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Breezy Hill Update 2214

Posted 2/2/2014 9:07pm by Art Ozias.

                      BREEZY HILL WEEKLY UPDATE

  • This has been a winter of extremes.  Except regarding moisture.  We have cracks in the ground as wide as in August.
  • Milk is still in short supply.  We are down to two cows and one of them has two quarters I can't milk due to cuts on the teats.  We are evaluating whether or how much milking we will do this next winter.  We may go to a protocol of calling from our list when we have available milk and not have a set schedule.  I found out this past week there is more A2 testing of dairy bulls than I knew.  Looks like I am going to get out of the bull business.  
  • Still have two yogurt makers for sale.
  • I have started a new ground beef list.  If interested send me an email.
  • We ordered our garden seeds last night.  It is February and it's time to start some of the seeds.  
  • I have started another "dirt" hog list.
  • It's time to get on Virginia's list for chickens.  Her email address is It won't be long before they start again. 

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