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Breezy Hill Update Jul 10, 2016

Posted 7/10/2016 9:59pm by Art Ozias.


  • What a year for garlic.  Debra pulled some that had escaped from our garlic bed and they are awesome.
  • Peaches, yes our two trees were full.  I removed a bunch several weeks ago in order to have enough space for bigger fruit.  They are very nice.  Pie and several batches of jam so far.  Will do some canning and pickling.  And blackberries are starting, and there are a million red ones.  We have already picked several quarters.
  •  If you had a dirt hog processed at Nadler's be sure to check your processing costs.  A half should be 80-90 dollars and a whole maybe 160.   Some people were over charged.  If you have a question, be sure to contact Nadler's.
  • Those of you that received an email regarding the next ground beef pick up need to check your emails frequently this week.   I will know on Wednesday how many pounds I will have, and will notify those who can pick up on this Saturday.
  • I am including a link for a screening of the film Vaxxed.  Hopefully,  we can get the pre ticket sales sufficient for them to screen the film.  We went to the see the film two weeks ago in Leawood and the Dr Wakefield and two of the people in the film were there for a Q & A after the film.  I would recommend seeing the film.  It's amazing how the media has characterized and demonized the film.
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According to The New York Times, chemical companies spent $100,000 lobbying per member of Congress in 2015 and successfully blocked serious oversight.  While Congress looks the other way, people continue to be poisoned.  


After watching this you will know why we support our Dirt Hog farmers. Our pork doesn’t leave a bad taste nor bad image. 


Latest Radio Frequency Study Adds Credibility to Concerns About Cell Phone Hazards   



The Amazing Cancer-Fighting Benefits of Curcumin            



 This little device is cheap to create, and has been used by the US military on bases in malarial zones with fantastic results. There are many types of Ovitraps you can create, some are easier than others but require poison that is not readily available to a lot of people (like in Canada). This one does not require poison and works to effectively kill off the next generation of mosquito before they can bite you. According to some reports, after 6 weeks use this is as much as 98% effective!  May be an answer for the Zeka virus!!!!  


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