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Breezy Hill Update 13011

Posted 1/30/2011 11:08pm by Art Ozias.
  • Both Guernsey cows had their calves Tuesday.  Kris had hers at 3 am and Goldie had hers at 10 pm.  I got there just in time with Goldie.  She decided to give birth standing up, and I was able to give it a quick tug and kept the calf from  hitting the ground  head first.   Both calves were bulls.
  • This week has been a real challenge with the two calves on the same day and the frozen water tank.  It is still frozen.  It will take a week of warm weather.  Not going to happen this coming week.  Sounds like we will have a blizzard.
  • Have seven people on the list for pork.  If interested send me an email.  We had grilled pork chops from our Traeger grill with apple wood.  They were outstanding.  Why go out to eat when you have far better food at home.  Remember, that restaurant food comes out of the back of a food service truck.  Thanks to the consolidation of everything, there are not many choices remaining.


Have you read the EGG Scorecard? 



Here’s a video by Mark Kastel, co-founder of cornucopia.   The video is about the egg investigation.


Dear Cornucopia member-farmer or urban-ally,

After extensive research into agribusiness misrepresenting "natural" soyfoods we released the recent white paper, Toxic Chemicals: Banned in Organics but Common in "Natural" Food Production

The prohibition of hexane (a byproduct of gasoline refining) in the processing of organic foods, contrasting with its widespread use in non-organic veggie burgers, meat alternatives, nutrition bars and other “natural” foods, is a perfect example of the importance of the organic label.

A "natural" nutrition bar, or meat alternative, and a certified organic product may look nearly identical to a consumer, other than price, but a behind-the-scenes examination of how they were manufactured, focusing on the soy protein ingredients, reveals the importance of purchasing certified organic food.

If you've ever been tempted to pick up a Clif Bar, labeled "made with organic soy," or a leading veggie burger, like Boca (manufactured by Kraft) you better take the three minutes to view the video below. Even if you have a 100% organic diet this video will be something you'd want to share with your friends and family.  

Organic food is the true alternative. Not just to protect your family from toxic agrichemicals and growing crops, or for the superior nutritional value, but also to avoid toxic processing agents that aren't even required to be listed on the label!

Please take a few minutes to view this video. Between two websites, it has been viewed by over 40,000 people so far! We have invested in social media and other alternative communications vehicles to reach a generally younger audience that is getting most of their information, today, from the Internet. Your membership has helped make this education work possible—together, we are moving market share and rewarding the heroes.

At this time of the year we would like to ask you, respectfully, to consider funding this important work that supports ethical organic, local and sustainable farmers and processors and your family’s access to safe and nutritionally superior food.


Here is some timely information.    The U.S. Surgeon General recently warned that smoking one cigarette can kill you. This is, of course, a lie by omission that tries to shift our focus to a convenient target -- cigarettes -- while denying Americans accurate information about the health risks of CT scans, mammograms, perfumes, cosmetics, processed foods, chemotherapy and diet sodas (among other things).


We watched “60 minutes” and would recommend watching this on memory.  It is fascinating.;cbsCarousel


Very interesting.  Do you want to maintain your height as you age?


If you are pregnant go to this link.  If not, go anyway since you may know someone that is.  It also has information regarding young children.


Anyone expecting a baby should read this.



Thanks, Jack, this is a great article.  Thanks to Mark we have some Red Waddles.  They are so good.  The Durocs and Hamps are good too.  If this hog in the article is a ten, then the Durocs and Waddles we have are a 7 or eight.  Being a “dirt hog” makes a difference.  YOU are what YOU eat and so it is with not only grass finished beef but also with pigs.  The Serrano hams from Spain are from pigs finished on acorns.  I need to find someone locally that would finish hogs under some oak trees.  I always maintain a list for the next “dirt hog” harvest.  Just email me and I’ll put you on the list. 





that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra