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Breezy Hill Update 31614

Posted 3/16/2014 9:04pm by Art Ozias.


  • Had another snow last night.  We got half of our pastures harrowed.  Sure looks nice to have the winter's manure spread evenly.  Now to sow some clover seed, hopefully this week.  Looks like this will also be the week to plant oats, spring wheat and field peas.
  • Debra has planted a lot of our vegetable seeds.  Hope to get the straw bale gardens set up this week.   I will use the straw bales we had around the perimeter of our green house for insulation this past few months.
  • After reading the review for the book, The Meat Racket, in today's paper you will want to email Virginia to reserve your chickens for the year,
  • I have just about finished building a Top Bar beehive.  Now to get some bees.

Goofy stories behind famous foods    


We are witnessing a strange, though remarkably predictable public discourse, where State lawmakers claim that those "truly serious about supporting local farmers" must abolish Counties' rights "forever," and transnational corporations call themselves "farmers."   It is happening currently in the Missouri legislature.  


 Remember, if you purchase Horizon from Dean Foods you are voting for the continuance of this.  Use your dollars wisely and know who you are voting for.    



I recently finished listening to Dr. Huber’s presentation at the recent ACRE’s conference.   The GMO issue is getting more critical as more research is coming to light.  Most is not being published, as several researchers have lost their jobs and/or labs.  His lecture is mostly about the biological effects on the soil and its effect on the plants nutrient levels.  Hopefully, his information gets to someone that can get this reversed.  After listening to this, you will have extreme difficulty believing the “Farm Bureau” and their group.  I would encourage all to visit the Acres web site and check out their extensive CD’s on Ag and health related topics.  




Art Ozias

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