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Breezy Hill Update 11611

Posted 1/16/2011 7:34pm by Art Ozias.
  • I may have a split half of beef available.  I have not received a deposit.  If someone is interested let me know.  I have emailed the person, and if I don't hear from them this week, then you will get it.  There is no more beef until late June of July.  ,
  • We have 5 pound tubs of lard from the last batch of "dirt" hogs.  It is $8.
  • Kris and Goldie still have not had their calves.  They are huge.  I go to the barn every couple of hours and check them.  It will happen this next week.  I have sent a separate email to those that responded to last weeks Update.  I still haven't received all the phone numbers. 
  • We witnessed a sad sight at a local grocery store last week.  A father and his son were in the check out line trying to limit their items to the credit amount they had on their food stamps. Unfortunately only the junk food made it to the counter (no fruit or vegetables).  The boy, about 10 yrs old, asked his dad if they could have the eggs. No, they stayed in the basket.  When that transaction was finished, the boy put a four pack of Monster Drink on the counter and paid for it with some money he pulled out of a little tin which he had in his pocket.  It made us so sad to see this youngster missing important nutrients and instead consuming not only empty but dangerous calories.
  • We have a couple yogurt makers, $24.  It is a great way to improve store milk. 
  • I finished the book, Steak by MarkSchatzker.  What I learned from reading that book is that finding the perfect steak is impossible.  He traveled to all the well known countries in search of the "perfect" steak.  His best was a grass finished steak and his worst was a grass finished steak.  If you want a consistent steak with no flavor (use rubs) and with the associated health issues of the animal and yours, then go the the store and get your steak.   He called it McBeef.  The breed  and how it is cooked were the consistent variables, as well as what the animal ate.


Here is some great information on cooking grass finished beef.  I think I’ll include it on my web site.
You ready for next year’s strawberry crop?  After reading this you may want to buy some plants and start a small bed. 

The toxins in methyl iodide are so potent that the chemical is used to grow cancer cells in laboratory settings. It can cause severe brain damage, miscarriages, and thyroid diseases.

Thanks to a decision last week by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), this substance could soon be used on the strawberries in your supermarket. The agency approved methyl iodide as a pesticide for the state’s strawberry fields, and farmers could start spraying it as early as this spring. 

The scientific community has spoken loudly against the toxin. Six Nobel laureate recommended banning the use of methyl iodide completely back in 2007, and earlier this year all eight independent researchers on DPR’s scientific advisory panel expressed serious concerns about using the chemical as a pesticide.

But scientific warnings were no match for an intense lobbying effort by a Japanese chemical firm that produces methyl iodide, Arysta LifeScience, and a full-court press by the state’s powerful $2 billion per year strawberry-growing industry. In response to this pressure, the DPR approved use of the chemical at 100 times the level scientists consider safe


Know anyone battling cancer?  Know anyone that would like to avoid the possibility of suffering from cancer?  This is a must read.


More on the Company of the Year in 2009.   Turns out Forbes admitted it did not do their homework. If you need more reasons to despise Monsanto, you will want to read an article in the recent issue of Wise Traditions from the Weston A. Price foundation, The Battle to Save the Polish Countryside by Sir Julian Rose.  I doubt your local library will have the magazine.  Visit and subscribe.  It has enough information in a year's time to earn a lot of college credits.


Dr Arden Anderson spoke about this in his presentation at the ACRES conference.  Remember, you can get that lecture on a CD at the

that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra