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Breezy Hill Farm Update July 21, 2019

Posted 7/21/2019 10:47pm by Art Ozias.


  • Two peach trees have been decimated.  I have been dumping four 5 gallon buckets of beetles each day .  They are horrible when the weather is hot.  It was very hot this past week.  Hopefully, with cooler weather forecasted this week the beetle wave may decline.
  • July the 4th we had over 6 inches of rain, today almost four.  Grass is growing.  We have started clipping the pastures to control weeds.  We have the mover set to the maximum height.  We are just barely clipping the top of the lespedeza plants.  We started adding lespedeza seed several years ago as it is somewhat drought tolerant.  Well, it also does very well with a lot of rain.  It is over a foot tall.  It's a legume, like clover and provides a lot of nitrogen for the other grasses.  We don't use NPK which saves costs of production.
  • We are having a lot of green beans and the cucumbers are fantastic.  We had a serving of Kase Sahne Kuchen last night, and now I need to make some quark.  I checked the recipe for making quark and it seems not too difficult.


If we want antibiotics to work, consumers have to put big pressure on factory farms

Consumers can vote with their dollars every time they purchase food that is safe, nutritious, sustainable and transparent .”

Every 15 years, the EPA is supposed to review the latest science on glyphosate, then issue a determination on whether this toxic chemical should be re-approved for another 15 years.

The last deadline for a new review of glyphosate was December 2015. But that deadline came and went with no word—probably because in March 2015, the World Health Organization inconveniently announced that glyphosate is a “probable human carcinogen.”

Three-and-a-half years past the 2015 deadline, the agency that’s supposed to protect your health came out with its unfounded “no risk to public health” claim.


We think “comments” aren’t enough.

That’s why we’re collaborating with our allies to storm the EPA and demand the agency do what it should have done decades ago: Ban glyphosate!

I guess the EPA has not been watching the news lately. There have been several recent trial verdicts, one with a $2 BILLION settlement for the defendants.


Hawaii bans herbicides on school grounds


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