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Update From Breezy Hill

Posted 5/6/2008 9:02pm by Art Ozias.
Rosebud is due to calve on May 12.  We are accepting at least four new customers.  In order to make the milk enterprise work we need to have a set of regular customers.  Milk doesn’t wait for a customer to appear; therefore we are going to reward those regular customers with a significant price break.  Our current price of $4 per half gallon will remain the same for a now and then customer.  If you agree to purchase at least a half gallon each week we will charge only $3 per half gallon if we skim the cream.  If you want milk and the cream the price is $3.25.  Those prices are if you pick it up at the farm.  If I deliver add $0.25/half gallon.  I can deliver to Warrensburg.  Easy ways to use a half gallon are drink a glass, skim cream and save until you have a quart and churn for a pound of great butter, use a quart to make yogurt (we have a great recipe),  make your own cottage cheese (it’s easy).  Visit and learn the importance of REAL MILK.  Now the beef news.  We have sold all but one beef.  It needs a couple of months of grass to be finished properly.  It will be ready for processing late Aug or early Sep.  I have six more that should be ready late this fall.    Wow, those of you already enjoying grass finished beef will appreciate an ad currently running on TV for the Acura.  It starts out mentioning eating a grass fed steak in a red leather booth in an upscale restaurant.    Snob appeal OR maybe we’ve finally broken through.  "Sometimes luxury needs to howl at the moon, find a rare grass-fed steak in a red-leather booth and invite all its friends”.   I finished my raised garden beds this past week.  We are already harvesting onions and the broccoli has already started to form heads.  Feel free to stop by for a tour.  Now is the best time of the year.  Everything is green and growing.  Fruit trees have bloomed and the lilac is the prettiest it has ever been.  I think the late freeze we had last year caused the trees and plants that got killed (the blooms) to store up and this year is going to be a bumper crop. Now if we can get some rains in July and August.