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Breezy Hill Farm Update Oct 7, 2018

Posted 10/7/2018 8:30pm by Art Ozias.


  • We still have that donkey, a Jenny, that was apparently dumped on a nearby road.  No one has yet claimed it.  I guess it will reside on Breezy Hill.  
  • Our ground beef pick up went very well.  I was worried about the rain, but it rained early in the morning and then later in the afternoon.  We got a total of 2 inches yesterday and one inch today.  No runoff and the ponds are just 3 inches fuller.  I don't expect them to fill until next  Spring.  I think the three inches will be enough to drive in some posts and fix some fence.  The ground has been so dry that we could not drive in posts.
  • We have started a new list for ground beef.  Next harvest  will not be until probably next year.
  • The dirt hog supplier is having difficulty in scheduling with the processor, so that's on hold for now.  As soon as that breaks, I'll send an email.


The a2 Milk Company™ Launches into Walmart

We have been drinking A2 milk for thirteen years and had many milk customers during that time who enjoyed the benfits of A2.


  • According to the ruling, Monsanto “acted with malice or oppression” and was responsible for “negligent failure” by not warning consumers about the carcinogenicity of its product

  • In the week following Johnson’s verdict, Bayer stock fell by 18 percent, evaporating about $14 billion of the company’s market value (a loss equivalent to 21 percent of Monsanto’s acquisition value)

  • Stock traders also cite lawsuits over dicamba-related crop damage as a driving factor for the stock plunge. Last year, over 3 million acres of U.S. farmland were destroyed by chemical burns from dicamba drift

Monsanto Faces Another 5,000 Roundup-Related Lawsuits

Another Roundup-related trial is scheduled to begin in October, and there are an estimated 5,000 additional plaintiffs waiting in the wings for their day in court.9 All believe Roundup exposure caused their cancer. That number is also likely to grow now that a precedence has been set. As reported by Carey Gillam in The Guardian:10


As of September 19, 2018, 18 people infected with the outbreak strain of E. coli O26 were reported from 4 states – Colorado (10), Florida (15), Massachusetts (1) and Tennessee (1). Illnesses started on dates ranging from July 5, 2018 to July 25, 2018. Ill people ranged in age from one year to 75, with a median age of 16. Sixty-seven percent of ill people were male. Of 18 people with information available, 6 (33%) were hospitalized, including one person who died in Florida.

Epidemiologic, laboratory, and traceback evidence indicates that ground beef from Cargill Meat Solutions was a likely source of this outbreak.


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In case you missed it, the Farm and Food File was highlighted by Wendell Berry in the New York Times on Monday. Berry notes, "Alan Guebert was right when he said in one of his columns that this farm bill will be much like the last one insofar as it will not address the real problems of agriculture. Those problems, as you know, are soil erosion, soil degradation, the pollution of waterways by sediment and toxic chemicals, various ecological damages, the elimination of small farms, the destruction of the cultures of husbandry and the ruin of country towns and communities. And maybe we should add specifically the curse of overproduction, which at present, as often before, is the major and the cruelest problem."


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