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Breezy Hill Farm Update Sep. 1, 2019

Posted 9/1/2019 9:37pm by Art Ozias.


  • Just made another gallon of kraut from just one head of flat dutch cabbage.  It's been a great year for cabbage.
  • Next ground beef is scheduled for Sep 21.  If you want a roast or brisket let me know.
  • We had dirt hog pork chops for dinner this past week.  Delicious.  We sold 9 hogs this past week for my friend and the price is the lowest in some time.  I was hoping for a left over half, but all were taken.
  • This month in the ACREs magazine there is an excellent article on food nutrition density and how to determine it with a spectrometer which measures the BRIX level.
  • We have undoubtedly the best honeydew melon ever.  We got the seeds several years ago and have consistently keep the seeds and replanted them year after year.  If you send me a self addressed envelope I will send you five seeds and you can plant a hill this coming year and enjoy the absolutely best melon you have ever eaten. 
  • Onions have been exceptional this year.  Not too hot and plenty of timely rains.


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In 2016, the Environment America Research & Policy Center reported that Tyson Foods, one of the world’s largest meat and poultry producers, dumps more toxic pollution into the nation’s waters than any other agribusiness corporation, and produces the most animal manure of five major companies assessed nationwide.

Yet Tyson continues to falsely claim that the company cares about being “stewards of the land.” In its marketing and advertising materials, Tyson brags about its “commitment to conservation” and its “dedication to environmental leadership.”

We don’t think false claims like these are harmless. And we believe the courts won’t either.

OCA and Food & Water Watch sued Tyson this week for deliberately misleading consumers with false claims about the company’s environmental and animal welfare claims.

If you care about the environment,  about animal welfare,  about how food is produced, and care about holding corporations accountable for the claims they make, you’ll want to read this lawsuit.

Our detailed complaint is filled with fun facts about what’s really goes into making Tyson chicken products—anti-parasitic drugs, antibiotic-resistant pathogens, formaldehyde, hazardous disinfectant chemicals—and how a company that claims it cares about the humane treatment of animals crowds tens of thousands of birds into industrial warehouses.

It's a real eye-opener.

Tyson is no stranger to legal woes. The company is under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice for price fixing. And according to the website, Violation Tracker, Tyson has paid out $164.2 million (peanuts for a company with $40 billion in annual sales) since 2000 related to a total of 264 violations, for everything from food safety and environmental violations, to employment discrimination and violations under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act



That slogan is on all the tyson trucks going up and down the local highway hauling tyson products from the local plant in nearby Dresden, Mo.

We make sure we avoid even Jimmy Dean sausage (owned by Tyson). Oh yes, they own Hillshire Farms too.


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Another link from the environmental group meeting.


Art Ozias