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News from Breezy Hill

Posted 7/14/2008 10:51pm by Art Ozias.
Several of you have been astounded to hear about GMO foods.  I guess I assumed everybody was aware of the potential dangers associated with GMO.  I have included a video from Dr Mercola’s web site regarding GMO and rBGH.  We had a very significant battle just this past summer both in Jefferson City and Topeka fighting Monsanto and front groups for Monsanto.  The battle is not over.  Hopefully, we will be able to have correct labeling on milk.  That is a benefit for those of you who still have no other alternative than to buy at your local store.  Our milk customers have real milk from Rosebud, Monza or Daisy.  We use no hormones or grains.   Here is a video regarding GMO and Monsanto.    For those of your wanting to make your ice cream here is a solution.  On e-bay you can get a Donvier ice cream maker.  We have had one for about 30 years and it still works just like new.  They will cost about $20 including shipping.  Fromage Blanc, creame fraiche, and cottage cheese are a snap to make.  You only need the starter, a thermometer and a small piece of cheese cloth.  For yogurt you will need a yogurt maker.  We have some that I got on e-bay for $20.  Let me know if you want one.  Here is the story, all the story on the recent beef recall.  I’ll bet you didn’t read this in your local paper.  Remember, they never have a recall before people get sick or die.   I’ll trust my beef and Remer’s before the mega processors. This recalled beef went into processed items, such as meat balls, pizzas, etc.   We just got the latest issue of Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts.  It has several great articles.  I highly recommend you become members and support this foundation.  They provide a lot of support for real food, and since most of you understand the necessity for eating real unprocessed food; your support will help to insure that it will be available in the future.     The grass is still green and it’s July.  We will about seven beeves ready this fall.  For those wishing to insure that you stay on our e-mail list please   provide your phone number.  We have lost a couple of addresses I guess because they had changed their address and failed to update our contact list on our web site. That’s it for now from Breezy Hill.