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Breezy Hill Update 122110

Posted 12/21/2010 9:35pm by Art Ozias.
  • I missed counted on the "Dirt" hog.  I have one available.  The halves are 88 and 87.  They are about $90 plus processing at Gilbert's.  the processing is about $80.  Let me know soon. I sent invoices to all that were on my list.  If you did not get an invoice, then let me know soon, so I can save this one for you. 
  • Delivered beef today and all went well.  Thanks to all.


    The following is from Dr Douglass.

BPA stops sperm from swimming 

Bad news, gents: There's an all-out war taking place in your testicles right now -- and you're losing!


The enemy is BPA, and it's like a sperm-seeking missile. A new study finds men exposed to this common chemical -- and this means you -- have a higher risk of low sperm counts. 

What's more, the sperm that survive this silent slaughter end up slow and stupid. 

But c'mon now, is this really a surprise? I've already told you what this stuff really is. It's estrogen, and you'll find it hidden inside plastic containers and can linings. 

Each sip or taste gives you a female hormone boost -- and the result has been the rise of a generation of weepy, busty, feminized young men. 

Researchers took regular sperm and urine samples from 218 Chinese factory workers for five years. They found that men with detectable levels of BPA in their urine had more than quadruple the risk of a low sperm count.


That's not all: Those with BPA exposure -- any detectable amount of the junk, not just high levels -- also had three times the risk of lowered sperm concentration and reduced vitality, and double the risk of low motility.


Now, I know what you're thinking -- because I sure thought it myself: These are Chinese factory workers. God only knows what else they're exposed to every day.


Fair point.


But since the Chinese factory workers with no BPA in their urine had normal sperm levels, it's not really much of an argument. In fact, if it's happening to them, you can be sure it's happening to you.


If you want to protect yourself -- or at least want the ability to populate the earth with future generations -- avoid all cans and plastics.  And cash register receipts. 

Anyone taking a Statin drug?   This is from John Hopkins.


 That's it from the hill.  Art and Debra