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Breezy Hill Update 1211

Posted 1/2/2011 9:36pm by Art Ozias.
  • Happy New Year.  Not much to report this week.  Had .4 inch of much needed rain and some cold weather.  I got my bacons and hams and they are curing.  I redid the salt/sugar this morning.  The bacons will be done on Wednesday and I will smoke them.  Must decide what kind of wood to use.  The hams will take another two weeks.
  • We are awaiting Abagail's calf.  She is getting huge.
  • The green house is providing some greens.  Debra transplanted a lot of lettuce this past week.

I told you about the, here is information concerning soy.  I’m sure most of you know most of this.  You may have a friend that still believes that soy is ok. 


Here is some WikiLeaks info that you will want to know about.  I haven’t heard any on this on the news or in the print media.  Thanks internet.  Thanks Natural News.


Those suffering from cancer have probably heard of the Gerson Institute.   If not you need to research this.


Most of you know this, but there are some new readers that may just be starting their own research to improve their health.  Remember, we can get coconut oil by the gallon and we feel it is so important for good health that we provide it at our cost to include the shipping.  We will treat this just as we do “dirt hogs”, i.e. I will put you on our list and when we order, we will fill your order.  Make sure you read all of this article.


Sure am glad my ancestors left Ohio in the 1800’s.  I received this 12-31-10 from Shelly.


I have purchased from you in the past but since have moved to Ohio. Thank you for the weekly updates.

My question: When is your next beef butcher? Even though we have moved to Ohio because of government regulations here I can't seem to find beef for less then $6.50-8/pd. We have figured that even with the drive to Missouri we would come out ahead to purchase from you:-) Yea, the gov't intrusion so bad that they have had to resort to herd sharing to sell any of their milk products... contracts that say we own part of the herd so we have a right to the milk or cheese. UGGHH!bureaucracy. One amish farmer had a secret agent come in several years ago and beg to just purchase one gallon. He gave in and did. That man lost his whole livelihood within a month. This past election really changed the state govn't for the better. Hopefully their will be changes.

Thanks for the wonderful meat in the past. We look forward to enjoying some more :-)

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra