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Breezy Hill Update 82910

Posted 8/29/2010 9:53pm by Art Ozias.
  • I found someone that raises "dirt" hogs.   We should have some by November.  I am still looking to hopefully find some to satisfy the existing orders.  Stay tuned.
  • The last beef delivery went very smoothly.  Thanks to all involved.
  • The recent egg recall has resulted in several people stopping by and asking for eggs.  We all know the current industrial food system is broken.  We have these periodical hiccups and they bandage it back, and on we go.  I read that the solution is to vaccinate the hens.  That was  in the local news since one of the maufacturers of the vaccine is located in KC area.  Well, the Iowa operation spent $570,000 last year for vaccines.  So there must be another solution?  We all know the solution, fewer hens in more space, preferrally outdoors.  Or the government is pushing pasteurization.  I saw that video and if you want your eggs to swim in a blue green liquid and be pre-cook, then look for the red dot(ink) on the top of your eggs.  I told that to someone and they did not know that eggs are permeable.  That is why a store bought egg has a chemical taste.  They all get a  chlorine bath before being packaged.  When the system breaks where do people go?  Well, there are fewer and fewer  sustainable farmers remaining.  In the past every farm had a flock of hens.  Now you have to drive for a long time to see a flock of hens.  Don't see any hogs anymore either, do you?

What a way to start the flu season. I can't wait to see the official spin on this one. Read this revealing story about the dangers of this year's flu vaccines right here:  Be sure to read the paragraph about Vit D. 


Where and when will this insanity stop?  Consumers need to find EVERYTHING local and start voting with their forks and dollars to get this stopped.

Know anyone taking the “purple” pill?  Read this and weep.  Big pharma is at it big time.


This may be of interest for those that normally seek alternative medical support.   


Please keep eating good food and keep yourself healthy.  It’s even dangerous to visit a hospital.  Read this and learn how many thousands die each year from infections they got from a hospital stay. 

  The Jones’ just returned from a vacation in Italy and were impressed that the food was so fresh and  good..  Here’s why. 

 Hi Art

I brought my beef home tonight, and pan broiled myself a huge (half a pkg)  burger.  It was so delicious!!



that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra