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Breezy Hill Update 121910

Posted 12/19/2010 8:22pm by Art Ozias.
  • Seven hogs go to the processor tomorrow.  I will be sending a separate email to those getting a "dirt" hog.  The local Youth Christian Home raises them.
  • I lost a 400 lb calf in the last day or two.  A predator had a great meal of grass fed veal.  It was a large predator, and I am guessing it had a long tail and sharp claws.  I have contacted my friend who is a trapper in his spare time.  He had good success last year.  He got some coyotes and several muskrats from the ponds.
  • Two new additions this past week-  Novelty and Chrissy.  Novelty was saved from going to the sale barn.  She is milking about two gallons per day.  Chrissy is due Jan 15.  We should be back to our previous level in milk soon.  I will be checking them to determine if they are A2.  We also got a small two day old bull calf.  He will be my replacement bull in 18 months.  Rosebud is raising him. 
  • Tuesday will be the delivery day for the lastest beef.  I will notify those getting beef by separate email.  The beef harvesting for this year is finished.  I have orders for one in Jan.(if weather is good), that will be it until next Summer.  Thanks to all for their orders this past year for beef, chickens, milk, eggs, honey, and turkeys.
  • We at Breezy Hill wish all a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Happy New Year.

It’s supper time.


Here’s why I stay at home or drive to my destination.  I am also hoping for rail transportation to improve. 

As stated:

"Backscatter X-ray uses ionizing radiation, a known cumulative health hazard, to produce images of passengers' bodies. Children, pregnant women, the elderly, and those with defective DNA repair mechanisms are considered to be especially susceptible to the type of DNA damage caused by ionizing radiation. Also at high risk are those who have had, or currently have, skin cancer.

Ionizing radiation's effects are cumulative, meaning that each time you are exposed you are adding to your risk of developing cancer. Since the dosage of radiation from the backscatter X-ray machines is absorbed almost entirely by the skin and tissue directly under the skin, averaging the dose over the whole body gives an inaccurate picture of the actual harm."

Scientists from the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) sent a letter to the White House Office of Science and Technology echoing the concern that radiation from the scanners could damage skin and underlying tissue, potentially leading to skin cancer.

The White House Office responded that the technology had been tested extensively for safety, but the scientists noted numerous flaws in the response and are currently preparing a rebuttal.

Because the radiation beam from the scanners concentrates on your skin, researchers believe the dose may be up to 20 times higher than is being estimated.

Watch the videos and read the entire article and you may decide being “safe” may not be the governments responsibility.



Here we go again.  Every Winter we get the same worn out message.  This year it has been more pronounced with ads on TV and local news.  Take Vit D and use your Neti pot.  

We pulled the plug on our microwave several years ago.  Maybe you should too?

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra