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Breezy Hill Update 112011

Posted 11/20/2011 9:18pm by Art Ozias.
  • I got a call from one of my "Dirt" hog raisers and he has three hogs that will be ready after Thanksgiving.  Let me know and I will put you on the list.  I sent invoices to nine people tonight.  They will be getting their pork in about ten days.
  • We had our turkey day today.  It was a little cold.  Sure was nice not to need bags of ice to cool the birds.
  • Tuesday is the final day for poultry for this year.  Those getting a turkey, pick up will be at 3 pm.  It went faster today than normal, but we had a lot of good help. 
  • Three more beeves are going in on Nov 29. 
  • Natto is the only form of fermented soy that utilizes the bacillus natto species. The byproduct of this fermentation is the powerful proteolytic enzyme, nattokinase. This enzyme is known to be a very strong fibrinolytic (anti-clotting), anti-inflammatory and blood thinner. It is comparative to aspirin without the dangerous side effects. Additionally, nattokinase has been shown effective in destroying the toxic amyloid fibrils associated with Alzheimer's disease.
    After reading this link, you will know why I opted for Nattokinase instead of Coumadin as prescribed by a cardiologist.  Remember, K2 is in raw milk.
    Learn more:


    This sounds really good.  I hate to go to the dentist.  I recently sent information about amalgams.  Here is more.


    Amalgams are quick and easy. Dentists make more money per chair per day implanting mercury. For factory-style dentistry, where teeth represent dollar signs instead of part of a human being, dentists drill, fill, and bill. The term "drill, fill, and bill" is a joke aspiring dentists learn in dental school. But when it comes to mercury - it's no joke. Please realize that mercury vapor from amalgams passes readily through your cell membranes, across the blood-brain barrier, and into your central nervous system, where it can cause psychological, neurological, and immunological problems.

    Yet, even though it may be a few years before P 11-4 and other tooth-regenerating fluids are widely available, there are solid alternatives to mercury fillings available right now. One of the most popular is resin composite, which is made of a type of plastic reinforced with powdered glass. Unlike amalgam, resin composite does not require the removal of significant amounts of healthy tooth matter. Over the long term, composite preserves healthy tooth structure and actually strengthens teeth, leading to better oral health and less extensive dental work over the long-term.


    Sauerkraut provides a high density source of a wide range of beneficial live bacteria which assist in the digestive process. Consuming a serving of sauerkraut can give your body as much of a health boost as many of the expensive probiotic drinks and supplements sold in stores. However, most commercially sold sauerkraut has lost most of its beneficial bacterial organisms. To gain the most benefits from sauerkraut, you may want to purchase it freshly made, or learn how to make your own.  We do.


     that's it from the hill for this week.   Art and Debra