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Update From Breezy Hill

Posted 5/22/2008 10:17pm by Art Ozias.

Rosebud had her heifer calf this morning.  We had thunder, lightning, and three inches of rain.  We had been waiting since last Monday for her to calve.   Sometimes it takes a low pressure weather system.  We’ve experienced this several times with other cows and animals.   

Go to and then What’s New and click on Milk Info.  Then get on our schedule for milk.  

I was recently listening to KCUR and caught Kraske’s Up to Date program.  He had an interesting guest, Dr Mark Liponis.  I am including the URL link so you to can listen to this show.  I ordered one of his books, Ultra-Prevention, from Amazon.  It is a great book on preventive health.  I highly recommend your buying a copy and sharing it with a friend.  I am including few paragraphs from page 130. 

Back when humans were hunter-gathers, our diets contained a 4:1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats.  That ration remained constant for eon, and it suitably reflects the makeup of our membranes.  Diets rich in omega-3 fats are associated with lower rates of cardiovascular disease.  Once we began to refine oils from plants, we switched to a high omega-6 diet, which accounts for the more than 20:1 ratio previously mentioned.   As a result of our use of refined vegetable oils, we’ve changed the way our bodies work.  This shift is making our bodies malfunction, causing inflammation, dry skin, and increased oxidation---some of the side effects of fat deficiency.

Today some well-informed doctors have started giving omega-3 fats to heart attack patients to reduce the risk of a second attack.  Why?  These fates thin the blood and reduce the stickiness of platelets inflammation, triglyceride levels, and blood pressure, and increase HDL.

After all, when our diet was brimming with these health fats, heart disease was almost nonexistent.  Now it’s the number-one cause of death in the developed world.

The following is an excellent article by Michael Pollan.  Our raised garden is working just great.  We should have done this two years ago when we first saw the idea at the Small Farmers Gathering held in Columbia, Mo.   Joel Salatin will be at the gathering this year.  He is a must see.  The ACRES convention will be in St Louis this year.  This is another of those great events to learn topics in AG and Health.



LocalHarvest Newsletter May 22, 2008

Welcome back to the LocalHarvest newsletter! This month's main article was supposed to be about the value of growing a little of your own food, but Michael Pollan beat us to it in a piece published in the NY Times Magazine. He did a bang up job. It's worth your time.

You may want to add Local Harvest to your favorites list.


We have some new photos to add to the web site.  Maybe I’ll get that done this week end.   Yes, we are staying home for the holiday.  We have a wood pile of dead limbs and branches that have accumulated and we traditionally have a wiener roast on Memorial Day.   Going somewhere, just to go, on $4 gas is becoming unattractive.   I guess we are entertaining ourselves as Pollan suggests in his article.