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Breezy Hill Update 103011

Posted 10/30/2011 9:53pm by Art Ozias.
  • We have two turkeys left to sell.
  • I got a call from one of my "dirt" hog sources and I have three available.  Let me know before Wednesday.  A half will be about $80-90 and the processing about the same.
  • I will know tomorrow about the ground beef.  Watch for an email announcing the pick up day and time.  I have heard from all but three people. 
  • The Small Farmer's Gathering is this coming week.  It would make a great outing for a family, and it would be another way to support the small farmer.  Go to and check out the schedule.  We'll be there on either Fri or Sat.  There are some excellent seminars and lectures.
  • The latest issue of ACRE,USA magazine has an excellent interview with Dr. Francis Thicke.  For those that subscribe I hope you read it.  Normally, they post that interview on their website.  If they do, I'll include the link next Sunday.  When you get it, I would hope that you send it to every legislator you know, so we can get them educated in the right direction.  Opposing Farm Bureau, an insurance company, and all the other special interest groups will take everyone's effort.
  • Remember, you get to "vote" in the fall every couple of years.  That is a political vote and as most of you have come to realize that has very little effect on changing things.  BUT, every time you spend a dollar you are voting.  Ten dollars, ten votes.   So if you don't like what a particular corporation, business or other entity is doing, vote against them.  The term "boycott" is a lightning rod for the media, but we can change things with our "votes".   Locally, there is an issue with Tyson and a chicken CAFO.  If everyone in our county would make sure not to "Have their Tyson Today" for a few months, I'd wager they would move to another county.


I sent information regarding “gluing” meat in an UPDATE this past summer.  Thanks to Joseph for the link to a video.  Enjoy.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra