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News From Breezy Hill

Posted 3/2/2008 6:55pm by Art Ozias.
NEWS FROM WWW.BREEZY-HILL-FARM.COMDaisy had a heifer calf this past Sunday.   We now are making butter, cottage cheese, crème fraiche and will make our first cheddar cheese.  I’ve got a book and a video, so why not try.  It can’t be much more difficult that cottage cheese.  You just have to press the curds.   The next beef harvest is scheduled for May 5.  We only have two slots reserved.  I’m going to the KC Food Circle expo where we will have a table and be explaining our products.  Last year there were approx 3000 people who attended.  KC Food Circle is holding two this year.  The first is in Overland Park, KS  on Mar 29 and the second, Apr 5 is in Independence MO.   If interested, go to their web site,   If you are planning to buy some of the May 5 harvest, I would suggest you place your order before Mar 29.   After the expo it may be gone.  While on the beef subject, I have heard in the past from several people, “We don’t have a freezer”.   Here is my solution, if you are in that category.  The good ole government is going to be sending you a check for $600-1200 sometime in May.  A freezer will cost about $400.  (They are one of the things still made in the US of A).  A split half will be $500-600.  That’s about $900 and you still have $300 left.   Our local public TV station (KCPT) is having a couple of good programs.   Independent Lens:  King Corn Tues, Apr 15 at 9 pm and Frankenfood, Science at the Dinner Table, Tues, Mar 18 at 7 pm. Those of you interested in your health should subscribe to “Wise Traditions”, a quarterly magazine published by .  It costs $40 per year and has a lot excellent information. 

Also, at the Acres USA convention that Debra and I attended in Dec there was a speaker, Jerry Brunetti, who conducted a day long seminar, which I attended.  This guy is incredibly smart regarding both human health and animal health.  We have both of his presentations on a CD.  I have listened to them 4, 5 maybe six times and each time I learn something new.  If you are concerned about cancer and other health issues you should definitely either borrow them from us, or go to web site and order the CD’s.   This information needs to be heard.  At the site click on AUDIO TAPES, 2007 CONFERENCE, JERRY BRUNETTI, “10 THINGS YOU SHOULD DO TO PREVENT CANCER” AND “RAISON d”ETRE”.


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