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Breezy Hill Update 102311

Posted 10/23/2011 11:04pm by Art Ozias.
  • Chickens are done for the year.  Will start a new list in the Spring.  I have four more turkeys for someone.   Let me know.
  • I will be taking two steers to the processor tomorrow and taking two to another processor for your ground beef.  I will be sending an email to those getting their freezer beef. As soon as I know how much ground beef I have, I will email each on the ground beef list.  I may not have enough from this first harvest to satisfy everyone.  There will be more ground beef, so all will get their order filled.
  • If you have bought freezer beef from us in the past, you will notice that your beef this year is somewhat less in weight.  Smaller genetics that we have worked on for the past five years is finally here.  As soon as I get enough weights to establish a good average I will include it in a future UPDATE.  You may want to order a half the next time instead of a split half. If a split half has been too much for you before, now you may be able to get some freezer beef.
  • Milk supply is way off due to the dry weather.  If you are coming from a distance, it would be good to call ahead to make sure we have some.  Most have received about half of what they were getting.  Novelty is due to calve tomorrow.  I never have milked her so I am not sure what her production will be.

Here is another reason to not get a vaccination.




FDA Knew: Genetically Modified Foods Produce Unexpected Toxins, Carcinogens & Allergens

" 1992 the Food and Drug Administration released its policy on genetically modified organisms, claiming that "the agency is not aware of any information showing that [GMO] foods...differ from other foods in any meaningful or uniform way.

"The government's green light fueled the rapid spread of GMOs and monopolies - so now most US corn and soybeans are GMO, with genes patented largely by one company: Monsanto. The FDA position helped make GMOs' spread so invisible that most Americans still don't believe they've ever eaten them - even though the grocery industry says they could be in 75 percent of processed food.

"Even fewer Americans are aware that in 1999 attorney Steven Druker reported that in 40,000 pages of FDA files secured via a lawsuit, he found 'memorandum after memorandum contain[ing] warnings about the unique hazards of genetically engineered food,' including the possibility that they could contain 'unexpected toxins, carcinogens or allergens.'

"Yet at the same time, public education campaigns have succeeded in confining almost 80 percent of GMO planting to just three countries: the United States, Brazil and Argentina. In more than two dozen countries and in the European Union they've helped pass mandatory GMO labeling. Even China requires it."




How many of you know about this fund?  Our tax dollars at work!!!


Cancer Drugs Can Also Cause Cancer



Now hear this. 
Cells from an aborted fetus may have been used to create flavor enhancers for your soup or soft drink. Yes, you read that right.

PepsiCo, Kraft Foods, and Nestle are reported to have partnered with a biotech firm called Senomyx, which uses human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted fetus (HEK 293) in their product testing to find flavors that will positively affect human taste receptors. “  Here is the link to the whole story.

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra