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Breezy Hill Update Jul 31, 2016

Posted 7/31/2016 8:49pm by Art Ozias.


  • I have a half of a Dirt Hog available.  I need to know by tomorrow evening.
  • Guineas are spoken for and are doing fine.  Mother guinea and some of the "village" are teaching them the ways of a guinea.
  • If you like fish, beware.  I just finished the chapter on fish in the book, Real Food, Fake Food, by Larry Olmstead.  It is either mislabeled, or farm raised in a foreign country with no (very limited) government import inspection.  And olive oil is buyer beware.  I think I'll have this book for my beef customers next year.
  • Peaches are gone.  I had the last bowl with ice cream.  Sure were good pies, jam, galettes, with cereal and bowls of peaches and cream.
  • Pasture mowing is progressing and will be cutting the final crop of hay this week.



CDC Executive Resigns After Being Caught Colluding With Coca-Cola to Salvage Soda Market   



Toxic Crisis Facing the Globe: Are Your Air and Water Safe?  Be sure to watch the video at the very end of article. 





Please add me to the ground beef list again!  Awesome product!  Had to supplement Amish farm raised ground beef but not grass fed.  Better than the local chain but nothing like your ground beef!  I sure hope to stock up on yours so I never have to do that again!  H.Walton


Thank you so much for making this ground beef available to us.  It is very much worth the drive!  Please go ahead and put us on the list for another 100 lbs for the next time!  H. Gray




Ractopamine: The Meat Additive Banned Almost Everywhere But America.  Be sure to reserve your turkey now from Virginia.  She has a limited number and they will not have RACTOPAMINE. 

It’s banned in over 100 countries, just like GMO’s.  But our government in both cases say “there’s no problem, it’s safe”.



Art Ozias

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