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Update from Breezy Hill

Posted 4/16/2009 1:38pm by Art Ozias.
  • Since the grass is green, Lila is eating more and producing more.  That means we could accept some new customers for REAL MILK WITH CREAM.  How many, obviously depends on the amount wanted.  If you are interested you will need to provide half gallon jars.  We have quite an inventory and some are still with prior customers who have not returned them.  The price will remain the same $4/half gallon.  We are interested in consistent customers i.e. the same amount each week.  The price for so called organic milk at the store has increased quite a bit lately.  Organic Valley is $4.89, Horizon is $4.49 and Best Choice is $4.19..  That is for Ultra-pasteurized, which means it could sit on your counter for six weeks.  It needs no refrigeration.  It is totally dead.

  • Remember chicken day is coming up.  Price is the same at $2.75 per pound.  Nature's Pantry has whole fryers for $4.19 per pound and they are lesser quality.

  • Still taking orders for beef.  Check your freezer, or if you've ordered from us before , your freezer card.


  • I have a conection for a limited number of hogs.  It would be very limited and not on any regular basis.  If interested let me know and I'll keep a list and will be ready if the opportunity becomes available.


  • Here is more information on high fructose corn syrup  


that's it from the hill.  Art and Debra