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Breezy Hill Update Jun 19, 2016

Posted 6/19/2016 9:37pm by Art Ozias.


  • I sent an email today to everyone on my list for ground beef.  If you did not get that email or want to be on the list, send me an email and include the amount you want to reserve.  
  • We had our latest ground beef pick up yesterday, and even though it was quite hot everyone was here within the thirty minute window.  
  • I have been watching ground beef prices closely and our prices are on the low end,   Natural Grocers are still at $9.49 and several independent web sites have theirs at $7.00.  Those are single purchase prices whereas ours have a 10 pound minimum.  Normally, a quantity price is less per unit of purchase.  Our price this year is $5.25/lb.  Last year it was $5.50.
  • Remember, anyone wanting freezer beef (quarter, half or whole) this year needs to send us a $100 deposit to get yours reserved.  
  • Dirt hogs and the market lamb go to the processor tomorrow.  Those on that list will be getting an email on Tuesday with the costs and directions for contacting the processor.  Check your emails.


According to The New York Times, chemical companies spent $100,000 lobbying per member of Congress in 2015 and successfully blocked serious oversight.  While Congress looks the other way, people continue to be poisoned.  



After watching this you will know why we support our Dirt Hog farmers. Our pork doesn’t leave a bad taste nor bad image. Can't do this kind of filming in Missouri, since we and some other states have the "AG Gag" laws. 



Latest Radio Frequency Study Adds Credibility to Concerns About Cell Phone Hazards.  We've had similar articles in our UPDATES several times over the past two years.   



The Amazing Cancer-Fighting Benefits of Curcumin 


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