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Breezy Hill Update 8510

Posted 9/5/2010 10:34pm by Art Ozias.
  • The state is broke and so is the county.  I have had a great fall harvesting elderberries since the state and county can't mow the right-aways.  There were alot of berries.  There are still alot of them.  I only harvested in the local area.  They are great insurance against colds this winter.  Who needs a flu shot?  Just some elderberries and the sun.  A small jar of elderberry concentrate at Tony's market (produced in Kansas) sells for $16.  We must have a thousand dollars worth of juice.
  • The lard is sold.  Will have to wait until we have some "dirt" hogs to process to get more.
  • We have plently of hard, white winter wheat.  I will be sowing wheat and RYE for next  year soon.
  • The white corn is looking great.  Makes plans to get some for grits and hominy.  With the cooler weather some grits with some farm eggs and a slice of "dirt" hog bacon would make a great breakfast.  If you want the ultimate, add biscuits made with white whole wheat and lard and cover it with homemade butter from an A2 cow and some local honey.  That would cost $15 if you could find it.  You can't, so make your own.
  • This information about A2 is somewhat complex, but it is something we need to learn more about.

A2 Milk?

April 6th, 2009 by Kristen


There is so much information about milk! Raw, pasteurized, homogenized, un-homogenized, and now….. A2.
I recently read an article about a certain type of milk that is easier to digest:

A2 Milk

During a visit to Japan, Donna was drinking some milk and was amazed at how exceptionally good it was. It wasn’t like the milk she was used to. When she discovered it was in fact not the same milk she had been accustomed to and is known as A2 milk she began to research to learn more. She found out that a woman’s breast milk is A2; that goats, sheep and other mammals produce this – but not all cows. She found out the countries known to produce it were Japan, India, France, Australia, and New Zealand. Learning and seeing this phenomenon of what A2 milk was over and over again, Donna began to seek out people who had cows that were producing A2 milk and nobody had a clue of what she was talking about.

In May of 2006, she went to Australia and in a grocery store something caught her eye. There it was in the dairy section, cartons of milk with A2 on the labels. She took some back to her hotel room and tasted it. It had the same light, fluffy, delicate texture like the milk she had in Japan. She decided to make kefir with it and was amazed at the beautiful kefir it made.

Approximately 30% of the protein component in cow’s milk is beta-casein. Evidence does indicate that originally all cows produced milk containing only the beta-casein known today as A2. At some point in history, due to a genetic mutation a variant of this protein appeared giving rise to A1 milk.

The difference between ß-caseins A1 and A2 is a single amino acid. A2 has the amino acid Proline at position 67 in the strand of 209 amino acids linked together that form the protein, whereas A1 has the amino acid Histidine at position 67. A protein must be broken down into fragments in order for the body to process and digest it. These fragments otherwise known as peptides, and sometimes residues, are merely smaller chains of amino acids. During digestion of the A1 milk, a bioactive peptide, beta casomorphine 7 (BCM-7) is created.

Beta caseins are important in the assimilation of essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, zinc and copper. As they are digested they yield a multitude of bioactive protein fragments. Any variation in fragment structure changes how the body can digest it. The beta casein in human breast milk by virtue of the Proline amino acid at position 67 can be classified as A2, thus the formation of BCM-7 when A1 is digested is actually treated as foreign substance in the body triggering unfavorable reactions.

A wide range of studies suggest that milk that does yield BCM-7 (A2) is associated with reduced risk of heart disease, reduced risk of type 1 diabetes, no antagonistic effects on certain neurological conditions, and improved immune response which is critical for newborn infants.

The BCM-7 protein fragment resulting from A1 beta casein digestion is known to have strong opioid (sedative, causing lethargy) properties. Numerous international studies have shown other effects of BCM-7 including the oxidation of LDL cholesterol leading to heart disease, the aggravation of neurological disorders such as autism and schizophrenia, and the disruption of the regulation of insulin formation leading to type 1 diabetes. Research has implicated BCM-7 to be transported across the blood-brain barrier; reaching the central nervous system in babies resulting in the apnea associated with sudden infant death syndrome.

Milk as originally produced by all cows was a very nutritious, health sustaining food for humans including children. Somewhere along the way, something changed and the milk that protected us from diseases and numerous other maladies now causes them. I have my suspicions of why this has happened. I can think of no other species of animal that has been so tampered with through single-trait selection as to create an animal that is more freak than natural in nature.

Eighty percent of the children who are autistic have blood type A. People with blood type A are known to be low in stomach acid which is needed to effectively start the digestion process. Those with type A blood typically do not to digest protein very well therefore they tend to be protein malnourished.

Japan has more than 60 years worth of research on blood types. Most Japanese, about 79% are blood type A. So there is this population of people, who by our knowledge should have problems digesting protein (milk), but they don’t and then there are these children who are not digesting their milk at all. Is this A2 milk a factor? There just isn’t enough information about A2 milk in this country.

There is a genetic test to determine if a cow will produce A2 milk. Bulls can be tested as well to see if they carry the A2 gene. Knowing that milk affects people differently we need to find out the full story behind A1 and A2 milk and put it to the test. People in this country drink cows’ milk without even realizing that two different forms exist. We have hundreds of thousands of children moving away from milk because their parents and doctors think it’s bad for them.

Donna Gates would like to see her children have access to this milk – after their inner ecosystem is established (they all have severe gut disbiosis). “Once we get that healed”, she says “I believe that the many people who think they can’t tolerate milk would be able to drink this milk.” She is very interested in finding producers who are willing to test their cattle, start deliberately producing A2 milk and work with her so that she can incorporate this food into her patients’ diets.

Most Holsteins are A1.  What are most of the dairy cows in the US?  Holsteins. 

We have two cows that are A2/A2.  One was A1/A2.  We sold her.   The test results are not back on the rest.  We have our fingers crossed. 


Grassfed Beef Was Featured At Clinton Wedding



Friday, 23 July 2010

Entertainment Tonight said on July 22 that grassfed beef will serve as the main course at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding rehearsal dinner

I guess we made the big time with Bill.  I learned it was short ribs.  Debra made that for dinner recently and they were outstanding.  You need a pressure cooker.

Is Monsanto the most evil corporation in the world? Jeffrey Smith authors a revealing article about the evils of this genetically modified corporation and its desire to dominate the world:


Here is more of  FDA’s failure to do its job of protecting the citizens of this country.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra