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Update From Breezy Hill

Posted 8/3/2008 9:19pm by Art Ozias.

We will have a lot of hamburger available in about three weeks.  We had a backup bull that we have never had to use, as our herd bull has been very durable.  This backup has a genetic defect.  He is sickle hocked and I can not have that in my closed herd.  Therefore, I’ve decided to process him.  He is three years old and therefore must be all hamburger per USDA rules.  No bones left in the finished items.    Let me know how much you

want.  I’ve already sold 140#.  It will be $3.10 for quantities exceeding 40 #.  For smaller quantities $3.49, which is the price at our local store for extra lean hamburger.


Here is a good  article regarding cholesterol.


Here is an entertaining video.

  I just finished another good book. The author is Alan Watson, 21 days to a Healthy Heart.  I’ve ordered a copy and will donate it to the local Trails Regional Library.  I was not surprised that they didn’t have it in their system.   It is a good companion to the Ultra Prevention, by Dr. Mark Liponis.  This all started with my recent heart situation and my new awareness regarding our health care in this country.  A friend and customer on our spaghetti night at La Sous Terre gave me a copy of, Left For Dead, by Dick Quinn.  That book plus the Liponis book and the Jerry Brunetti seminar at the Acres USA convention have convinced me that I and you need to be responsible for our health.  Not the cut and burn by the medical professionals and not the pharmaceutical companies.  There are many simple things we need to do, and to undo the years of inappropriate foods and food preparation.  Most of you have already realized this and that is why you are on our e-mail list and already customers who are enjoying the health benefits of our grass finished beef.  I would encourage you to periodically visit our web site and check out the links to and  for updated, current articles. That’s it for now from the hill.  Art and Debra