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Breezy Hill Update Dec 22, 2014

Posted 12/22/2014 5:53pm by Art Ozias.


  • Our beef harvest list is just about caught up for this year.  Depending on the weather this winter any request after Jan 1, will probably not be filled until May or June.  Two heifers I had planned for freezer beef have earned a spot in my cow herd.  They have developed nicely and their good behavior is being rewarded.  Their genetics are impressive.  They have out gained their contemporaries.
  • Our last ground beef for this year is at the processors.  It will be ready for pick up on 3 Jan, weather permitting.  I will send an email that week to those on my list with the specific time.  Our ground beef is a by product of our main line of freezer beef.  We occasionally have an animal that would not qualify for freezer beef.  Before we started offering ground beef, our solution was to send that animal to the local livestock auction, and would get that days market price.  We have priced our ground beef commensurate with what we would have received at auction.  Since, the current market prices are so high, we have to adjust our ground beef prices for each harvest.  The price per pound for this current harvest is set at $6/lb.
  • Joe Mercola was a guest speaker at the recent ACRES conference, and apparently he sat in on some of the sessions.  I have my set of all of the sessions.  It is the equivalent to at least a semester at a university.  If only there were some universities that included such information in their curriculum.  Our local university is still teaching how to raise corn and soybeans on hill/pasture ground.  While driving this winter, notice how many totally bare acres there are, and most of those acres have no fence.  No fence, No livestock.   What a shame!! 
  • If your a gardener, farmer or interested in how your food should be produced, order your own set of the ACRES sessions, and you'll be amazed at the amount of knowledge, and realize that there is an alternative to the FARM BUREAU and Blake Hurst (Missouri's president).

New, More Toxic Breed of Crops Gain Approval 


Victory! You helped Food & Water Watch deliver more than 100,000 petitions¹ to McDonald's asking them to reject the genetically engineered potato, and this week they said they won't use it!



Here is a good editorial on GMO’s.  It  was even printed in the Des Moines Register. 



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