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Breezy Hill Update

Posted 6/26/2008 11:31pm by Art Ozias.


I am so pleased with my beef.  We have already had some ground beef, cube steaks and steaks and it has all been very tasty!!  I will never buy store bought beef again.  Do you sell eggs?  Also do you know where I can get pasture raised chicken?  Thanks again for the wonderful beef!



Mother Earth News.  Here is an excellent web site with many interesting articles.


Misleading, or at times downright fraudulent, advertising for processed food products is so widespread, if you believed it all you’d think you could live a long healthy life sustained by little more than Twinkies and McDonalds.

If you’re not already convinced of that fallacy, watch SuperSize Me – a great documentary that shows how eating nothing but fast food for just thirty days will leave you scratching a feeble finger at death’s door.

But let’s get back to the issue of milk, of which there’s also what you could call the “junk variety,” and the Real McCoy.

I’m not at all surprised to find that science does not support claims that low-fat dairy can’t help you lose weight, for the simple fact that healthy weight comes from healthy eating habits. Unfortunately, so many people believe processed low-fat pasteurized dairy is a part of a healthy diet!

Nothing could be further from the truth. While low fat may be appropriate and help weight loss if you are a carb nutritional type, it is my strong belief that you should avoid all pasteurized dairy, and ideally only consume raw grass-fed organic dairy.

“Low-Fat” Milk Makes You Fat – Full Fat Raw Milk Doesn’t

It’s common knowledge among farmers that pigs fed skimmed milk gain weight easily, whereas pigs fed whole milk stay lean. A 2005 study published in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, found that this seeming paradox holds true for humans as well. After following almost 13,000 children (ages 9-14 years) for three years, they found that weight gain was associated with drinking reduced-fat and skim milk. However, they also concluded that it wasn’t dairy fat itself that caused the weight gain, but rather the excess calories.

Okay. So wouldn’t drinking whole raw milk have the same effect?

Not necessarily. Because the butterfat in whole raw milk, particularly butterfat in milk from cows that graze freely on green pasture, contains unique nutrients that support thyroid function and help your body develop muscle rather than fat.

Why Won’t Pasteurized Milk Build a Healthy Body Like Raw Milk Does?

Whereas raw milk from grass-fed cows is full of things that your body will thrive on: good bacteria, enzymes, raw fat, and cancer-fighting conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), among other things, pasteurized milk is known to cause all kinds of health troubles, from digestive upset to perhaps even autism and diabetes

These ailments, and the even more common problem of lactose intolerance, is not due to milk being an inappropriate food for humans – after all, primitive societies have thrived on milk diets for quite some time -- but rather, the processing of it has turned the milk into something your body can’t optimally use.

  PS:  (Testimonial for your website) Dear Art-- Thanks so much for the very informative tour of your farm!  Thanks also for the sample of grass-finished beef.  It is excellent.  My wife is very picky about beef and has almost become a vegetarian at times because of scary beef.  Up until now, we have only bought the best (95%) lean ground sirloin from Hy-Vee and your ground beef is at least as good tasting as that.  My wife is sold and that's saying something!  Dave 

 We have a couple of Sallton yogurt makers that I have bought on e-bay.  I get them for about $20.   They are great way to make your own quality yogurt.    “Also, just a reminder, we would like a 1/2 beef at the end of the summer or fall.  Let us know when the time is close.  Thanks for providing all the food.  We really enjoy it and will miss it when we are on the road.  Once on my parent’s farm we will have cows milk and veggies/fruit, however, no grass fed beef. :(  Have a great day.  Thanks again for all that you do with the food.  Our health, stomachs, etc... love it.”  Paige  Beware of potential side effects of the “ethanol band wagon”.  A recent article in The Stockman Grassfarmer revealed problems that are not being reported by our media.  I will try to synopsize the article.  If someone wants a copy of the full text just send me a self addressed envelope and I’ll' send you a copy, Here goes.  First, sulfuric acid is used in producing ethanol this leaves the by product feed with a high sulfur content.  Feed high in sulfur can cause polioenciphalomalacia a deadly from of polio that creates brain lesions in cattle.  Number two, ethanol byproducts are highly susceptible to potentially deadly molds called mycotoxins..  Because this feed is rendered bacterially sterile by the production process, any mold that alight on it can grow extremely rapidly and can reach problematic levels in just a few hours.

While these molds can make beef cattle extremely sick and permanently damage them, it really gets scary for consumers with dairy animals.  Alfa toxins can pass through the cow’s milk and is not killed by pasteurization.  Currently dairy is the primary consumer of distiller by products. 

Third Kansas State research found that cattle on brewer grains are six times more likely to have the deadly-to–human’s form of E. coli than cattle fed corn.

The study (K State) authors warn of “serous ramifications” to the feeding of all forms of distiller grains and predict there will be eventually a strong consumer backlash against animals fed ethanol by- products.  Tell consumers loudly and frequently that you feed nothing but GRASS.

  New Pricing. 

About a year ago I notified all that I was going to freeze the price per pound at $3 per pound and that the ethanol run up for corn prices that were driving the cost of lean hamburger would not be the basis for my pricing since I do not use corn.  However, the price of gasoline has doubled and that is affecting production costs.  The man that does my hay has raised his prices 10 % due to diesel costs of $4.50/gal.  Remer’s (my processor) has increased their prices from $30/head to $32.  The price per pound has increased from 40 cents to 44 cents for halves and from 44 to 48 for split halves.  The price of lean hamburger is maintaining fairly constant at $3.49 per pound.  I will keep the $3/ pound for this last beef that’s scheduled for Sep (Young and Chaverin).    The fall (Oct-Nov) harvest price will be $3.10 per pound.  We will continue to pay half of the normal processing costs and will deliver.  For halves Remer’s charge $16 per half plus 44 cents per pound.  Our part will be $8 plus 22 cents per pound.  For split halves the charge is $8 plus 48 cents per pound.  Our part will be $4 plus 24 cents per pound.


Be sure to check the roast recipe.   It makes a wonderful dinner.


Have a happy July 4th.