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Breezy Hill Update 111311

Posted 11/13/2011 9:52pm by Art Ozias.
  • The beef pickup went very well, except the processor's machine was not properly set and those that picked up on Saturday got a sweet deal.  Those that picked up know I merely counted out so many tubes to fill your order.  The processor was instructed that each tube was to weigh one pound, but at the end of the day I was several pounds short.  After checking with the processor thinking perhaps they had overlooked a tray in the freezer, it was determined after weighing several of the tubes from another order that the tubes weighed as much as one and a quarter pounds.  The processor said he'd make it right.  I guess maybe he'll cut me a deal on the next processing.
  • Our turkey day is approaching, and we will need to know which day you prefer to pick up your turkey.  We are planning to do half of them on the Sunday before and the rest on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  If you are getting a turkey, please email me and I can annotate my list with your preference.
  • We are placing our order to Green Pastures, so if you emailed me we will try to include your request.
  • Our current beef genetics are yielding split halves that weigh about 130#; a half would be 260#.  We have had to reduce the size of our cows (it took five years) to accomodate the 30 month Mad Cow Disease rule.  This reduced size has several effects.  We no longer are dry aging our beef for three weeks, rather since the thickness (distance of outer edge to bone) is less, it correspondingly takes less time.  The reduced size may allow you to get a half instead of a split half.  The processing cost is a few cents less, and you won't have to compromise with someone else who is sharing the half with you.  Finally, as Mark said, now you can have your T-bone on your plate with your baked potato and greens beans.  Before, the steaks were so big they covered the entire plate.  Some people had to use a small platter.
  • There will be no milk pick up on Wednesday.  We have a funeral to attend.
  • For those getting a turkey, you may want to visit this site.  


    World Food Day was held recently.  Why is it necessary?  I found this, and it will help to fill in some history on Monsanto.


    Let’s see.  My dad used to say, “believe half of what you hear, and some of what you see”.  Still holds true.


    Sure hope those on my list don’t drink diet sodas.  We can’t afford to lose customers.


    It may be time to recommend Nina Planck’s book, Real Food.  I’ve had several recent conversations that went well only because I had read her book.  I’m providing the link to Amazon to make it easy for you to order the book.  Get a used one.

    that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra