about the same.  I think letting them set until room temperature is so important.  I hear of people complaining about grass fed steaks being tough & have told them it is how they are cooked. 


    I will tell you we had brisket at my aunts (commercially raised from the store) a few nights ago & both my husband & I had upset stomachs afterwards plus we both felt it didn't have much flavor.  My husband said "Why did she go to the store, she could have gotten some from us, it would have been so much better" She is one I have been working on about the commercial food industry & I have given her some of our grass fed beef.  She is a single person without much room so buying the amount we do will not work for her but we have shared.  : )


    I have not had any success passing Joel Salatins book on, I still have it but I think my 24 yr old may be ready to read it.  Some of my "harping" is starting to make sense to him.  Most of our family members think we are extreme in our buying habits & refuse to listen to much but they ALWAYS enjoy coming to our house to eat.


    When will you be taking chicken orders again?  I haven't bought chicken stock since ordering chickens from you.  It is about time to make more.”  From Rhonda

    that's it from the hill.  Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  Art and Debra

Posted 12/23/2012 6:27pm by Art Ozias.
  • We had a chefs knife that we have had for many years and it had been used until the wooden handle was chipped and cracked.  We have a milk customer who makes knives, yes a knife from scratch from a blank piece of special steel.  I am providing a link to his gallery for anyone interested in a truly quality knife.  He replaced the wood on the handle and it looks like a new knife and oh yes, he put an edge on it and it is really sharp.  Here is the link,
  • Beef delivery went like clockwork on Saturday.  Thanks and it was great to meet new customers.
  • Here is your Christmas card from Breezy Hill. 
  • We received another Salatin book.  It stayed in Kansas and was read by several people.
  • Anyone wanting a "Dirt Hog" needs to email me and I will add you to the list.
  • Several have responded to the last Update asking for ground beef.  If you have not read last week's Update, then let me know.  There is a minimum of 10 lbs and it is $4.70/#.  If you want patties, they are 60 cents a pound extra.  They are either 3 (patties)/# or 4/#.
  • I am reading  a newly released book, Foodopoly.  The author is Wenonah Hauter.  Publishers Weekly said "A meticulously researched tour de force".  This book paints a bleak picture of our food and agriculture's future.  One soon realizes that a small number of very large corporations are in control.  A good analogy is a puppet show.  Our politicians, all of them, are the puppets and behind the curtain or in the rafters the corporations are pulling the strings.  We have quite a "side show" in place.  We have a saying we use quite often, "They are majoring in minors".  Here a link for the book,
  • Sufficient milk is available for the next week or so, as several customers are out of town for the holidays.
  • That's it from the Hill. Merry Christmas.  Art and Debra
Posted 12/17/2012 10:46pm by Art Ozias.
  • The last beef harvest and its delivery has been delayed.  The person who does the wrapping at Gilbert's was killed in an auto accident.  If a deer crosses the road, apply your brakes and if that fails HIT the deer.  More deaths occur when the driver attempts to miss the deer, leaves the road and overturns.  Delivery maybe this Friday or Saturday.
  • The next harvest was scheduled for Tuesday, but will be moved to Wednesday due to the funeral.  Those notices to the ones getting the beef will go out Friday or Saturday.
  • I appreciate the patience shown by the ones who have reserved our grass finished beef.  It has been an extremely difficult year.  The drought has continued.  The effects of Issac with its 5 inches of rain is history.  We again are experiencing limited grass.  I have hopefully enough to finish this year's harvest.  Since it so limited the rate of gain has been reduced.  This harvest should have been finished.
  • The first Salatin book was returned.  I started with Cosens in Independence, MO, went to Knob Noster, MO, Pennslyvania, North Carolina, New Mexico, and finally Arkansas.
  • Make sure you get a sirloin steak in your cuts and use our recipe for Beef Stroganoff.  Top round works as well.
  • Watched a very good movie last night, The Butterfly.  It actually had a theme and the only gun belonged a hunter.  I would highly recommend it.
  • The ground beef harvest will be soon, so I need to have those that had requested ground beef to update your requests.  I want to make sure I schedule enough to fill all the orders.

A recent  Time magazine cover story by celebrity physician Dr. Mehment Oz called organic consumers “snooty” and described an organic diet  as “elitist.” 

Concern over pesticides, animal welfare, fostering local economies, and pollution turn people toward organic and local foods—and that’s bad for business for the chemical and industrial farming industries.  No wonder they have launched an all-out media offensive against the booming organic industry.

Their paternalistic message—to shut up and eat our food—is no longer working.  Americans are no longer ignoring the mounting scientific evidence that pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, hormones, antibiotics and other drug residues are harming us, even at low levels, and especially our children.

The agrochemical industry will not win the hearts and minds (and stomachs) of Americans, and has turned to a more sinister message, likening a diet of conventional foods to “The 99% Diet” and a chemical-free organic diet as "elitist."

To see the full response to Dr. Oz by Charlotte Vallaeys, click here,


Gastrointestinal Distress During the Holidays Is No Gift

Choose Organic Eggnog Without Carrageenan


If you enjoy eggnog during the holiday season, you’re not alone!  But be sure to choose your eggnog wisely (or make your own).  Unfortunately, choosing organic is not enough – you’ll also have to check the ingredients list to be sure the product is free of carrageenan.

Food-grade carrageenan, derived from seaweed, has been shown to cause gastrointestinal inflammation, both in laboratory animals and in studies using human colon cells.  Gastrointestinal inflammation is a precursor to many digestive diseases, including colon cancer.  In several studies with laboratory animals given food-grade carrageenan in the diet, carrageenan was shown to promote colon tumors.  And many individuals suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), “belly bloat” or other chronic intestinal maladies have found relief after eliminating carrageenan from their diet. 



You may want to listen to  Up to Date on KCUR, 98.5 fm.  It is about the beef industry.



We have over 500 people getting this Update.  If I could get half of you to watch this link and start making your own yogurt if would be a great accomplishment.  Your health would improve and if you are already buying yogurt at the grocery store you will be saving a bunch of money.  Remember, just because you can’t get our raw milk doesn’t mean you can’t make a great yogurt.  Store milk is surely lacking in value, but you can “turn that lemon into lemonade” by adding good bacteria and creating yogurt.  There is also a good video at the end on probiotics.

Merry Christmas to all and that's it from the Hill for this week.  Art and Debra